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How many calories are in Cheeses?

Choose any food and see calorie counts, nutrition information, carbs, fat and more.
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 Alfredo sauce
 American or Cheddar
 Beer soup, made with milk
 Blue or Roquefort
 Brick cheese
 Cheddar or Colby
 Cheese fondue
 Cheese sandwich
 Cheese sauce
 Cheese souffle
 Cheese soup, cheddar
 Cheese spread
 Cheese spread sandwich
 Cheese with nuts
 Cheese, Semi-soft, low sodium
 Cheese, natural
 Cheese, nuggets or pieces, breaded, baked, or fried
 Cheese, yogurt
 Colby Jack
 Cottage cheese
 Cream cheese
 Goat cheese
 Gouda or Edam
 Port du Salut
 Processed cheese
 Processed cheese product
 Puerto Rican white cheese (queso del pais, blanco)
 Queso Anejo (aged Mexican cheese)
 Queso Asadero
 Queso Chihuahua
 Queso Fresco
 Welsh rarebit