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Have You Heard of the Pegan Diet?

Buffalo chicken pizza seemed like a strange combo at first but now is incredibly popular. The cronut, which is a mash-up of a croissant and a ...

How Much Healthier is Organic Peanut Butter?

The question isn’t quite as simple as organic vs. conventional. Many things need to be considered including the nutrition value, cost, how the peanuts were ...

5 of the Healthiest Spicy Snacks

Spicy, hot foods have long been associated with many health benefits and are an important part of cooking in many cultures. Research has looked into the ...


Everything You Should Know About the Dangers of Lead in Water

Lead can be ingested from many sources, and tainted water is one of them. In the United States in the ‘70s, measures were taken to reduce ...

Ever Wondered Why You Have Those White Spots on Your Nails? It Might Have to Do With Calcium Deficiency

When you look down at your fingernails you may notice little white marks, but in most cases, this is nothing to worry about, so you can ...

Here's Everything You Should Know About Lyme Disease

More attention has been given to Lyme Disease in recent years after high-profile figures, like Yolanda Foster and her daughter Bella Hadid, have talked about being ...

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