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How many calories are in White Breads, Rolls?

Choose any food and see calorie counts, nutrition information, carbs, fat and more.
All Foods > Breads and Baked Goods >  

 Anisette toast
 Bread stick
 Bread stuffing
 Bread, Cuban
 Bread, French or Vienna
 Bread, Italian, Grecian, Armenian
 Bread, Native water, Puerto Rican style (Pan de agua)
 Bread, Native, Puerto Rican style (Pan Criollo)
 Bread, Spanish coffee
 Bread, batter
 Bread, caressed, Puerto Rican style (Pan sobao)
 Bread, cheese
 Bread, cinnamon
 Bread, cornmeal and molasses
 Bread, dough, fried
 Bread, egg, Challah
 Bread, garlic
 Bread, high protein
 Bread, lard, Puerto Rican style (Pan de manteca)
 Bread, lowfat, 98% fat free
 Bread, milk and honey
 Bread, onion
 Bread, pita
 Bread, potato
 Bread, raisin
 Bread, reduced calorie and/or high fiber
 Bread, salt-rising
 Bread, sour dough
 Bread, sweetpotato
 Bread, vegetable
 Bread, white
 Coffee cake, yeast type
 Melba toast
 Muffin, English
 Pannetone (Italian-style sweetbread)
 Roll, sweet
 Zwieback toast