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5 Healthy Ways to Tweak Your BBQ

Eating healthy barbecue requires grilled vegetables and lean meats. Read More »

3 Things That Are Holding Back Your Fitness Goals

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Can You Survive on One Food?

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The Best Exercise Machines at the Gym for Beginners

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3 Side Perks That Justify Joining That Fancy Gym

Fancy gym memberships often offer resort-like atmospheres that will transform your workout experience. Read More »

Beyond the FitBit: Tech Accessories to Keep Your Fitness Goals on Track

So, you track your steps at work and gauge your heart rate. You feel healthy, and you’re accomplishing your daily activity goals. You should ... Read More »

What We Can Learn from the World's Fittest Animals

The human body has extreme limitations in comparison to some of the world's most incredible animals. But what you may lack in natural ability, you ... Read More »

The Fifty Shades of Grey Workout

If you want to get lean and chiseled like Christian Grey or Anastasia Steele, you need to split your workout regimen into four grueling weekly ... Read More »

How to Train Like an Olympic Champion

Training like an Olympic champion requires guts and determination. Read More »

Functional Strength Training Can Actually Change Your Life

You might be performing meaningless exercises at the gym. Read More »

How to Burn Fat and Build Muscle With TRX Suspension Training

Scientific research suggests that you don't need to pump iron to build muscle. Read More »

How Muhammad Ali Trained to Become the Best Fighter of All-Time

Muhammad Ali can't ever be overtaken, but his training methods can be tried. Read More »

The Fast 5 Is an Effective Weight Loss Diet — but Is It Right for You?

It has often been said that eating six small meals per day is healthier than breakfast, lunch, and dinner but the constant flux of conventional ... Read More »

The Joker Workout: How to Get Jacked Like Jared Leto

Jared Leto got jacked to portray one of film's most iconic super villains. Read More »

What Happens to Your Brain During Exercise?

Working out makes us happy, but the reason for this occurrence may surprise you. Read More »

Why Your Home Gym Won't Get You Fit

Even if you own fancy gym equipment, your home gym won't get you fit. Read More »

5 Adventures to Go on Before Summer's Officially Over

Take advantage of the summertime sunshine by spending some time outdoors. Read More »

Will Crossfit Destroy Your Body?

Crossfit's revolutionary concept of fitness will help you reach an optimal level of fitness, but it comes with a cost. Read More »

Getting Jacked on a Budget

Getting jacked on a budget can be boiled down to a simple science. Read More »

Not a Clown Workout, Bro: Bryce Harper's Insane Exercise Regimen

Ever wonder what it's like to train like a beast? It's not a clown question, bro. Read More »

Train Like a King: Inside LeBron James' Workout Plan

Even though you can't ball like LeBron James, you might be fit enough to train like the king. Read More »

It's That Time Again: Get in Shape for the Summer With These Intense Summer Workouts

If you want to get ripped for summer, you need to increase your workout intensity with superset workouts and total-body circuits. Read More »

Keep Your Physique "Rock Hard" With This Workout Dedicated to Dwayne Johnson

If you think you're capable of eating like "The Rock," you can't smell what he's cooking. Read More »

4 of the Best Performance Sneakers out Right Now

Performance sneakers might not transform you into a world-class athlete, but they will help prevent injury and ensure comfort. Read More »

Ranking 5 Fitness Apps That Keep You Informed and in Shape

Using smartphone technology during your daily workout regimen is a must. Read More »

10 Embarrassing Things That Can Happen at the Gym

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The Healthiest and Unhealthiest Breakfast Foods

The best tasting breakfast foods are often the worst. Read More »

Here's Why a Junk Food Diet Could Also Be Setting You up for Serious Health Problems

A junk food diet might help you lose weight, but it won't slim your waistline. Read More »