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Not a Clown Workout, Bro: Bryce Harper's Insane Exercise Regimen

Washington Nationals All-Star outfielder Bryce Harper performs several heavy lifting, functional training exercises to sustain a high level of success on the diamond.

It’s not a clown question, bro. Washington Nationals All-Star outfielder Bryce Harper is critically renowned for more than his on-the-field success; he’s sometimes perceived as a menace to the media, but mostly in the face of his opponents. He’s an undeniably fierce competitor, but his fiery play on the diamond isn’t masked by mediocre gamesmanship in the weight room. The Nats’ phenom is a beast in the batter’s box, in part because of his insane workout regimen, which includes ferocious discipline, strict offseason exercise tendencies, and an intense sequence of functional training exercises. If you want to improve your game, it’s time to stop clowning around.

High-to-low cable chops

Harper’s fiery attitude is part of what makes him one of the best all-around ball players in major league baseball, but his clownish acts aren’t for kids, nor is his workout regimen. Harper utilizes a variety of cable exercises to strengthen his midsection, and his lower body. The high-to-low cable chop is an example of sorts. This exercise requires use of an adjustable pulley at a height above head level. Strap your hands to the handle and chop to your toes. This oblique exercise will strengthen your ability to pivot and turn to crush baseballs. Perform 12 reps on each side over three sets.

Squats on exercise ball

Harper’s insane workout regimen is unique for a multitude of reasons; his hot take on squats is no exception. Harper performs squats on top of, not with, an exercise ball. This demanding exercise requires a heightened level of balance and agility, especially when performed in sets consisting of 20-plus repetitions. If you struggle with coordinating your movements on an unstable platform, like an exercise ball, performing a squat while on top of an exercise ball may be extremely difficult. As if that’s not challenging enough, Harper can reportedly barbell squat 405 pounds, according to his interview with ESPN’s “Body Issue” in 2015.

Power cleans

The phenomenon which was originally known as “The Chosen One” endures a sizable number of heavy lifting exercises for the purpose of demonstrating functional output in the field. Power cleans are simply another example of Harper’s grueling workout program. Power cleans encourage muscle development while shredding body fat. They require explosive, full-body movement, thus forcing the body to act in unison with emphasis on the shoulders, posterior, back and lower body. Power cleans should not be performed without proper execution. If you are unsure how to properly perform a power clean, it is recommended that you seek guidance from a certified personal trainer.

Jump squats on a box

Plyometric training is an essential method of burning body fat while simultaneously optimizing metabolic output, and the explosive ability of the lower body. Harper’s execution of jump squats on a box are a solid example of this method of training. Jump squats are an explosive training exercise that help the quadriceps develop powerful output. Perform three sets of 20 repetitions for maximum gain. Given the amount of power generated from his lower body, it’s no surprise that Harper is able to crush baseballs over outfield walls at ballparks around the nation. His explosive workout regimen enables him to maintain a high level of performance.

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