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Beyond the FitBit: Tech Accessories to Keep Your Fitness Goals on Track

The FitBit is simply one component of exercise technology that you should take advantage of. New devices range from smart scales and socks to earbuds, and forks.

So, you track your steps at work and gauge your heart rate. You feel healthy, and you’re accomplishing your daily activity goals. You should take a moment to congratulate yourself for your hard work, but also realize that fitness tech extends beyond the FitBit. Your favorite wrist companion is a good thing, but there are other tech accessories you could add to your repertoire to keep track of your fitness progress.

Withings Body Cardio ($180)

Weight scales are sometimes dreaded, even by the most in-shape exercise junkies. The feeling of dissatisfaction can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you feel like you’ve made progress. But the Withings Body Cardio smart scale is a device worth owning. The state-of-the-art smart scale measures body weight by proportion, giving you an accurate understanding of your body’s overall composition. Withings Body Cardio calculates muscle mass, fatty tissue, water weight and bone density. It also tracks heart rate and arterial health. The smart scale will completely reformulate how you think about tracking your fitness progress, and how you think about scales.

Jaybird Freedom Earbuds ($199)

Your workout experience is never enjoyable in the absence of music. In fact, scientific studies indicate that music has the remarkable ability to enhance athletic performance, which makes owning a high-tech pair of sports earbuds vital to your fitness progress. The Jaybird Freedom Earbuds don’t come cheap, but wireless Bluetooth technology combined with soft comfort design, and ease of volume control, make these earbuds an asset in helping you achieve your fitness goals. If you feel trapped by tangled wires and bulky buds, it might be time for an upgrade.

HAPIfork ($99)

Working out is merely one component of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Your diet is of equal, if not more, importance. If you find yourself loading up your plate, the HAPIfork might be the definitive solution to poor overeating habits. The HAPIfork is a high-tech device that can decrease the rate at which you eat.

The fork features built-in sensors that notify you when you’re eating at unhealthy speeds. These sensors react through microscopic vibrations that also track your time spent eating, and the number of fork servings you consume per minute. The HAPIfork tracks all data for user visibility through an app, allowing you to establish healthier eating habits while consuming less food.

Sensoria Smart Sock ($119)

Socks are seldom considered high-tech, but the Sensoria Smart Sock has revolutionized how your footwear assesses fitness performance. The Sensoria Smart Sock tracks pressure signals in your feet and ankles, which allows runners to gain valuable information regarding their performance. The sock’s unique sensors are specially designed to gather information regarding your daily movements and offers tips through an app to help you improve your movements over time. The sock is washable and comfortable, allowing you to move freely without constraint.

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