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How to Train Like an Olympic Champion

If you're serious about increasing the intensity of your workout regimen to rival Olympic champions, you need to maintain a high level of mental tenacity.

Training like an Olympic champion takes some serious guts and determination, even if you’re not athletically gifted. You might not be able to out swim Michael Phelps or out sprint Usain Bolt, but you can ramp-up your workout intensity by training like an Olympian. Even though you’re never going to stand atop the podium to the tune of your national anthem, you’re entirely capable of training like a gold medalist, assuming you have the mental tenacity to do so.

Hire a Strength Coach

Hiring a strength and conditioning coach is one of the most dedicated methods of ramping up your workout intensity. Even if you frequent the weight room, a strength coach can help maximize your exercise output through a strict regimen. If you find it cumbersome to hire a fitness expert for your own personal gain, look towards virtual media for help. There is no substitute for in-person coaching sessions from strength and conditioning experts who are capable of customizing an exercise plan to help you reach your Olympic goals.

Lift Heavy and Run Hard

Do you feel like you’ve peaked? If your tried and true weightlifting regimen has failed to generate results, it’s time to challenge yourself. Your strength coach will help you maintain a high level of motivation and accountability, but sustaining the level of mental tenacity needed to force yourself to peak exhaustion in the weight room is entirely up to you.

Olympic athletes don’t jog at a mild pace on the treadmill, nor do they “take it easy” when lifting weights. If you’re serious about training like an Olympic champion, you need to lift heavy and run hard. Mentally prepare yourself for the brutal challenge of pushing your body to the limit. Consult a certified personal trainer if you are unsure of how to perform heavy lifting exercises, like squats and deadlifts.

Stay Hydrated and Rest

For most, staying hydrated is merely a built-in component of exercising, but drinking fluids and allowing your body to rest in between intense bouts of exercise is vital to your success. If you want to generate results on the level with Olympic champions, it’s recommended that you consume half of your body weight in fluid ounces of water. This generalized rule appropriately complements 60 minutes of high-intensity exercise. If you plan to lift heavy, and force yourself to peak exhaustion, it’s important to emphasize the necessity to drink water on a frequent basis throughout the day.

Eat Right and Recover

Training at a level that pushes your heart rate to peak exertion requires a strict diet and sufficient recovery time. Your workouts should be split into different muscle groups; no single muscle group should be emphasized twice within a 48-hour time period. Your diet should consist of complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and limited fat intake. Your body will use carbs for fuel during exercise and will utilize your protein intake for recovery. Eating right is part of the daily strife for most active gym-goers; it’s not a simple task. But, if you have the mental tenacity to workout like a gold medalist, you should duplicate be able to duplicate those efforts at the dinner table.

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