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10 Embarrassing Things That Can Happen at the Gym

Following a few simple guidelines can help you avoid an embarrassing experience at the gym.

The daily strife of fighting through a tough day at the office to get to the gym can sometimes be met with humble embarrassment. Life often brings forth unfortunate circumstances, whether that be a flat tire on the freeway or spilling coffee on yourself during a morning meeting. The same can be said for your exercise paradise — a seemingly daily escape from the work grind that sometimes attracts unfavorable attention to those who experience the 10 embarrassing things that can happen at the gym.

10. Forgetting to Tie Your Shoes

Switching out your loafers or high heels for sneakers necessitates a task that you may not have done before heading to the office: tying your shoes. Forgetting to tie your shoes at the gym can lead to the dreaded misfortune of tripping over your own feet or a full-fledged face-plant.

9. Exhibiting Poor Form

The most common embarrassing feat at the gym is perhaps exhibiting poor form, especially when trying new exercises. Don’t allow the gym rats deter you, though. It’s typically a good thing to incorporate variation into your workout regimen, even if that draws a few odd stares from procrastinating onlookers.

8. Misuse of Gym Machines

Exhibiting poor form while trying something new is one thing, but misusing gym machines designated for a specified exercise is another. Lat pulldown equipment was not designed for triceps extensions, nor was the seated low row created for biceps curls. If you’re unsure of how to use a piece of gym equipment, it’s recommended that you ask a personal trainer or fitness professional.

7. Lifting Too Much Weight

If you’ve ever found yourself eyeballing a certain someone at the gym, it’s possible that you followed suit by lifting too much weight. It’s important to remember that over-lifting can cause serious injury. Always request a spot if you’re planning on performing heavy lifting exercises, like seated shoulder press and bench press.

6. Hurting Yourself

Injuries are not a laughing matter, regardless of where they take place. But hurting yourself at the gym certainly has the potential to induce some degree of embarrassment. You can improve your chances of avoiding injury by practicing your form at lower levels of intensity, and by working out with a partner.

5. Bad Odor

The nose-clenching, hand-waving motion that you may see from nearby gym-goers isn’t a form of alternative exercise. This signal is as loud as its scent; it means you’re probably exerting bad odor. Don’t worry, though. Bodily odors are, of course, naturally occurring. You can mask your "pee-ew" phenomenon by showering regularly and wearing deodorant.

4. Throwing Up

Forcing yourself to the brink of sprinting for a toilet isn’t necessary in order to yield positive results from your daily workout regimen. But throwing up in clear view is, without a doubt, one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to someone at the gym. To avoid this travesty, It’s important not to exercise at high intensities on a full stomach. It’s also helpful to monitor your heart rate to ensure that you do not force yourself to continuous peak exertion.

3. Farting

The stink emanating from your exercise space is enough to make nearby gym occupants stare and giggle in unison. Farting might be a normal bodily function, but it’s usually met with embarrassment in public, especially if that public space so happens to be a relatively quiet yoga class.

2. Naked Encounters

So, you’ve finished your workout and decide to clean up in the shower before heading home...and then you experience an awkward naked encounter with a friend or coworker in the locker room. You can laugh it off and pretend it never happened, or take inventory for the next company cocktail party, or weekend barbecue.

1. Falling off the Treadmill

It’s the stuff that nightmares are made up of. You feel like your legs are stuck in mud, but the tread in your stationary running space continues to dial up the speed. Falling off the treadmill can be a product of multiple embarrassing gym feats, like forgetting to tie your shoes, exhibiting poor running form, or doing too much too fast. Don’t overestimate your ability to run, and remember that safety comes first.

John Shea is a team sports fanatic and fitness aficionado. His work has been published across a wide platform of online audiences in the realm of health and fitness. His passion for fitness is exemplified in his writing, as he aims to help readers improve their overall well-being.

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