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Getting Jacked on a Budget

Regardless of your spending capacity, it's entirely possible to get jacked by following a few guidelines for success.

Money management might not be a part of your preconceived exercise ideology, but getting jacked can be an expensive endeavor. The combination of high-quality food items, super-charged nutritional supplements, and an athlete-driven workout regimen has the potential to cripple your bankroll. But despite the seemingly endless consumption of powders and pills, it is entirely possible to get jacked on a budget.

Understand Your Needs

Big-budget advertising has a tendency to sway consumers to purchase items they don’t necessarily need. Getting jacked is no exception. It’s important to understand exactly what your body needs in terms of nutritional intake to achieve your fitness goals. There are three primary components of all diets: carbohydrates, protein, and fat. If your goal is to get jacked without shredding your wallet, you need to prioritize consumption of low-cost proteins while limiting purchases of foods containing high levels of carbohydrates and fat. Even though you need to consume all three forms of nutrient, getting jacked requires consumption of at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight.

Buy Protein in Bulk

Buying in bulk is an absolute necessity if your budget is limited. This will allow you to stock up on necessary food items while simultaneously managing discretionary costs. You need to spend a majority of your money on affordable high-protein foods, such as chicken and eggs. Avoid organic labels at all costs; purchasing organic foods will cripple your spending capacity and limit your food-purchasing power. Chicken and eggs are additionally appropriate for buying in bulk because they can be easily stored for later use. Chicken can be frozen and eggs can be hard-boiled. Other low-cost, high-protein food items include tuna and ground beef. Simplifying your purchasing decisions will allow you to save both time and money while also maximizing your ability to reach your goal.

Create a Meal Plan

The most difficult aspect of all exercise regimens is meal planning. Developing and executing a cost-effective meal plan requires time and energy. It’s much simpler to blend a protein shake than to cook a meal consisting of 50-plus grams of protein. But protein powders tend to be expensive. It should be noted that all forms of protein powders should only be purchased if your financial capability allows for it. Your meal plan for getting jacked should consist of approximately 3,000 calories per day, depending on your size. A sample breakfast plan should include three eggs, cooked or hard-boiled, with either spinach or broccoli. Snacks and post-workout meals should consist of food items like cottage cheese, milk, banana, oats and whey. Lunch and dinner options include chicken breast with pasta and broccoli.

Don’t Cheat

Getting jacked on a budget isn’t a simple feat, but it’s entirely possible if you hold yourself accountable and refuse to give in. Chart your progress by looking in the mirror; this will help you maintain a high level of motivation and remain in-tuned with what you’re trying to accomplish. Regardless of whether your budget it $50, $75 or $100 per week, understanding what your body needs and creating a meal plan will help you get jacked.

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