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Prepare for the Nightwatch With These 'Game of Thrones' Inspired Workouts

Three weapons featured in the HBO original series "Game of Thrones" serve as the vision for the Nightwatch workout.

“Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder.” The Nightwatch workout is no exception; it’s benefits are chaotic enough for muscle growth. Game of Thrones has invigorated binge watchers and hardcore novel enthusiasts alike, but fandom isn’t the singular outcome of HBO’s famed original series. The Nightwatch workout isn’t as gruesome as some winter nights in Westeros, but what it lacks in bloodshed, it forges in heart palpitating sweat, and muscle strengthening.

Workout Concept

The Nightwatch workout incorporates multiple weightlifting exercises that mirror scenes from Game of Thrones. Each exercise utilizes a specific type of weapon depicted in the show, like the sword, bow-and-arrow, and steel-plated armor. All weapons are integrated into exercise movement, and can be performed as part of a complete workout regimen. The concept of each exercise is to re-imagine the motions of certain elements of battle in Game of Thrones for the purpose of strength training and conditioning. Each workout equivalent is designed to challenge avid fans while also encouraging a new format of TV-inspired exercise that generates results.

Workout Equivalent: Sword

You can’t use your sword in Westeros if you’re not strong enough to swing it. The vicious thrusting motion you see from the comfort of your couch requires more than popcorn and a cold beverage. Want to fight like they do in Westeros? Then it’s time to strengthen your wrists and forearms, and invest in a clubbell. A club-bell is as you would imagine: a club-shaped weight designed specifically for wrist- and forearm strengthening. Perform 10-to-15 overhead chops in consecutive sets with minimal rest for muscle-shredding body torture. Use a kettlebell or dumbbell as a substitute at your local gym.

Workout Equivalent: Bow-and-arrow

The medieval art of perfecting the bow-and-arrow remains contemporary in the 21st century. But firing 10-plus arrows per minute to defend your honor requires extraordinary ability. The longbows depicted in Game of Thrones might be featherweight on set, but ancient longbows often exceeded 75 pounds in weight. Ever tried performing a single-arm row while imagining stationary weight plates as a lethal weapon? If your creative mindset is easily manipulated, perform multiple sets of single-arm row using a resistance band to enhance your blow-slinging ability. Alternate between arms after each set to establish unprecedented versatility and optimize exercise intensity.

Workout Equivalent: Armor

It take some serious upper-body strength to sustain a high level of mobility while donning more than 50 pounds of steel across your torso. Your two-hour chest workout consisting of 12 sets on the bench press isn’t going to help you thrive on the battlefront. Load yourself with a weighted vest of an appropriate weight and run up an elevated surface, like a flight of stairs. Note: consult a fitness expert if you are unsure how to properly perform this exercise. Decrease the level of weight on your vest after each elevated run. Perform this exercise five times with 30- to 60 seconds of rest in between, depending on the length of your run

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