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4 of the Best Performance Sneakers out Right Now

The best performance sneakers on the shoe market feature specially engineered designs that enhance the running experience.

It takes extraordinary endurance to conquer the depths of high-intensity cross training and athletic adventures, but performance is often dictated by external factors—like the sneakers on your feet. The sneaker fad isn’t merely associated with collecting the most recent edition of Air Jordans, it deals with athletic performance, too. The best performance sneakers on the shoe market might not help you run faster or jump higher, but they will decrease your chance of contracting a foot or ankle injury while also enabling you to perform at a high level.

New Balance 1500v2

The New Balance 1500v2 was awarded the best performance sneaker in Winter 2015. Its unique design provides devout athletes and casual joggers with dual-density midsole support, and light-cushioned insole for swift mobility. This performance sneaker also features a bridge under the arch for comfort of stride. It retails for $110 at most department stores.

Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 5

The Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 5 was specifically designed for women. This performance sneaker won Best Update in Winter 2015 for its re-engineered concept. The shoe features a mesh material that provides both support and comfort. The material’s elasticity creates a snug feel while also stretching to allow ease of movement. Its retail price is $120.

Nike Air Zoom Odyssey

The Nike Air Zoom Odyssey is a state-of-the-art performance sneaker designed to enhance the runner experience. This shoe was awarded Best Debut in Winter 2015 for its sleek design concept and smooth ride. The Odyssey provides a high level of stability through its segmented midsole, which enables movement without constricting control. The Odyssey also features toe-top mesh that allows the foot to breathe. It retails for $150.

Brooks Ghost 8

The Brooks Ghost 8 is renowned as one of the most comfortable performance sneakers on the shoe market. It won Editor’s Choice for the Best sneaker in Fall 2015 for its combination of cushion and support. The Brooks Ghost 8 provides a balance of stability and comfort that rivals most performance sneakers. It retails at $120.

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