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The Best Exercise Machines at the Gym for Beginners

You shouldn't feel overwhelmed if you're new to working out at the gym. The best exercise machines for beginners can help you kickstart a new regimen.

Exercise in a public space can be a daunting experience for first-time gym-goers, especially with practically zero workout experience. Where do you start? How do you build a workout, and which machines should you use? If you’re new to the gym, or simply haven’t used exercise machines before, it’s important to familiarize yourself with how to properly use different pieces of equipment. The best exercise machines at the gym for beginners can help ramp up your workout intensity and improve your physical health.

Elliptical Machine

Conventional wisdom might point you toward a treadmill if you’re new to the gym, but the elliptical machine is a prototypical starter kit for beginners. The elliptical is a low-impact machine that effectively elevates heart rate to fat-burning capacity. Its soft impact on joints and ligaments make it one of the best devices to utilize for warming up, and long-lasting cardio sessions. Best of all, it’s easy to use. Simply stand in an upright position with both feet positioned on the pedals, place your hands on the handle grips, and start moving. Gradually increase your speed and resistance for a more intense workout experience.

Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is another effective piece of workout equipment for beginners at the gym. The rower is a low-impact machine that can be used for full-body warm up and moderate- to high-intensity cardio sessions. The rower requires you to use your upper and lower body in unison, which means you need to be synchronized in order to maximize the benefits of your efforts. For use, sit comfortably on the sliding seat and fasten your feet in the foot loops for stability. Position your hands equidistant on the handlebar, slightly arch your back, and simultaneously pull with your hands, and push with your feet. Move with a steady motion.

Spin Bike

The spin bike is one of the best workout devices for high-intensity cardio activity. If you’re new to the gym, you’re probably not ready for a spin class, but using a stationary bike is a great method of ramping up your heart and building cardiovascular strength. Adjust your seat to your height, sit in a slight, upright position and grab ahold of the bike’s handlebars. Similar to most pieces of cardio equipment, it’s important to choose a comfortable level of resistance as you elevate your heart rate during your workout.

Pull-up Bar

The pull-up bar is a relatively simple piece of exercise equipment but is extremely effective in helping you build upper body strength. If you’ve never performed a pull-up before, it might be best to use an assisted pull-up bar to stabilize your range of motion. To perform an assisted pull-up, place your hands atop the handlebar at shoulder-length, and rest your knees on the padded bar. With your arms fully extended, pull with your upper body until your arms are bent at a 45-degree angle, and slowly decline. Try to complete 10 repetitions in each set.

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