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It's That Time Again: Get in Shape for the Summer With These Intense Summer Workouts

The combination of superset workouts and total-body circuits will increase your body's ability to burn fat and build muscle in a relatively short period of time.

The summertime workout grind is frantic, time-consuming and often underwhelming. Magazine cover washboard abs are an unattainable fantasy for most sedentary gym-goers who walk in slow motion on treadmills. Performing the same, tried-out and failed “workout” routine isn’t going to help you burn fat and get ripped for summer. If you’re serious about dropping weight and shrinking your waistline this summer, you need to challenge yourself by increasing your workout intensity with superset workouts and total-body circuits.

6-Week Challenge

The six-week beach body workout program is designed to help you reach your seemingly impossible goal of getting ripped for the summer. The program is split into two distinct segments: superset workouts and total-body circuits. The concept is to incorporate a constant variation into your exercise platform to force your body to burn fat while simultaneously building muscle. Supersets are a method of exercise that generate an increase in the body’s metabolic output, which will enable you to burn calories after exercise. High-intensity supersets performed consistently over a four-week time period will help you generate results. The subsequent two-weeks consisting of total-body circuit training will effectively complement your fat-shredding regimen, and help you get ripped for summer.

Superset Workouts

Supersets are an aggressive exercise component of efficient weight loss. This fat-busting method of weight training requires minimal rest time in between sets for optimal efficiency. Each superset regimen should include a split routine, which divides the days that you exercise certain muscle groups. All supersets should be performed with a maximum rest time of 30-to-60 seconds. Decreasing your rest time will improve your body’s metabolic output while enabling greater fat-burning capacity. It will also help you build muscle mass at a steady rate over a relatively short period of time. Superset workouts are extremely effective, but it should be noted that you must consume a healthy dosage of protein and carbs after completing each superset workout.

Total-Body Circuit Training

The final two weeks of your beach body exercise program should include multiple total-body circuits. Total-body circuit training consists of multiple exercises performed with minimal rest. Circuit training requires high repetitions to be completed during a specific amount of time, typically in the range of 30-to-60 seconds. Each workout should be comprised of eight-to-12 exercises that can be completed in no more than 45 minutes. The advantage of circuit training over alternative methods of fat-burning exercise is that it has been scientifically tested to increase the body’s metabolic capacity. You will burn calories at a high exertion rate hours after exercise as part of your total-body circuit training regimen. The definitive strategy for getting ripped for summer is simple: minimize your rest time while completing a combination of superset workouts and total-body circuits. If you think you’re up for the six-week challenge, it’s time to hit the gym.

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