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7 Household Items You Can Incorporate Into Your Workout Routine

Just because you don’t have a weight set at home, that doesn’t mean you can’t get in a killer workout! You’d ... Read More »

6 Cardio Workouts That Aren't Running or Jogging

Running/jogging is the classic cardio workout, the go-to for most people who want to push their heart and lungs, get fit, and burn a ... Read More »

5 Tips for Taking Your CrossFit Workout Home With You

Most people think that CrossFit can only be done in your local “box” (the fancy CrossFit name for a gym), but the truth is that ... Read More »

5 Inner Thighs Workouts You Should Be Doing

Working your inner thighs can help to build muscle, strengthen your lower body, enhance hip flexibility, and promote better posture. You’ll also find that ... Read More »

The 5 Best Workouts That Pull Double Duty

Why do an exercise that focuses on just one muscle group when you can perform movements that hit two or more? Why stick with just ... Read More »

5 Exercises That Benefit Your Neck

Did you know that neck pain is one of the most common problems among the modern adult? One study found that more than 20 percent of ... Read More »

Can You Get Abs from Coughing or Laughing?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could develop a killer six-pack from laughing or coughing? It would make all those days spent sick in ... Read More »

6 Exercises You and Your Workout Buddy Can do Together

Two are sometimes better than one, even when it comes to working out! Not all workouts are lonesome affairs, but you’ll find there are ... Read More »

How to Keep Working out Without Burning Out

Burnout is a looming threat that faces every athlete, resistance trainee, and runner at some point in their lives. The combination of pushing too hard, ... Read More »

How to Motivate Yourself to Workout When You Really, Really Don't Want To

We all have those days when we really don't want to work out. Maybe we're tired from a long day of work, a rough night ... Read More »

8 Indoor Cardio Exercises That Don't Require a Treadmill

When most people think of indoor cardio exercises, they immediately think about walking, jogging, or running on a treadmill. But hang on, treadmills aren't the ... Read More »

6 Tips For Recovering From an Exercise-Related Injury

We're all familiar with the benefits of exercise, but it's important to remember that exercise has its downsides too. If we push ourselves too hard, ... Read More »

7 Ways to Mix Up Your Cardio Workout

Just because you're doing cardio, that doesn't mean you have to do the same cardio workout day in and out. In fact, doing the same ... Read More »

7 Underrated Exercises You Should Try Out

Everyone has heard of the classic exercises: push-ups, pull-ups, bench presses, squats, and ab crunches. These exercises are tried and true, and they have been ... Read More »

5 Common Cardio Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them!)

Cardio is one of the most important types of workout. Cardiovascular endurance is one of the four pillars of fitness, so it's imperative that you ... Read More »

5 Tips for Exercising Outdoors When It's Really, Really Cold Out

There's nothing more gorgeous than going for a run after a fresh snowfall. The world is a winter wonderland of white, and it's like running ... Read More »

5 Workouts That'll Boost Your Confidence

When you think of "exercises to boost confidence" most of us think of mental techniques or power posing. But did you know that physical workouts ... Read More »

5 Fitness Gifts to Give (or Ask For!) This Holiday Season

Christmas is just around the corner, and you know what that means: Christmas presents! It's the time of year when you rack your brain to ... Read More »

6 Exercises That'll Have You Ready to Hit the Slopes

With the arrival of winter comes our favorite winter sport: skiing! The snow is deep, the slopes are steep, and you're ready to strap on ... Read More »

6 Common Push Up Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Push-ups are one of the most popular exercises, yet somehow they end up being one of the most incorrectly performed! The fact that our arms ... Read More »

Get Super-Fit With the Batman Workout

When it comes to superheroes, few people can compare to the impressive physicality of the great Bruce Wayne—Batman. While there are many superheroes who ... Read More »

How to Get the Most Out of Working Out with Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are an effective workout tool—not only can they be used to supplement your regular weights, but they can be used alone for ... Read More »

You Need to Check out Lebron James' Core and Mind Workout

There's no doubt that LeBron James is more than just one of the world's top athletes—he's also one of the fittest! His extreme conditioning ... Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About Beer Yoga

Beer and Yoga are two of the most enjoyable things in life. There's nothing quite like a good yoga workout to get your muscles working, ... Read More »

Can You Be Allergic to Exercise?

It sounds absolutely crazy, right? Exercise isn't something you put in your body—it's what you do when you move around. How could you be ... Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About Bungee Workouts

Bungee workouts are a popular new trend sweeping through the U.S., UK, and Australia. It's a fascinating type of workout, one that combines the ... Read More »

How to Power Through an Intense Workout

Exercise is intended to push your body hard, get you breathing hard and sweating, and force your cardiovascular system and muscles to work at full ... Read More »

7 Leg Exercises You Aren't Doing

Everyone is familiar with Lunges and Squats, the two exercises that we all do on Leg Day. But did you know that these leg exercises ... Read More »

When Should You Give Up on a Workout?

We've all heard that "quitters never win, and winners never quit." Working out requires a lot of dedication and persistence, especially when things get tough. ... Read More »

7 Surprising Benefits of Taking up a Team Sport

It's well-established that team sports can be wonderful for school-aged children. Not only do they promote respect and teamwork, but they're great for improving confidence, ... Read More »