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The Best Gym Work Outs for Introverts

Love working out but not too fond of people? Being an introvert can make it hard to attend fitness classes, Yoga studios, or even a crowded gym. Finding a good workout can be tougher than you’d expect!

Thankfully, we’ve got a few options of kick-ass gym workouts for even the most introverted person.

Resistance Training

When you’re lifting heavy, no one’s going to disturb you! Resistance training can be a great solo workout, especially if you’ve got a pair of headphones in your ears and you keep yourself focused on what you’re doing. You may need to ask a trainer for a spot now and then, but as long as you’re lifting weights, no one’s going to get in your way.

HIIT Training

HIIT training is all about keeping up your heart rate with intervals of high and low-intensity exercise, so no one will interfere when they see you working out at 100 MPH. You can get in a great HIIT bodyweight workout or use weights, and in your own little corner of the gym, you should have total peace and quiet.


Swimming is more than just a great way to get some peace and quiet; it’s also one hell of a cardio and muscle-building workout! If you get to the pool before everyone else, you’ll have a swimming lane all to yourself. All you need to do is put your goggles on, get in the water, and get swimming. For those 20-60 minutes, you’ll have your lane all to yourself without worrying about anyone bothering you.


Taking a turn on the treadmill is a great way to enjoy a bit of time on your own in the middle of a sea of people. On your treadmill, you can read a book, listen to music or an audiobook, or even enjoy your favorite TV show. You’ll have your own little running island of peace until your workout is done.

Sprint Training

Kick your workout up a notch with some sprint training — 30-second sprints and 90-second jogging intervals. Do this for 15-20 minutes, and you’ll be out of the gym before you have to deal with people. This is particularly useful for gyms that fill up quickly with people who want to use the treadmill. You’ll always be able to get in and out before the crowds get impatient.

Cardio Machines

The elliptical, step machine, or rower can also be a great place to get in a killer workout at the gym. Many people will gravitate toward the treadmill or stationary bike, but you can always look at the other options to see how to fit in your workout without getting in people’s way.


Even if you do yoga in a class, you’ll find it’s very focused on the internal, the sensations going through your body and your breathing. It’s wonderfully easy to tune out the world around you and get lost in the flow of your movements.

Yes, being an introvert doesn’t mean you have to struggle to get in a workout! Thanks to these tips, you should have no problem getting in a daily training session at any gym you attend.

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