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6 HIIT Workouts You Haven't Tried Yet

HIIT workouts have become hugely popular in the last few years, thanks to the fact that they are highly effective fat-burners, shred your muscles, push your cardiovascular system to its limits, and, best of all, help you get in a killer workout in half the time!

If you’re looking for new and fun ways to change things up, here are a few HIIT workouts you haven’t tried:


Think of a HIIT workout that takes place in the pool, and you’ve got an idea of what to expect from Swim-Sanity! It combines high intensity aerobic exercise with the difficulty of water-based movements, leading to serious muscle-building and fat-burning. Best of all, it’s far less taxing on your joints than most high-intensity workouts.

The “Do Anywhere” Workout

This workout consists of six exercises: Split Jumps, Burpees, Contraction Push-Ups, Cross-Body Mountain Climbers, 1 ¼ Squat Jumps, and Power Planks. It’s a series of bodyweight movements that you can literally do anywhere, and you simply perform the exercises for 30 seconds, back to back without stopping. With a 30-second rest between each cycle and up to eight cycles, you’ve got a killer workout guaranteed to get you ripped.


Put together all of the best elements of Pilates and hardcore boxing, and you get Piloxing. Punching is one of the most physically demanding activities around, and it can be an amazing high-intensity workout that will push your heart, lungs, and muscles to their limits. Add in the core-focused movements of Pilates, and you’re in for one hell of a workout.

The Complete 180

This workout combines 180 reps of three exercises — Split Jumps, Bridge Crunches, and Push-Ups with Oblique Knee Tuck — to hit every muscle in your body like a boss. You’re just performing 180 reps total, broken down into sets of 16, 14, 12, 10, and 8 reps for each of the three exercises. By the time you hit the end of that workout, you’ll be dripping sweat and feeling the burn in every single muscle.

Boogie Bounce

If you’ve ever jumped on a trampoline as an adult, you’ll know how exhausting it can be. Boogie Bounce combines (mini) trampoline jumping with a number of movements that will both build muscle and activate your cardiovascular system. It’s one hell of a workout and a whole lot of fun — who wouldn’t love jumping around for a few more minutes every day?

Battle Ropes

We’ve all seen those battle ropes at our local gym or box, but how many times have you actually used them? Battle Rope workouts are an amazing way to target your back, arms, legs, and shoulders, and it’s a whole lot of fun! It’s as simple as whipping the heavy ropes around (up and down, side to side, etc.) and keeping the movement going for a full 30 to 60 seconds. With just a few seconds of rest between each set, you’ll blaze through your workout in no time!

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