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7 Ways to Use Stairs (Other Than Climbing Them) in Your Workout

Stairs can be one of the most useful items in your home for getting in a great workout! Yes, running up and down the stairs is an excellent way to get in your cardio and shred those leg muscles, but that’s not all they’re good for. Here are a few ways you can use stairs to help you get a better bodyweight workout every time.

Elevated Lunges

To really sink into that Lunge, place your forefoot on the first or second step up from your position. As you drop down into the Lunge, focus on keeping your knee over your ankle to maintain that proper posture. When you push back up, it will require a lot more effort from your leg muscles, so it will be a far better workout than basic Lunges!

Step Up to Reverse Lunge

This movement combines the Step-Up with a Reverse Lunge to give your legs a better workout than ever. Start by facing the stairs, with your feet together on the floor. Place your right foot on the second step, then push yourself forward and extend that right leg, bringing your left knee up. Step back down with the left foot, then step the right leg back into a Reverse Lunge. Repeat the movement 10-15 times before switching legs and doing it all over again!

Incline Push-Ups

Push-ups can be tough, but doing them at an incline (your head higher than the rest of your body) can take a lot of the weight off your arms, making the workout easier. The higher the incline, the easier the exercise. If you just want to make things a little easier, place your hands on the first step. To make things significantly easier, place your hands on the third or fourth step.

Staggered Level Push-Ups

By placing one hand on the first step, you engage your muscles from different angles, leading to a more effective workout. Start with your right hand on the first step and your left hand on the floor, with your body angled to keep your position as comfortable as possible. Do one set of Push-Ups in this position, then switch hands (left on the first step, right on the floor) for the next set.

Mountain Climber

Kick your core training and cardio up a notch with this bad-ass workout! Mountain Climbers engage your arms, shoulders, and back to hold your body steady as you pump your legs up to your chest. Doing this movement on the stairs can help take some of the strain off your upper body, placing more emphasis on the lower body movements.

Stair Dips

Hit your triceps like a boss with these Dips. Instead of using a chair, use the second or third stair to help you get the right angle.

Stair Jumps

Instead of Box Jumps, you can use your stairs. All you have to do is jump a little bit forward as you jump up, and you can use the second, third, or even fourth stair to push your jumping muscles to their limits!

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