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How Therapy Improves Your Physical Health

There has been a wealth of evidence linking your psychological state to your physical wellbeing. Scientists agree that your emotions and mood can have a direct effect on the way you walk, run, jump, and train. If you want to improve your performance in the gym (and in every area of life), it’s definitely a good idea to consider therapy.

Here are a few ways that therapy can improve your physical health.

Less Stress = More Energy and Better Health

Stress is one of the worst enemies of health. Stress suppresses your immune system, which means that you’re more prone to getting sick, and it’s difficult to work out when you’re fighting a cold or the flu. Stress can also raise inflammation, thereby increasing the risk of injuries. Chronic stress will steal your energy and cause you to feel fatigue far more prominently than you should. All of these things combine to make it nearly impossible to get a proper workout.

Therapy isn’t going to solve your stress problem, but it can give you the tools you need to cope with that stress. You’ll see excellent results in terms of reduced stress, which in turn will increase your energy levels — which means better workouts! Plus, you’ll be healthier, so sickness won’t stop you from pushing your body to its limits.

Therapy Builds Confidence

Confidence plays a huge role in exercise performance. If you know you can run a 5K, you’re much more likely to actually run that distance than you would be if your mind was telling you “You can’t!” with every step. Therapy helps to build confidence in every area of your life, and it will translate over into your exercise performance. You’ll find that you’ll be more confident to lift heavier, run longer, and train harder thanks to the confidence boost you get by dealing with things that trigger stress and anxiety.

Improved Mood Improves Performance

Yes, there is a direct correlation between your mood and workout performance. When you’re in a good, positive mood, you tend to feel more energized and you have greater mental endurance to push harder when you are running low on physical endurance. When your mood is negative, you’re far more likely to quit early or simply skip your workout altogether. Therapy can do wonders to help you cope with the things that are bringing you down, thereby improving your mood. You’ll see visible results next time you hit the gym!

Therapy Reduces Physical Symptoms

Psychological conditions have been linked to physical symptoms, from fatigue to pain to stiffness to muscle weakness. Therapy can help to combat the psychological issues, which will often correct the physical side effects of those issues. You’ll feel a whole lot better in body as well as mind thanks to the therapy!

If you’re trying to find ways to improve your health, therapy and counseling are definitely excellent options to consider!

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