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The Lowdown on Lubricants: What Should You Avoid?

Some people need a lubricant all the time, at varying times of the month, some have chronic vaginal dryness – it’s important to remember that ... Read More »

How to Use Contouring to Make Your Face Look Slimmer

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Prep Yourself for a Sex Marathon

You’ve stocked up on a 7-day supply of bottled water, canned goods, a flashlight, and first-aid kit. Emergency earthquake kit? No … you’re just ... Read More »

What Workouts Improve Your Sexual Stamina?

So, let’s say you are blessed by the fact that your partner could go on forever. But – you – you have been skipping the gym ... Read More »

Which Sexual Positions Burn the Most Calories?

Which Sexual Positions Burn the Most Calories? Read More »

From the Bedroom to the Bathroom: 5 Ways to Prevent a UTI

I am the queen of UTIs. The joke is that all my husband had to do was look at me and the telltale twinges would ... Read More »