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Prep Yourself for a Sex Marathon

You’ve stocked up on a 7-day supply of bottled water, canned goods, a flashlight, and first-aid kit. Emergency earthquake kit? No … you’re just prepping yourself for a sex marathon — and doing it up right!

Rule #1: Get Your H20

The first rule of any kind of marathon: hydration.

Ah, the glories of hydration! It will stave off dry mouth, post-orgasm headaches (the struggle is real), leg cramps, or even just having to stop before you are good and ready.

Rule #2: Easy on the Alcohol, Easy on the Food

Eat, but eat LIGHTLY because you are laying a base for something even more satisfying than food! Alone? Eat something high in protein with a happy mix of carbs and a little healthy fat. Low-fat yogurt and almonds, or string cheese and an orange – citrus fruits are made of mostly water! Together? Try tapas filled with healthy fats like olives and whole-grain carbs like Israeli couscous, and no more than one glass of wine.

Rule #3: Sip Don’t Gulp

Energy, power, endurance, and helping stay cool — sipping water by the bedside (from your favorite vintage martini glass, whatever makes you feel sexy, baby) will increase stamina, as opposed to when you gulp it down and, as a result, definitely do not want someone on top of you.

To paraphrase the words of sex columnist Dan Savage, “Screw first.” Think about it: if you get all excited to go to that restaurant you’ve been wanting to try or six months, but you know that you are going to come home gassy and your acid reflex will bother you before the words “get on top” can form on your lips.

Cross-contamination at that fancy four-star restaurant? It could happen. Better listen to Mr. Savages: screw first, eat second.

Rule #4: Emotional and Psychological Prep: What’s Your Safe Word?

Talk. Anything special you want to try? Get out your safe word, Francis! You need a word either of you can say that will alert the other person to your feeling unsafe for any reason. (My safe word is literally “safe word” – it felt too ridiculous to say some of my earlier choices like “pineapple” or “Egg McMuffin.")

Rule #5: Paraphernalia Prep

Prepare your props and devices with subtlety. Is there anything less romantic than dumping out your entire nightside table in a desperate search for a Pocket Rocket?

If it makes you feel sexy, tuck your items inside a cool, silky scarf or hot vinyl bag – a little bedside kit, if you will. Think of the Boy Scout/Girl’s Scout Code: Be Prepared.

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