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Which Sexual Positions Burn the Most Calories?

Froggy? Doggy? Sex your way to fitness with these ideas tonight....

In a world of multi-taskers, people want to know how many calories they can burn AND have sex at the same time. They may be whipping off their clothes, but keeping their FitBits firmly affixed to their wrists. Once you track the info - kaboom! Your boffing officially counts as a workout.

Okay, thought I am against this in theory – sex should be for pleasure’s sake, not part of a diet and exercise plan –I have researched the top (no pun intended) ways to burn the most calories doing the nasty:

1) Use large muscle groups - Ladies, that means get on top and do your freaky froggy dance. You know, where you squat on your partner, using your thighs and glutes to move up and down. Engaging large muscle groups is a great way to burn calories, and The Frog requires balance to boot. Get in a few extra calories tonight with this supercharged version of woman-on-top!

2) Avoid missionary – You are not going to burn many calories there. Unless you are panting a lot and using your respiratory muscles, it’s equivalent to counting a meditation session as cardio. Moving on.

3) Expand your horizons - Researching the article (ahem) I read that there are forty basic sexual positions. Forty?! I am clearly missing out. Expand your repertoire, do the research, and find the one that gets you the sweatiest. That’s the money.

4) Try it standing up - Sure, you are posed against a wall, but you still have to engage your muscles, even if you are touching toes, or hands to shins. You aren’t in yoga class but you are burning power yoga-like calories. Namaste!

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