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Heart Attack Symptoms Are Different in Women — Here's What to Look For

Heart health is an important part of why we focus on eating healthy and exercising. Healthy lifestyles are the best way to prevent or slow ... Read More »

12 Tips for Getting Those 10,000 Steps a Day

Aiming for at least 10,000 steps a day is a solid health goal to work towards. Walking 10,000 steps is close to walking 5 miles and for the ... Read More »

Low-Calorie Ice Creams, Ranked

It's a nice summer night and you're looking for a tasty ice cream option that fits into to your healthy meal choices. However, a couple ... Read More »

Do Eggs and Butter Need to Be Refrigerated?

Butter and eggs are a common part of many peoples diets and people. However, many people will argue that they can safely be left out ... Read More »

The Best and Worst Things to Eat When You Have a Cold

When you can have a cold it can often feel really tempting to reach for your favorite comfort foods. Or if you are congested, you ... Read More »

7 Things That Can Affect Your Sense of Taste

Your taste buds are little bulbous nerve endings that are found throughout your mouth and your tongue. Your taste buds help you to taste the ... Read More »

6 Ways to Get Your Mac and Cheese Fix Without Ruining Your Diet

Mac and cheese is a classic favorite for both children and adults. However, whether from a homemade recipe or from a box, this can be ... Read More »

How Frequent Travel Affects Your Health

Do you always get sick when you travel? It may have an impact on your health! Read More »

Celebrate Guilt-Free With These Healthier Holiday Cocktail Recipes

It’s that time of the year where holiday parties are in full force. Holiday parties are full of delicious food and fun drinks. However, ... Read More »

5 Tricks That'll Keep Your Avocados Fresher Longer

Avocados are a highly popular nutrition packed food. Eaten in many cultures around the world, avocados can add protein, healthy fats, and essential nutrients to ... Read More »

Here's Everything You Need to Know About Alkaline Water

You may see that on your store shelves, there are foods and waters that are popping up with claims of alkalinity or that they will ... Read More »

Should You Be Drinking Wine That's Been Aged Underwater?

Wine aged underwater may be the next big trend, here is what to know about this method of making wine. What is underwater-aged wine? Over ... Read More »

Things You Can Make in a Rice Cooker Besides Rice

Here are some fun ways to use your rice cooker to cook things other than rice! Read More »

How to Eat Raw Pumpkin

Here are some fun ideas on ways to eat raw pumpkin. Read More »

The 10 Unhealthiest Halloween Candies

Halloween is a wonderful holiday that is often packed full of sweet treats. Read More »

Don't Throw It Out! How to Get the Most out of Your Overripe Fruit

Do you have a pantry of fruit going bad and are tired of wasting money? Try these 6 ideas for ways to make the most of ... Read More »

3 Delicious Ways Cauliflower Can Satisfy Your Carb Cravings

Cauliflower is a great substitute for many of your carbohydrate favorites Read More »

The 4 Most Affordable Superfoods

Here are some of the most affordable options with nutritious benefits! Read More »

Here's What You Need to Know About Overdosing on Protein

What are the consequences of consuming too much protein in the diet? This article will share much protein is needed by the body, what the ... Read More »

When Does Buying Organic Matter the Most?

Organically grown or organically produced foods are foods that are grown using non-synthetic pest controls, permaculture, beneficial insects, and natural soil replenishment. They are required ... Read More »

10 Ways to Keep Your Food Fresher for Longer

It is estimated that people in the US throw away almost 25% of all the food and beverages that they purchase. To avoid wasting your food, ... Read More »

Can Hot Sauce Be Good for You?

For many countries around the world, hot sauces or hot pepper sauces are an essential part of cooking but is this just for flavor or ... Read More »

5 Ways Microbiomes Improve Your Health

Microbiome generally refers to the bacteria that are found to be living in your gut. Within those bacterial cells are genes that can impact your ... Read More »

18 Signs You're Not Getting Enough Iron

Iron Deficiency can affect your body in so many ways. Read More »

Order This Not That When You Head to the Bar

Drinking is a fun and social part of many people’s lives but making healthy choices when you are out drinking can be a challenge! ... Read More »

5 Recipes for Delicious, Dairy-Free Smoothies

Peanut Butter Smoothie Makes 2 Servings 1 banana 1 cup soy milk or coconut milk or almond milk 1/3 cup fresh peanut butter, chunky or smooth 1 cup ice cubes 1 ... Read More »

Stay on Track Over the Weekend With These 3 Healthy Brunch Recipes

Try these healthy, fresh and quick breakfast meals for a brunch with yourself or friends. Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day ... Read More »

10 Things You Didn't Know About Caffeine

As long ago as 5,000 years ago, humans were consuming caffeinated beverages such as tea. Tea and coffee throughout history have been a highly valued and ... Read More »

4 Delicious Ways to Use Matcha

Matcha is concentrated green tea powder. Read More »