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What It Means to Be Bisexual and in a Straight Relationship

Bisexuality is one of the hardest sexual preferences for people to wrap their heads around. Read More »

What Happens With a Perenium Tear

If you didn’t know you had a perineum, chances are you haven’t torn one. Read More »

5 Sex Toy Horror Stories

What happens between the sheets stays between the sheets. Or does it? Read More »

Does ASMR Help Ease Anxiety?

In the past two years, interest in ASMR has moved from the shadows of YouTube to the mainstream. What is ASMR and can it help ... Read More »

What Does It Really Mean to Detox?

From juicing to 48-hour cleanses to colonics, detoxing is all the rage right now. But does it actually do what it’s supposed to do? Read More »

How Being Neurotic Can Boost Your Life Expectancy

The results of a study of nearly 500,000 adults proved that being neurotic isn't all bad: People with high levels of neuroticism who also described their ... Read More »

The Dark Side of Clean Eating

The Instagram-friendly movement is seeing a backlash as wellness bloggers and nutritionists come forward to talk about eating disorders and quack theories. Read More »

3 Pheromone Truths and 3 Myths

For decades, scientists have been trying to isolate a human pheromone. But while the possibility of tapping into unconscious chemical signals might be a popular ... Read More »

Why You Need to Exercise Early in Life

Exercise has health benefits at any age. But among people who exercise young, something called “bone memory” may help fight the negative effects of a ... Read More »

5 Waxing Horror Stories You'll Be so Glad Didn't Happen to You

Waxing may be painful, but these stories prove it can also be hilarious. Read More »

7 Pieces of the Worst Health Advice

We may know not to believe every piece of health advice we hear from celebrities or on the news. But these common health suggestions are ... Read More »

11 Things You Had No Idea Were Predicted by Your Genes

While the environment does play a role, your genes may actually be responsible for everything from your political beliefs to whether or not you like ... Read More »

7 Ways 3D Printing is Already Changing the Way We Deal with Health

Though printing a human might seem like something straight out of a science fiction movie, scientists believe it's not far off. 1. They can print embryonic ... Read More »

7 Hikes That Are Worth Traveling For

Planning your next vacation? These hikes will take you off the tourist track to some of the world's best-kept secrets. 1. Tour du Mont Blanc, Europe ... Read More »

White Noise Machines Might Be Doing More Harm to Your Sleep Than You Think

A white noise machine might help you get to sleep. But how well will you sleep? Read More »

13 of the Grossest Things People Have Found in Their Food

Worried about what's in your food? Most people are. But sometimes, it's not the ingredients you need to worry about but the items that slip ... Read More »

Want to Get Smart? Try Having More Sex

Sex has a whole host of brain benefits you might not have known about. Read More »

Can an Orgasm Leave You Paralyzed? What You Need to Know About Sex Headaches

Having an orgasm might leave you feeling wiped out — in a good way. But paralyzed? Read More »

This Is Your Brain on Video Games

The video game industry has been growing steadily since the first consoles gained popularity in the 1980s. Today, there are an estimated 1.2 billion gamers around ... Read More »

The Deadly Consequences of Not Following the New Tattoo Rules

Most of us don't think of new tattoos as open wounds. But they are, and until they heal, they can be an entry point into ... Read More »

How Climate Change Will Affect Your Health

Research has shown that climate change will have a serious impact on human physical and mental health. Read More »

Bottled Waters, Ranked

Ever wondered if there's an actual difference between the world's best bottled waters? To find out, you need to go straight to the source. 7. Evian ... Read More »

7 Unique Ways to Get a Full Body Workout

Sometimes, heading to the gym for a workout can feel like punishment. For the days when you just can't seem to drag yourself there, try ... Read More »

What You Need (but Probably Don't Want) to Know About Bugs Crawling Into Your Body

A video of a roach in a woman's skull recently went viral. Could it happen to you? The answer might surprise you. Read More »

What's the Deal With Tickling?

For some people, tickling hardly elicits a response. For others, it’s pure agony. What’s the deal? Read More »

The Ghost in Your Shell: A Brief History of Science's Search for the Soul

Most major religions point to the existence of the soul. But while religious groups have long since taken the concept of the soul on faith, ... Read More »

Can You Really Cure Hep C?

New drugs are being marketed as the "cure" for hepatitis C. So are they? Read More »