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5 Waxing Horror Stories You'll Be so Glad Didn't Happen to You

If you've ever waxed, you know that there's a lot of potential for things to go wrong.

There’s one obvious side effect of waxing: pain. But a lot of the time, humor comes in second-place as far as waxing side effects go. After all, what could be funnier than hair removal, especially when that hair is being removed from your private parts and armpits. Whether you go the DIY route or visit a spa, it’s pretty much a recipe for hilariousness. These five Reddit users prove that when it comes to hair removal, a bit of pain is the least of your worries.

1. I Didn’t Recognize You

Reddit user peppermnt says she gets a Brazilian wax every four or five weeks. While her regular esthetician was away, she dyed her hair a different color. The next time she came in, her esthetician didn’t ask her any of the usual questions, that is until peppermnt took her pants off and got on the table. “Oh,” said the esthetician. “It is you! I wasn’t sure because of your hair but I recognized your piercing!”

2. Fancy Seeing You Here

nulentrophybin claims that one of his wife’s male friends ended up dating his esthetician after they met during an appointment. Because there’s nothing more romantic than pulling back your cheeks for a perfect stranger.

3. Seeing Pink

Reddit user hooksforfeet recalls a time when she purchased wax strips that are supposed to use your body heat to warm up. She decided to test the strips on her legs. She did one, which hurt so much that she decided to stick all the strips on her legs at the same time so that she couldn’t chicken out. After three strips, she was in tears. Her legs swelled and turned hot pink. She couldn’t bring herself to pull the rest off, and ended up rubbing them long enough that she could slowly pull them off the wrong way.

4. Period Drama

irregularjoe150 had an esthetician friend who had an embarrassing experience during her practical exams. A woman came in, and she got ready for her wax. The esthetician put on the first strip, smoothing it down and pulling it off like she’d been trained to do. But as she tore off the strip, it flew out of her hand and stuck to the wall. There was a tampon hanging from the end of the strip. The esthetician said the woman could leave the room to take care of the situation. Though she finished the wax, she was certain she’d failed her exams.

5. Cheeky Situation

Reddit user bomba367 claims he was feeling bored when he remembered his wife’s waxing stuff and decided to take a stab at waxing his butthole. Though he’d never waxed before, he didn’t bother reading the instructions or checking the Internet for tips. He plugged in the machine and waited for it to heat up. Once it was ready, he took a stick and lathered up his derriere. That’s when he realized his wife was apparently out of wax strips. He got creative trying to find something to use as a substitute, and after trying a shirt, duct tape, and a bandage, he finally did the unthinkable and ripped all of the wax out by hand. He thinks it may be the worst experience of his entire life.

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