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Bottled Waters, Ranked

Are all bottled waters created equal? Not quite.

Ever wondered if there's an actual difference between the world's best bottled waters? To find out, you need to go straight to the source.

7. Evian

Evian mineral water comes from a source near Évian-des-Bains in France, a site which was discovered by a nobleman during the French Revolution and believed to have restorative powers. The underground source is fed by precipitation, including rain and melted snow that spends approximately 15 years being filtered through glacial sand — hence, the characteristically mineral taste.

6. Fiji Natural Artesian Water

Since it first appeared in the mid-1990s, Fiji has become a favorite among American celebrities. It's now the most popular imported bottled water in the U.S. Sourced from the Yaqara Valley of Viti Levu, one of Fiji's two main islands, this water's "exotic" factor might have something to do with its popularity. But the source, process, and product are also unique. The water has a distinctive mineral profile with a high concentration of silica, calcium, and magnesium, giving it a smooth taste without any lingering aftertaste. The process ensures that Fiji Water is protected from air and external factors until the cap is unscrewed.

5. Waiakea

Waiakea bottled water comes from a spring atop the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii, which is believed to be one of the purest sources in the world. Melted snow and rain is filtered through more than 14,000 feet of volcanic rock before it reaches the spring, where it's collected and bottled. This lengthy filtration process takes care of all the water's impurities, allowing it to pick up minerals such as calcium, silica, sodium, and potassium along the way.

4. Volvic Natural Spring Water

Bottled at its source in France, Volvic is available in 60 countries around the world. Discovered in 1927, the spring is fed by a basin found in France's Old Auvergne volcanic region, which has been dormant for the past ten centuries. Volvic refers to both a local type of volcanic rock and the name of the town.

3. Icelandic Glacial

In this case, the name says a lot of what need to know. Icelandic Glacial water is sourced from Olfus, an underground spring in Iceland which was formed after a volcanic eruption that took place a few millennia ago. The source is fed by rain and snowfall that's filtered through a lava field.

2. Mountain Valley Spring Water

Eisenhower, John Lennon, and Elvis Presley are among the many prominent figures to tout Mountain Valley Spring Water, which has been around since 1871. Bottled at its source in Arkansas between Cedar and Glazypeau Mountains, this water's mineral composition has long been believed to have curative powers. It takes around 3,500 years for precipitation to make its way to the aquifer. This water has a basic pH, which means it's a great neutralizer for acidic foods.

1. Hildon

When it comes to water, the crème de la crème is Hildon Natural Mineral Water. Sourced in the U.K., this mildly carbonated water has a neutral pH and less sodium than most other bottled waters. Located in Hampshire's Test Valley, the source remains protected from pollution. This water is so good that it's the preferred choice of sommeliers at the Institute of Masters of Wine. It's also served at royal events. Just sayin'.

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