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13 of the Grossest Things People Have Found in Their Food

Stray hairs are the least of your worries.

Social media has made it easier than ever to share the many nausea-inducing items that people have found in their food. This list includes both the repulsive things you might expect — it doesn't make them any less disgusting, unfortunately — and a few you might not anticipate.

1. Maggots

In 2015, a pre-teen from the U.K. found eight maggots in a packet of boil-in-the-bag rice she’d bought from Morrison’s, a supermarket chain.

2. A Cigarette Butt

Two Krispy Kreme customers were pretty shaken up when one of them bit into a cigarette butt in one of the company’s famous donuts.

3. A Black Widow Spider

A mother in Fremont, New Hampshire was washing organic grapes purchased at Market Basket when she noticed a very large black spider. She screamed and enlisted her husband to kill what turned out to be a black widow.

4. A Condom

If the news is any indication, condoms are one of the most common items to appear in food. This past year, a woman was enjoying a slice of IHOP French toast when she claims she bit into a condom and nearly choked.

5. Dead Mice

Mice have been known to appear in places they shouldn’t be, and the following are just a few examples of mice that met their end in someone’s food. In 2014, a Canadian man found a drowned mouse in a cup of McDonald’s coffee, while two years later, another Canadian also found a dead rodent in a cup from coffee chain Tim Horton’s.

Back in 2010, a British dad spotted a dead mouse baked into a loaf of Hovis bread.

6. A Cockroach

Air India took a hit when customer Rahul Raghuvanshi, a vegetarian, found the corpse of a cockroach in his meal.

7. A Human Tooth

In Osaka, Japan, McDonald’s was forced to look into the case of a woman who reportedly found a tooth in her fries. They later admitted that the tooth was indeed a human one, although it had not been cooked.

8. A Rat

A New York woman who went to a Popeye’s in Harlem for some fried chicken in 2016 was livid when she and her daughter discovered a rat’s head in their meal. The franchise contested the finding, saying that it was most likely an unusual-looking chicken organ.

9. A Dead Frog

A resident of Johannesburg was more than shocked to find a dead frog tucked into an Italian salad he purchased from Woolworths.

10. A Knife

Back in 2008, a Subway customer in the U.K. bit into a sweet chili chicken sandwich only to uncover a four-inch knife. He was offered a refund.

11. A Fake Nail

McDonald’s was once again under fire when a 6-year-old lifted her bun to find a fake nail nested atop her burger patty.

12. A Severed Finger

In 2005, a North Carolina man was eating a pint of chocolate ice cream from Kohl’s Frozen Custard when he realized he wasn’t sure what he was chewing on. When he spit the item out, he quickly realized it was a human finger. The finger belonged to an employee who had lost it in a workplace accident. Oddly enough, a similar incident had taken place the previous year at Kohl’s, though in that case the severed finger wasn’t served.

13. A Catheter

In one of the most recent cases to hit the news circuit, a family in Canada found a catheter in a tub of Coaticook ice cream. Though an inspection has so far proved that the catheter didn’t come from the factory, an inquiry into how the object ended up in a sealed tub of ice cream is ongoing.

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