7 Day Motivational Thread Beginning 4/23/12

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Just ate my first bowl of fat free ice cream. I have to say it was pretty good. It was store brand. I bought two flavors. Brownie swirl and carmel toffee. One scoop of each for about 250 calories. Yum! And it was on half off clearance! $2.00 per container. Yay!
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April, oh, that ice cream sounds yummy, and what a great price! So glad you got such a nice taste treat.

Closing down my kitchen while I'm still green.

Tuesday Report:

Calorie limit 1500 1219, 1319
Total carbs less fiber AVERAGE 25g 24.9g, 24.9 again (I squeeze out all I can.
Fiber AVERAGE 25g 39g, 42g
Saturated fat AVERAGE 12% of total calories 9%, 11%
Protein AVERAGE 100g per day 106gm 103g
Cutting my dietary cholesterol goal in half to a limit of 150mg 58mg, 103mg

Pre-plan and pre-log a satisfying, healthful evening snack almond butter on celery, plain tuna and low fat provolone cheese
Exercise 5 days YES, YES
Water 64 oz. per day YES, YES
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1. Drink min 80oz of WATER!! Y, Y, 100oz from this day forward, through sickness and in health!!
2. Wake up early before my monsters wake up! (seriously)!! N, Y
3. PM workout Mon/Wed/Fri(at least)!! N - Tues instead
4. Min 60 crunches/day! Y, Y
5. 5 Pushups (straight leg)/ 10 pushups (knees)! Y, Y
6. Calories below 1300/day! N, N
7. Don't crash and burn on the weekend! WEEKEND WARRIORS UNITE!!!

Hey Everybody! Lots of catching up to do!!...

April – it was SOOOO much fun! The kids were such good sports with the aprons and the chef hats! OMG I was soooo excited to read about your 80lbs lost!!! That is so amazing! SO AMAZING… I got a chuckle out of your stepping on and off the scale (I did the same thing!) And I totally love the sore feeling too!! How long have you been doing the Jillian workouts for?

Ama – I feel for you hun! It is so stressful leaving your children let alone leaving them with people who you don’t trust! That must have been so frustrating for you. Its amazing that you picked up on your DS stress!

Mea – welcome back! Your goals look great – YOU CAN DO IT!!!! ☺

Mike - …..fine…..*sigh* - keep working on the bench press – you’ll get there!

Mern – “Its not the numbers that are important, but how we feel” my thoughts EXACTLY!! Look at your green girl!!! YAY!!!

Hope – Awesome positive note!!! Not so awesome sad note…poor thing ☹ you’ll get through it!

Cassie – thank you! That’s my boy Braydon and his friend Lola! They get along so well! I’ll post a pic of Makenna too…she needs some hair! She is 16 mo and hardly has any!

Tori – I laughed so hard at your “I love the booze” comment LOL Great job staying focused and determined with all that is on your plate!

Jeanne – you are right… and thank you for calling me on it! I needed that…. I really really needed that. Great job on your goals so far! Stay positive!

Asaxygirl – that is quite the list of goals!! Good for you!! Check in often!

I think that’s everyone…. I was out-n-about today meeting with some new real-estate agents talking strategy! Working on those “home” goals SELL SELL SELL!! Its prime time and we want to get this show on the road!!
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Originally Posted by Mern View Post
Nobe, thanks for the info. My Kroger grocery store has the fake ground beef. Next time I go I'll get some. Gave me a giggle that your DH liked your vegetarian chili until he found out it was fake ground beef. Was he kidding about not liking it then or was he just teasing?

I made some fake chicken patties today out of mashed soybeans, a little egg substitute and flaxmeal. The seasoning was spot-on with chicken flavor, it was edible but I didn't care for the texture. I'm going to retry it with less egg and use textured veggie protein instead of flaxmeal. My textured veggie protein meatloaf is delicious and I wouldn't change a thing in that recipe, but I wouldn't want chicken patties with the texture of meatloaf, either.

Do you know if there is there vegetarian chicken substitute that would have a texture of like diced or shredded chicken that tastes like chicken? Or ready-made vegetarian chicken patties that don't have a texture of ground meat?
I don't know if you have Yves brand where you are, but they make a decent "chicken" burger. I know they have "chicken" strips too, but I haven't tried them. Their lunchmeat is pretty good too, but their veggie dogs are crap. I don't know why they can't make fake hot dogs with skin on them so they pop when you bite into them!
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Pouring rain all day today and I wasn't in the mood to go out and get soaked, so no walk. The weather got me feeling sluggish so no Richard Simmons either. Going to go do my weights in a few minutes, though.

1) 1,650 calories max/day (allow myself 1 guilt free day over 1,650) - 1585, 1553
2) do 2 out of 3 exercises on days I don't work (walking/weights/Richard Simmons) - 1:15 walking/weights, weights/nothing else
3) 20% protein minimum - 20%, 26%
4) 64oz water minimum - 48oz, 64oz
5) calorie deficit 700+ - 802, 626
6) take vitamins - yes, yes
7) lights out by 11 the night before (except Sunday night because apparently I'm hooked on Celebrity Apprentice) - no, yes
8) log all spending daily - yes, no
9) clean one room of the house each non-work day (changing this for this week to just keeping the house tidy - will start the one room each day thing Monday, since my house was just thoroughly cleaned)- yes, yes
10) get out at least one day to work in the garden - no, no
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Hi Everyone I hope life is treating you all well I have logged food today for the first time since I started my new job I am up 7lbs long hours and bad food choices late at night has caused chaos on my hips. I will try to get back in here and logging foods I sure miss all your support.
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Goals this week

Every day
1. Walk 1 hour - M: 2 hrs, T: 30 min
2. Calories under 1000 - M: 1144, T: 744
3. 150 oz water min - M:156, T:144
4. Meals at regular time - M:Y, T:Y
5. Bed by 11pm (M-W) - M:N, T:Y

Kind of a quiet day for me and yet busy busy. Not much to report on the day other than relieved to see the scale move and feel great with light meals today.

Boo - work those goals girl!

Hope - great job on the goals! Keep going!

mh - Don't look back. It's his loss, not yours and no fwb. It's just too hard emotionally. You can stay friends but draw the line there. It might be good to put some space between you two for a bit. And being the cat lady isn't so bad. I have 4 that make all the difference in the world to me - for one, they made me come home at a decent hour from work when I had my office outside my home.

kino & asaxygirl - welcome!

April - definitely ask your doctor about vitamins and what he recommends. I know that I really really need them due to life stresses, working long hours and being self employed. The vitamins I am switching back to are a food based multivitamin. Journaling is a great place to speak your mind with no fears of any kind - other than being honest to yourself.

Tori - Ouch that hurts when you blow through money and don't even realize it. I did that a few weeks back and ended up being pretty angry at myself for not being more careful.

Mike - If you're hurting physically it tough to focus on anything else. Rest your back, get a massage to work the kinks out and then re-focus.

Julie - posting and reading can be very motivational as well as holding yourself accountable to others. We all are going down the same roadway so it helps asking for help and directions as well as encourage each other along.

Mandy, Joanna and all you students - study hard and do well on finals!

Mern - GO GREEN!

I have to say that those of you who eat the fake burger, chicken and other vegitarian meat products - hats off to you! I don't think I could stomach it.

Busy day tomorrow - wrap up loose ends, unload and load the vehicle for my quilt retreat and go to bed at a decent hour.

Nite all
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Default Tuesday Result.

Daily Goals -
1. Loads of water. (2lts+) N, Y
2. At least 3 servings of fruit and veg. N, Y
3. Gym or classes daily. Y, Y

Other Goals -
1. 2 bread free days a week. 1/2
2. At least 1 long walk.
3. Record a weight loss on Friday!

Did a little better yesterday. Got enough water in, had 4 potions of fruit and veggies, and did both gym classes even though my heart wasn't in it.

I decided yesterday that unless I'm ill, carrying an injury or not available that I will NOT just skip classes willy-nilly. I would just regret it afterwards and feel so guilty.

I'm sorry that I'm not keeping on top of everyone's achievements. Struggling to find time to keep on top of mine at the moment! I'm reading everything though and it's great to see so much positivity, and I'm picking up tips along the way. So thank you for that. I think one of my goals for next week is to grow time!
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Can't believe you are on page 9 already, I can't keep up lol

Bright side to your situation....you didn't get called "a warm body until I left"[/QUOTE]

Tori What he meant was HOT body, the a*****e squaddie.

I have had my fair share of break-ups, my own and friends,and my advice is- cry, talk it out with your friends over and over if needs be, make a list of his bad points, cry some more, then get back out there and enjoy your life.
That old reason "it's not you, it's me" is partially true, there's nothing wrong with you, he just wants more freedom/ less responsibility/thinks he's missing out on something/ someone else has come on to him and now he thinks he's God's gift to women. If you've been together a long time it usually ends up with you having a rough time for a while then realising there's more to life than him and moving on, while he will probably wake up sometime down the line and regret his decision and want back into your life. I think you can be friends but not right now, give yourself time and space before you decide if that's what you want.
Sorry for the ramble.

Didn't get home from work until 01:00am so am up for work but still almost asleep. Will post my own bits later, maybe take my iPad to work and sneak a few minutes.
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In work and having a break. The reason I was so tee'd off on Monday was despite having a pretty good week foodwise and exercising on 5 days the scales showed a 2 and 1/2 lb increase. :-(
This morning they say 150.5 which is amazing if it's right. Will check again tomorrow and let you know, fingers crossed. Missed my 30 mins yesterday although I did spend over 2 hours wandering around the shops between meetings.
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