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Hi Darlene, good to see you on the thread!!!

Fingers crossed, Lizzie! You will rock it!!!
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For yesterday:
1.) Under 1400 cals/day: 1450
2.) Do evening basal test!: Tried, but was way too hungry
3.) Drink 64 oz water/day: 58
4.) Finish Astro 530 HW by Wed.: Erm...
5.) Finish Astro 530 paper by Fri.: Done
6.) Do Astro 585 HW by Thurs.
7.) Study for finals
8.) Test blood sugars before AND after meals: Y

So, yesterday wasn't terrible, considering it was my first day back in the saddle. I was set to do my basal test for my insulin pump tomorrow night, but that involves not eating between lunch and bedtime and I was way too hungry to last past about 6 PM, so... another time!

Have a good day, folks.
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Mandy - Good luck on your orals today! I'm sure you will ace them.

Boo - Let me know when you figure out how to create more time in the day

Lizzie - your scale must be in cahoots with mine. Same thing going on with me too

Hope - Congrats on 135! What a great early birthday present!

Back to work now. Lots to do today
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Has anyone else been having trouble getting on the site? I've mostly been getting "problem loading page" since last night.

Wednesday weigh in: 183 (-1). I'm down 20 pounds now from when I started!
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Jho, yeah, I tried to post for about 20 minutes straight before noon and it just did nothing--I didn't get any error message. Wow, kudos for your weight loss! 20 lbs. is fantastic! I love how as busy as you are with your wee ones, you take the time to read the posts and can put your thoughts in just a few words--so supportive and straight to the point. I tend to go on and on and on and on and on.... Great example of effective time management. I'm not kidding--I'm impressed.

Here's what I was unable to post earlier:

Joanna, nice job on your calories and finishing your Astro paper. We're rooting for you on your finals. Also, kudos on testing your blood sugar--so important. Maybe you can do that basal when you finish your exams.

Jho, you're gonna pee the bed drinking 100 oz. of water per day. Kodos on getting in that exercise Tuesday instead of Monday. Remember to give yourself credit for each little thing you accomplish. Thanks for your encouragement on my two days of green. I hope my willpower holds out the rest of the week.

Nobe, thanks for the info on the Yves faux chicken. I'll look for that brand. I agree with the hot dogs--I like the pop of the skin. You get a BIDIA award (But I Did It Anyway) for doing your weights when you felt sluggish. And that 626 calorie deficit, although you view it as a missed goal in red, is something to still be proud of. So I'll be proud of that FOR you.

Darlene, welome back! Do you like your job despite the long hours? Will it always be long hours? I'll bet that little regain will melt right off after you can get back on the wagon and start logging. Thanks for the blessings--right back at ya.

Jeanne, nice Tuesday report! Boy, that WAS a light eating day! Thanks for your enouragement. The only meat replacement I've bought from a store so far are the Boca Vegetarian Burgers and I love them. Would eat them even if I wasn't trying to cut back on meat consumption. My skillet meatloaf patties made with textured soy protein are really delicious--the taste and texture being exactly like my meatloaf made from ground beef. I've discovered if the base for faux meat is neutral (like textured soy protein that takes on the flavor of whatever herbs and spices are added) the flavor can be spot-on. But I am also big on the texture being right. Because I grew up in a poor family and learned to eat whatever was put in front of me, I'll finish my faux chicken patties that were spot-on with flavor but didn't have the right texture. I'll try the Yves brand that Nobe recommended. I'm just a beginner--I'm sure I'll find good meat substitutes if I try hard enough--if not, I can always make lots of meatless dishes like I made last night: sauteed zucchini, onion, and Boy Choy Chinese Cabbage, Dreamfields low net effective carb pasta that tastes exactly like full carb, with tomato and basil Alfredo sauce. I didn't miss the meat at all. Have fun on the quilt retreat!

Boo, spectacular Tuesday report. Major kudos on doing that exercise when you didn't want to! If you ever learn how to grow time, SELL that idea to the right party or agency and you could get rich! But since I'm your pal, you'd tell ME for free, right? LOL Don't feel bad about not keeping up with our posts. We all do have lives outside of the computer.

Lizzie, sorry the OTHERS here are so talkative that it's hard to keep up. ! It's hard for me to get a word in edgewise. LOL Just kidding, I'm one of the yackiest in the bunch, but I'm never offended if people don't have to read my posts. We all have other things to do outside of the cumputer. Sorry you didn't have much time for sleep. Wishing you an easy workday and a good sleep tonight. OMG, I see your goal is 150 by April 28--you can make it! I'll be cheering you across the finish line!

Hope, golly I agree about the friendship on FD. Most of us will never meet in person but this is a place where we can come and share and both give and receive support. I'm sure DD finally deciding on a college and sending in her acceptance and stuff is a big weight off your shoulders. Wow, congratulations on the 135! Fantastic! So what are your birthday celebration plans? I saw Pam was over on the other thread, but I barely have time to keep up with THIS one. I only knew when I caught once that she was the last poster on that forum. I'm really happy to hear about her success. You have a really nice report so far this week. Way to go!

Mandy, congrats on your workout and on your home/life goals accomplished. Way to go! Best wishes on your oral defense today! Let us know how it went. I'll bet you did great.

Mike, LOL on your advice on how to "get over" people. Kudos on your walk and vitamins yesterday.

Julie, congrats on your water and workout yesterday! I think all of us have some goals that are really hard for us--the trick is to be sure we are setting reasonable goals. I've revised some that were too strict for me because when I get too discouraged I tend to give up completely. You'll find the right balance in time. Big hug to ya. Trying to work out a schedule is a wonderful idea. What a supportive husband you have. Mine is, too, but he doesn't try to help--he just is patient about listening --well, OK, pretending to listen because he can't listen and breathe at the same time. LOL

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This week only on Friday I will not have any goals that will be red. If I would manage to accomplish something that would be great but I don't think I will be doing anything that day. I may work out in the morning before my procedure since I don't have to go for that appt until 8:30AM. I picked up my scripts last night. I am taking 550mg of naproxen (aleve) every 8 hrs until after the procedure and I have a Vicodin and a lorazepam to take 1 hr before the appt. They require me to have a driver to and from due to the medications. I will be awake but medicated for the procedure and everyone that I know of that has had it done was put under anesthesia. By the word of a girl in my office who had it done 5 yrs ago she didn't even have cramping afterward and was back to normal except no lifting the next day. I hope there isn't an exercise restriction past about 3 days.

Health / Fitness ...
1. 100oz water daily M: Yes, T: Yes,
2. Calorie deficit of 5000 M: -823, T: -1017, Deficit so far this week: -1840
3. Lose 3 lbs by Friday to achieve goal of 250 by 4/27 (15lb loss in 8 weeks) .... Taadah! This morning's scale reading was 249.8!!!
4. Less than 45% carbs M: 39%, T: 54%,
5. Banish Fat Boost Metabolism 2 times this week minimum M: No, T: just over half of it, W: The full DVD! Whew!,
6. Weigh and post daily (Last Monday's weight: 256.6lbs) M: 253.0lbs, T: 251.2lbs, W: 249.8lbs, Weight change so far this week: -3.2lbs

Life Goals
1. No more than 1 day behind on paperwork at work M: only one day left, T: Caught up, W: All caught up again,
2. Clean fish bowl in office M: No, T: No, W: DONE!
3. Keep house cleaned up nightly from roofers (skylights drop stuff inside the house while replacing) Should be a W-F goal weather permitting
4. Do some form of housework to keep caught up in case I can't do housework this weekend. M: Nothing needs done - whole house cleaned on Sunday, T: Tidied up here and there,

Hurrying to post this before the site goes back down. I am down another 1.4lbs today. I am really feeling 'in the zone' this past week or so. It is hard to explain but I am having an easier time controlling my portions, doing the exercise that I need to do and passing on little extras that before I wouldn't have thought twice about. It feels awesome! I just have this feeling that while my body is cooperating and dropping weight like it is, I want to do everything that I can to help it along. I do try not to be obsessive though because I can become addicted to things.

I wore one of my cute new skirts to work today. It feels kind of short but when I pass my own reflection I can see that my legs look nice in it. Now if only they were tan too instead of white! LOL I am light complected and take forever to develop a color other than pink. I can turn pink but it goes back to white before long except for my forearms and chest.

The guys are at my house working on the roof today. I am anxious to get home and see the progress. Maybe once they are done and I take a few after pics I will post for you guys to see. I think our house is pretty unique with it's roof style. We are also having the fascia covered in aluminum while they are up there.

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April, kudos on your weight loss and reaching your goal ahead of time! Wow, you really worked hard--it didn't just melt off all by itself. Wonderful Tuesday report, too! I love your attitude about working hard while your body is cooperating.
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There now that I got my own report posted I can post to the rest of you guys!

Mern ... the fat free ice cream was much better than expected. Slightly crystalized like ice milk but I can deal with that. The boys both liked it and my hubby didn't say that he didn't like it.

Jho ... Me & Jillian have been hanging out in the mornings for a while now. I did the 30 Day Shred video in about 2 months and am now on my second day of Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. I plan to do it 30-45 times but it will be more like 2-1/2 months because I don't do it every single day. ... Good luck with your house! I hope the new realtor had some good tips for you.

Nobe ... A walk in pouring rain? Nope! Me either. LOL

Dar ... I have missed you too! I had to LOL at your 'chaos on my hips' comment!

Jeanne ... A quilt retreat sounds so fun & relaxing.

Boo ... Nice green day yesterday

Lizzie ... I get like that too when I do everything right and don't lose weight because then it seems the next week I eat things that I shouldn't and lose weight. I like to think that sometimes my weight loss is just a week delayed.

Freshman ... I'd say good luck on your defense but luck has really nothing to do with it. You put in the hard work and I know you will get good results.

Hope ... 135!!! What a nice bday gift!! What do you have planned for tomorrow? ... How great that your DD decided on her college!

Julie ... Doesn't it just mean the world when you have a supportive hubby? I just love mine! He can be my enabler too though but his encouragement is enough to keep me going most times.

Joanna ... That is a long time to go without eating for a diabetic.
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Mern. Thank you I'm hoping I make that goal this time. The last few have not been made but maybe this time....

Hope. You are doing so well, 135 what a number, and for your birthday too. Have a wonderful day and enjoy whatever you have planned.

April. Another great big loser, in the nicest possible way. Stay in that zone kiddo.

Jeanne Hope our scales stay in cahoots and keep going down.
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Originally Posted by Mern View Post
April, kudos on your weight loss and reaching your goal ahead of time! Wow, you really worked hard--it didn't just melt off all by itself. Wonderful Tuesday report, too! I love your attitude about working hard while your body is cooperating.
Woohoo! A dancing nanner for me!!!

Darn right I am working it while it's working! This morning me & Jillian huffed and puffed it out for 54 mins and then I took my 36 min 2 mile walk on lunch to boot. I am doing what I can while I can. I am so encouraged by results and right now I am getting them so I'm going to keep pushing.
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