7 Day Motivational Thread Beginning 4/23/12

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Default 7 Day Motivational Thread Beginning 4/23/12

Morning, Everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend, and if not, it's time to put it behind us and get going on a brand new week !
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Not changing goals too much...if it ain't broke, and all that .

1. Stay under 1300 calories.
2. Follow pie chart rules.
3. 3 sports bottles water daily.
4. Follow pie chart rules.
5. Eat clean; no white sugar/flour.
6. Exercise 6 days.
7. Sleep 7 hours per night.
8. Log everything and post daily.

It's going to be a heck of a week work and home-wise, and I have a running list of things to do so don't need to post those goals here. I just need to remember to put taking care of myself on the priority list by keeping to the above. Being hella busy is not an excuse to slack off; it's just not. Somebody call me out if I start disappearing!

Have a great week, all!
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Morning! I am new to the boards and this looked like a great thread I am 31, current weight 335, starting was 358 on Feb 26. This is week 9 for me and I am down 23 pounds..Yay! So far I have been setting goals of ten pound incrememnts but having specific weekly goals/challenges sounds great! So here is what I am challenging myself with this week:

1. drink over 100 oz water every day
2. walk 30 minutes each day
3.Plan food for day the night before
4.journal every day

These 4 are things I would like to do but have really been struggling with following through with! So, lets have a great week!

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I'm in. I'll post goals later. I kicked 2%'s butt last week. 4.2 lbs for a total percentage of 2.18. Mike--how'd you end up buddy?

Catch up with y'all later.
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Goals for this week...

Health / Fitness ...
1. 100oz water daily
2. Calorie deficit of 5000
3. Lose 3 lbs by Friday to achieve goal of 250 by 4/27 (15lb loss in 8 weeks)
4. Less than 45% carbs
5. Banish Fat Boost Metabolism 2 times this week minimum
6. Weigh and post daily (Last Monday's weight: 256.6lbs) M: 253.0lbs, Weight change so far this week:

Life Goals
1. No more than 1 day behind on paperwork at work
2. Clean fish bowl in office
3. Keep house cleaned up nightly from roofers (skylights drop stuff inside the house while replacing) Should be a W-F goal weather permitting
4. Do some form of housework to keep caught up in case I can't do housework this weekend.

I am going kind of light on the life goals this week. I am supposed to have a procedure (ablation) done on Friday and the after affects of it vary widely so I am trying to have my weekend open for resting & relaxing. The roofers were supposed to start this morning but SURPRISE! It's snowing in the end of April. We dont' have accumulation yet where we are but just up the mountain they have 8-10 inches already and it won't be over until tomorrow morning. We are to get 2-4 where I live. I'll believe it when I see it, but they do have it up the mountain.

I got invited to a surprise lunch today. It is a sub, salad, pizza place so I should be able to make a good choice. As long as the owner is going to be there we will go. If not, we will reschedule.

I hope to stay more in touch with all of you this week. It seems that I can't keep up with the posting the past few weeks. I miss knowing what is going on with all of you. It's the nosey in me!
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Tori ... I knew you could do it!

Mike ... I don't think you will be seeing the red you saw in my report last week.

Julie ... Welcome! You are starting out about where I was last year. My first 8 weeks brought me down 27lbs. You are doing awesome! I look forward to getting to know more about you!
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I am soooooo in!!

1) 6 glasses of water minimum
2) 1650 calories maximum except on Thursday, my birthday
3) stretch daily
4) gym 3x this week
5) avoid sugar (except maybe Thursday)
6) avoid tomatoes
7) do not overdo dairy
8) write one hour at least 5 days this week
9) meditate
10) do not worry
11) be positive

Cassie, do not worry. If you are not here, I will come get ya!! Or I wills end Mike. Where is Mike?
Julie, welcome! You're doing great!!! And you've come to the right place for motivation!! These people rock!!!
April, I do not know what an ablation is (I will Google it) but I am wishing you the best!!!
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Hey everyone! Sorry for my absence- had my ass handed to me by life stuff.
Though I trust that Mike filled you all in on the super awesome time that he had with me in NOLA?!

1. 3L:
2. Vitamins:
3. 10 miles:
4. Take steps to not get overwhelmed:

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It's Monday and a new week. Yesterday I spent some time outside in my flower beds weeding, etc. Now that the trees are starting to leaf out I feel like it is finally spring. Slept with the windows open last night and loved it. Hopefully the cold is behind us until fall.

Busy first part of the week for me and then Thursday I am off to a 4 day quilt retreat. Yeah! Lots of me time and power sewing. Breakfast and lunch should be easy to stay on plan, dinner a bit tougher and I will have to pass up some great desserts.

Goals for the week

Every day
1. Walk 1 hour
2. Calories under 1000
3. 150 oz water min
4. Meals at regular time
5. Bed by 11pm (M-W)

Skipping life goals since I must focus on a short work week and accomplishing a ton of stuff before I leave. I guess a life goal could be to enjoy my weekend without thinking about my business.

Sorry I fell off posting towards the end of the week, it just seemed to get worse each day workwise and that was that.

Congrats Tori on blowing away your loss goal!

Welcome Julie!

Snow in April - we know all about that in Montana! There isn't a month that I have not seen snow here.

Cassie - I'm with you on goals this week.

Have a great Monday everyone!
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LADIES! I just blasted through last week's forum in less than an hour! Where has everyone gone?! Why is everyone less chatty?


Tori: If you'd ever like to come up with acronyms together, I recently joined that "Single Ladies Club" again too.

Mike: WHY DID YOU NOT WARN ME THAT ALCOHOL IS A THING OF THE DEVIL?! I am Never Drinking Again! I partied for 2 hours... and then was sick the remaining 22 hours of my birthday. Honestly I only coherently remember 30 minutes, which is OBSCENE! I was almost arrested! How do people do this to themselves and call it fun?!
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