7 Day Motivational Thread Beginning 4/23/12

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Every day
1. Walk 1 hour - M: 2 hrs
2. Calories under 1000 - M: 1144
3. 150 oz water min - M:156
4. Meals at regular time - M:Y
5. Bed by 11pm (M-W) - M:N

I went for an awesome 2 hour hike today after a late afternoon customer appt. I figured if I was already in the mountains, then I would just take off for one of my favorite hiking spots. Needless to say, it does wonders for the soul to be out in nature and just hear the sounds of birds, wind, water, etc.

Last week I ended up gaining 2 pounds I am in my 3rd week of some new multivitamins and I think they may be a part of my problem - I could hardly stay awake thru the day - horrible drowsy times all week long as well as being ultra stressed otherwise. So I ordered a new bottle of my old multivitamins. They should arrive probably Monday next week.

Missed my calories a bit and I have to hold myself accountable for it. I stopped for a salad on my way home and asked for the dressing to be on the side and it arrived on the salad. Citris olive oil and that pushed me over the edge. I just did not feel like waiting for another salad. But frustrating that I did not get what I ordered.

April - sending good thoughts for your Friday appt this week. And also I know that you can meet your goal this week - Go April!!!!

Mike - Hate road rage! Be careful and I am glad that you reported him.

Jho - cute kiddos! Glad your party went well...but...I'm calling you on the finishing the leftovers as an excuse for going over on calories. Not a good excuse.

Hope - bummer on the root canal but you know once it is taken care of life will be so much better

Hope, Tori, Lizzie - Today is done. Tomorrow is another day and there is so much to look forward to.

Julie - realistic goals make all the difference in the world to acheiving them. False expectations can be so discouraging.

Cassie - I feel your pain with headaches. Fight them all the time and unfortunately I don't have a good solution other than to try to keep life fairly stress free.

It's late and I still have work to do. Aiming for midnite tonite!
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Default Monday results.

Daily Goals -
1. Loads of water. (2lts+) N
2. At least 3 servings of fruit and veg. N
3. Gym or classes daily. Y

Other Goals -
1. 2 bread free days a week. 1/2
2. At least 1 long walk.
3. Record a weight loss on Friday!

Not a great start to the week! Went around a friends house for a number of hours, drunk too much coffee and ended up having my lunch from the fish and chip shop. Then completely ditched when I skipped dinner and ended up with a big yogurt and a litre of vanilla milkshake. On the up side I did avoid bread all day, even if my fats were probably horrendous!
Working this morning so I'll be pushed again to reach my water intake but I have two gym classes back-to-back tonight (Spin and BodyPump), so I hope to catch up and try my hardest.
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1) 6 glasses of water minimum- 7
2) 1650 calories maximum except on Thursday, my birthday- 1633
3) stretch daily- Yes
4) gym 3x this week--Yes
5) avoid sugar (except maybe Thursday)-Yes
6) avoid tomatoes -Yes
7) do not overdo dairy -Yes
8) write one hour at least 5 days this week- Yes
9) meditate -No
10) do not worry_NO
11) be positive- NO
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Originally Posted by ToriD1012 View Post

Originally Posted by wildbeanerz
affects other types of performance too
hahahahahahaha, if I were a mean person I'd tell a story about this and CN...but I won't
You could always PM that to those of us who would get a good laugh! LOL
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Originally Posted by mhibdon View Post
Do you guys have any advance on getting over people?
Try to look at it as a learning experience. For every crappy experience you go through, you will learn something about yourself, about others, and about how the world works. It gives you a great perspective and a great comparison for when someone who appreciates you comes along. Just tell yourself you are responsible for your own happiness...no one else. Use the time to focus on yourself (sounds cliche, but it's true) and you'll get over it sooner rather than later. I think journaling is helpful, too...just write down all the reasons you're better off, and be as angry as you want.
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Mh ... Sorry I don't really have any love advice for you. The one thing I can tell you is that you can't change you to suit someone else. If they can't accept you and love you for who you are then it isn't the right time to be with them. And please don't do the FWB thing. It's their way of keeping you attached to them without being committed.

Mern ... Look at your all green report!

Tori ... Don't kill anyone! If you have to, lock yourself in the bathroom for 5 minutes and breath. ... I love that acronym! It suits the situation very well.

HKG ... What are you trying to teach the kitty this week? I'm still working on my boxer not being such a spaz when people come over. She has learned that the sooner she puts all her feet on the floor or sits the more attention and love she gets. But getting people that just came in the house to not touch or look at her until she is behaving is as hard as getting her to behave. LOL ... Maybe I should try training the guests instead of the dog

Kino ... Welcome to the chatty corner! That is quite a list of goals. I have to assume that you aren't new to this game. I look forward to getting to know more about you.

Jeanne ... Your 2 hr hike sounds like heaven! ... I have been thinking about multivitamins lately too. Currently I don't take any medications, pills, supplements, vitamins, etc. But I am very tired in the evenings. Could just be that I only sleep about 6 hrs when my body really likes 8 hrs. I have been wondering if I should add a vitamin to my daily plan. I may have to actually have a dr appt to decide what I need with bloodwork though.

Boo ... It's hard to plan what you are going to eat when you are at someone else's house.

Hope ... Yesterday's report is awesome! ... I have a feeling that your meditate, worry & positivity goals will go along with each other. I hope you find time to meditate to help alleviate your worry and you will be able to be more positive then!

This morning I stepped on the scale and was all like WTF?!?!?! It said 251.2lbs. Do you know what that number is? It is exactly 80 lbs lost in the past 14 months plus 3 days! I really truly hope that it is mine and I can claim it. I have been doing really well health wise lately and this may be a drop that is left over from my hard working weekend. I stepped on and off the scale like 7 times and it said this number twice and it was the highest that I could make the scale say.

I started a new workout DVD today too. It is Jillian's Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. It is about 50 mins long I think. Due to time constraints today I got through about 34 mins then had to skip to the cool down so I could get ready for work. So I logged 37 mins of exercise this morning. I felt like I could keep going though so tomorrow morning when I have more time I should be able to knock out the whole workout. I am looking forward to that sore feeling that a new workout provides. I have a little edge of it in my lower back right now depending on how I move around.

I have noticed that the more that I do the journaling about what workout I am doing and how I feel the more that I am writing in there. Some life stuff is creeping into my journals now too. I never was one to write about myself to myself but I feel so calm after my workout that if I do it then, it just pours out.
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uugghh just had to go back and change my numbers from yesterday. I was reviewing my log from yesterday and realized I didn't log all of lunch. It didn't put me over by much, but still in the red. I'm up exactly one pound today, and I attribute that to the salt laden Mexican food that was lunch. Oh well.

I was also going through my wallet this morning (I haven't been terribly busy yet at work) and I'm missing like 100 bucks. I'm flabbergasted. I don't remember spending it, but then again I don't remember a whole lot from the past couple of weeks, I very well may have spent it. Just frustrating to say the least
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Health / Fitness ...
1. 100oz water daily M: Yes,
2. Calorie deficit of 5000 M: -823, Deficit so far this week: -823
3. Lose 3 lbs by Friday to achieve goal of 250 by 4/27 (15lb loss in 8 weeks)
4. Less than 45% carbs M: 39%,
5. Banish Fat Boost Metabolism 2 times this week minimum
6. Weigh and post daily (Last Monday's weight: 256.6lbs) M: 253.0lbs, T: 251.2lbs, Weight change so far this week: -1.8lbs

Life Goals
1. No more than 1 day behind on paperwork at work M: only one day left,
2. Clean fish bowl in office M: No,
3. Keep house cleaned up nightly from roofers (skylights drop stuff inside the house while replacing) Should be a W-F goal weather permitting
4. Do some form of housework to keep caught up in case I can't do housework this weekend. M: Nothing needs done - whole house cleaned on Sunday,

My unexpected lunch that ended up cancelled turned out for the best anyway. I had my wonderful soup and my hubby texted and asked if since I wasn't going to lunch would I like to see him. So he came and got me and took me to run a few errands. It is so nice & different when you get to see your hubby during your workday. He is such a sweetie! So full of praise and compliments for me lately too.

Wow so many of you with traffic problems lately. You better all be careful when you are out and about!

....had to come back and put my weight for Tuesday in. I didn't think about not knowing my weight when I did my report last night.
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April, Thanks for the encouragement!Its motivating to hear you were in the same spot a year ago and you are doing so well, and your positive attitude is so refreshing!

Hope, You are absolutely right, this has got to be one of the most positive places I have seen in a long time!

Mern, Thanks for the congrats! I am super proud of my weight loss and more than that the fact that I have stuck with it. i usually will start a "diet" and get stressed or frustrated and say screw it and give up and regain whatever few pounds I dropped so this being week 9 for me is an awesome feeling and I am feeling so much better too which is a huge perk!

Thank you to everyone else who welcomed me and commenetd on my goals, yall really make a person feel welcome

I think to my goals I need to add making sure I make myself take the time to get on here and post more than once a day, The motivation is amazing! This weeek and next I am getting ready for finals and then I have a month off before summer classes so I am just trying to get through the next few weeks

1. drink over 100 oz water every day-M:Y
2. walk 30 minutes each day-M:Not quite, only about 20 around campus
3.Plan food for day the night before-M:Y
4.journal every day-M:N


FitDay Start- Feb 26, 2012
FitDay start weight- 358
4/24/12-334 (24 lbs!)
Long term goal- between 150/160 lbs
Short term goal- Get below 330 during April
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Mh All i can say is that if you ever do become a crazy cat lady (which i sincerely doubt) its not all that bad.

wildbeanerz Nothing very impressive this week training-wise. Im working on getting my kitten to stop chewing wires and cords. She's already bitten through my internet cable and my ipod headphones. Similar thing happened to me a while ago; my kitten learned that if she squirmed enough she would get put down by the guests when i was trying to teach her not to squirm. Just keep working at it.
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