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1) Under 1200 calories Y
2) 64 oz of water per day (in addition to water consumed during my workout) N
3) Workout EVERY morning Y

1) Study Y
2) Study Y
3) Ace my biology oral defense Working on it,
4) Finish ALL math homework N

mhibdon- I'm with Tori. It sucks and it's not easy but I think moving on is really the only thing you can do. And friends with benefits is sticky on its own without deeper feelings thrown into the mix.

mern- I swear, you are always in the green! I hope I can catch up! Good job!

asaxygirl- Welcome! Good luck with your goals! Carpet shampooing is usually a workout for me. haha

Tori- I might be with you on the not-killing-anyone goal. Finals, work, preparing to have my license suspended for speeding (long story). I hope you're doing well! Don't go all Christian Bale (American Psycho) on somebody- even if it was pretty hot.
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So, hey, guys! I know I haven't been around much for the past 2 months - I kinda decided to put this aspect of my life on hold while I was figuring out my insulin pump. I've now been using it for about 6 weeks. Things have been up and down, but I think I need to get back on track in terms of really paying attention to what I eat and logging it, because that will help me get my blood sugars under better control. Also, the semester from hell is almost over (and I'm still alive, shockingly) so it's a good time to refocus. I haven't gained any weight since I stopped logging... well, I don't think so, maybe a pound or two. So, basically, I'm just here, picking up where I left off, trying to get to my goal by the end of summer.

1.) Under 1400 cals/day
2.) Do evening basal test!
3.) Drink 64 oz water/day
4.) Finish Astro 530 HW by Wed.
5.) Finish Astro 530 paper by Fri.
6.) Do Astro 585 HW by Thurs.
7.) Study for finals
8.) Test blood sugars before AND after meals
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Health and Fitness
1) 2% challenge! (drop 2% of my body weight by Friday, -3.65 pounds)
2) work out 3 times yes
FAIL 3) bench press 280 pounds nope
4) walk 10 miles 0
5) 4 serving of fruit and veggies no
6) all my daily vitamis, etc no

7) write 3 auto policies (or $5k in premium) 0

My back is bothering me today. Tori, it's not from weighted pullups and dips. It's my upper to middle back. I looked down yesterday and felt the pull. I think it's delayed pain from the cook off. I was really expecting to be sore on Sunday, like everyone else was.

I failed again on bench press and totally forgot about my other goals.
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Default Scales

I felt like last week was a total bust after gaining two pounds. No change yesterday but this morning...well my cat stepped on the scale before me and then I weighed in at 7.4 pounds lighter than yesterday. I even went back and weighed myself an hour later and still same new lower number!!!!

Now it makes me wonder about my digital scale. I think I will go weigh somewhere else just to make sure - and tomorrow will be the real measurement if I am the same or not. But I'm feeling really positive this morning and at this point met my weekly goal and .6 from my April 30 mini goal
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Joanna ... It's great to see you back! I'm glad to hear that while you were gone you were able to maintain. ... What did you think of that snow storm yesterday? Did you guys get hit? Where I live it was in the air but didn't stick. Just 15-20 mins up the mountain though there was 7-8 inches!
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Hope, glad you found the book on tape, but so sorry you'll need the root canal. I think you made a wise decision putting it off until you were certain it was not fibro pain. Yeah, I remember about the endo--I have an extra-wide spatula with which I can be prepared to scrape you up off the pavement if endo runs you over. And I'll bring a bottle of Advil. Kudos on all green for food and fitness Monday!

Julie, you have every right to be proud of your weight loss! I wanna be like YOU when I grow up! I find posting here very motivating, too--it's just so hard to keep up with this group because we're all so yacky. Sometimes, like today, I am so busy that I have time only to skim our thread and briefly reply. We are not expected to read and reply to everyone daily--we each just do what fits best into our lifestyle.

Tori, feel better soon. I like your life goal of not killing anyone this week. LOL You've got nice stuff in your Monday report. Give yourself credit for each little thing you accomplish. So sorry 'bout your wallet. I thought someone had stolen money from me once and after a lot of thinking I realized I had spent it on cash purchases for several small things that just added up.

HKG, it's so aggravating to lose long posts like that. Kudos on your all green Monday for food and fitness goals.

Nobe, great Monday report!

Mike, feel better soon!

Mandy,congrats on a great start to your week. I'm not always green--glad you miss all the red I have to post at times. LOL But I'll take your encouragement and try earn more green to post. You're such a sweetheart!

Joanna, there you are! Good to see you. My live-in GD's BF has an insulin pump and he has found it he has to be really faithful about entering his foods as completely and accurately as possible. He's had his for a couple years and is really happy with it. You'll get the hang of it... Aw, so glad your "semester from hell" is almost over. Major kudos on your weight control while not logging! That's really admirable! Best wishes on your goals this week.

April, kudos on your continued loss and spectacular job on your health and fitness goals Monday. Aw, your DH is so sweet... Thanks for your encouragement on my green Monday.

Cassie, quite admirable start shown in your Monday report. Way to go!

MH, best wishes on your goals. Wishing you peace and happiness.

asaxygirl, nice goals!

Boo, kudos on your exercise yesterday.

Jeanne, you had a spectacular Monday report. I find it so hard to determine why I'm regaining when I'm being true to my goals. I hope your problem was as simple as the change in multivitamins. Aw, sorry 'bout your salad error--sounds yummy, though. I'm so glad you're feeling more positive about your weight loss. My digital scale is so fickle. I weigh myself three times in a row and get three different numbers. I take the highest of the three numbers to err on the side of conservatism and record that as my official weight for FitDay. My doctor is only a mile and a half up the road from me and I usually have a wait time of less than ten minutes before getting called and going directly to the scale. I weigh myself in the buff right before I leave the house. I LOVE that her scale consistently weighs me four pounds LESS than my home scale, especially since I'm weighed there fully clothed except for my shoes.

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Mern i just wanted to say i think you are so thoughtful to all the members and think youre great to be able to reply to everyone! I bet you make a great friend x
Of course this applies to everybody on here- im aware mern isnt the only one- youre all great- dont mind me i feel in that kind of sentimental mood today.
I just dont have the memory to reply to all the comments but i do think more lovely things than i type.
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Tracey, what a sweet thing to say! I don't remember all the things the others post, either. (Lucky to remember my own NAME some days. ) I compose my replies as I read them on my WordPad program and then copy and paste them into the reply box. It's a little easier for me to reply to our members than for most because I am semi-retired. I just take transport my grandchildren to and from school and supervise them in my home before and after school. I don't know how the other ladies and Mike do it--maybe they read faster than I do. LOL So lovely that you're in a sentimental, good mood today--and so kind of you to spread it around.

Well, I'm off to start dinner.
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Mern, I made the veggie chili with fake ground beef last night and it was really good! Hubby didn't even know it wasn't beef until I told him (and then of course he decided he didn't like it anymore, haha).
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Nobe, thanks for the info. My Kroger grocery store has the fake ground beef. Next time I go I'll get some. Gave me a giggle that your DH liked your vegetarian chili until he found out it was fake ground beef. Was he kidding about not liking it then or was he just teasing?

I made some fake chicken patties today out of mashed soybeans, a little egg substitute and flaxmeal. The seasoning was spot-on with chicken flavor, it was edible but I didn't care for the texture. I'm going to retry it with less egg and use textured veggie protein instead of flaxmeal. My textured veggie protein meatloaf is delicious and I wouldn't change a thing in that recipe, but I wouldn't want chicken patties with the texture of meatloaf, either.

Do you know if there is there vegetarian chicken substitute that would have a texture of like diced or shredded chicken that tastes like chicken? Or ready-made vegetarian chicken patties that don't have a texture of ground meat?
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