7 Day Motivational Thread 12/26-1/1

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Mern, Have you bought any NM PB lately? I got a jar last week and it has a really strong, almost fishy taste. I guess it may be the flax seed oil, I don't know but it's pretty bad. Have you had any issues?
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Main I ate to much again today just because the food was their so I get that thinking. I started rough today a little hung over from all the carbs and wine and then I fell into that oh well just eat it tomorrow you will diet thinking which is so unhealthy for me I hope tomorrow will be better for me also. Enjoy your family time.

Mike Nice job you are my hero today I havenít done anything other than clean house and eat crap again.

Goodnight everyone.

Walk 15k: 0, 0
Exercise 4 days: 0, 0
Squats 4 days: 0, 0
Ab work 4 days: 0, 0
Calories less than 1400 T-S: M=2104, T= 1589
Calorie deficit of 3000 for week: M= -60, T= -431
Cleanse\Eat raw 2 days:
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I'm in, albeit late! Had a wonderful Christmas and ate WAY too much. I'd say I'm probably up 5-7 lbs. by the way my clothes fit, but won't be getting on the scale until next week.

It's tough when you're the one preparing all of the menus for 4 straight days, because you make everything that sounds good to you. (Plus have all of the left-overs!) We had the double whammy of having birthdays mixed in, as well.

Husband will be returning to work tomorrow, which will help me greatly get back on track. It seems when one flies off track, the other gladly follows. I probably won't be posting any goals this week, other than to cut way back on my portions and slowly resume healthy habits. My fridge is full of left-overs, and I'm not the type that can waste anything, so I'll just cut my portions way back. Luckily, the sweets are pretty much gone (or given away) which is my weakness.

This is the first time I've had my laptop on since the 24th so I have LOTS of catching up to do! Catching up on my emails is going to take some time!

Catch you all tomorrow!
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Default Reporting In . . .

I'll comment later.

FIT 3-wk Challenge: FUN*FIBER*FEET
WEEK [Mon-Sun] #1 #2 #3 ~~~12/26, 27~~~

(1) Focus ~ FUN - 1 non-food treat daily *Y, Y*

(2) Intake ~ FIBER 20 gm daily *Y, Y*

(3) Train ~ FEET - Pedometer wkly - 20 mi (6 mi Aerobic)*Total=7.02 mi (1.22 mi Aerobic)*
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Wow....what a wonderful and active group! Thank you all so much for the welcome.

My goals for this first week:

1. Journal foods, no more than 1600 cal/day.
2. Exercise or activity every day.
3. Mindful eating: no eating at computer or TV.

So far...............so good! I feel so much better having made the decision to take care of myself in this way.

I am looking forward to getting to know you folks and be able to offer support as well as receive. Thank you!

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Wednesday Morning Check In

1. Eat Clean: Last cheat day, 1/2 ABC Panini , I HAVE A PLAN AND I’M GOING TO EAT IT
2. 3 L: 2, Yes
3. Take Vitamin: Yes, No, Yes
4. Move: Yes, Yes, Gonna go as soon as the ice melts from the windows…

Rough start to the morning: 5AM wake up to meet jogging partner… he was a no show & the neighborhoods aren’t safe to jog alone. So I’m waiting for the sun to make everything magically better. Then I WILL get my run and I will enjoy it, damnit.

Mike: So, how’d those front squats go?

Darlene: Thanks for the support! You can do it, boo! At the very least, chug some water! You’ll get extra exercise from having to walk to & from the loo all the time! :P

Quinn: Welcome back! I’ve resigned myself to either giving away the sweets, or slowly throwing them out bit by bit when no one is paying attention.

Main80: Thanks for the link!!

Susie: Welcome! We’re quite a chatty bunch! The ladies & Mike have given me many a kick in the pants and shoulder to cry on (when appropriate :P)
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Tuesday Report:

Calorie limit 1600 1528, ALMOST green at 1645
Carbs less fiber limit 25g per day 26.2g, calling it green at 25.2g
Fiber 25g per day 39g 17g
Dietary cholesterol average 300mg per day 206mg, 352mg
Veggies 5 servings per day YES YES
Saturated fat average 12% of total calories per day 14, 8%

Water 48 ounces per day YES YES
Vitamin D, fish oil, and green tea YES YES
Exercise 5 days YES YES
Sugar free chocolate miniatures limit 2 per day 0, 1
Artificial sweetener 2 packets per day 0, went crazy at 8 or 9

Something wonderful: didn't have to cook dinner yesterday--we all fended for ourselves.
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Susie--welcome aboard! As mhibdon mentioned, this thread is great motivation. I haven't been here long, myself, but just knowing that I need to post my progress every day often gives me the extra kick in the pants that I need to make it a good day (I want to see green!). Your goals seem very reasonable to get started--I especially like the one about mindful eating. I know that's something that I struggle with quite a bit. Good luck!

Mike--that's some seriously impressive motivation you have! Nicely done!

To everyone who's struggling with motivation or staying on track this week--just keep things in perspective, eh? It's one week. You are all wonderfully strong, motivated people, and I can honestly say that (already, having only been on FitDay for about a week and a half) I've taken inspiration from each and every one of you. I know you all have the ability to make this a good week, and if you choose not to (which is a perfectly legitimate choice!), I know you'll all bounce back quickly after the holiday season.

And yesterday's wrap-up!
GOALS for the week:
1) 100+ oz of water (or tea) daily: 155!
2) Gym Tues-Sat: Y
3) 1200 calorie limit daily: 1064 ...and the last three hundred or so I had to just talk myself into eating. I really had no appetite yesterday. =/
4) 7000 calorie deficit this week: -1252
5) Some kind of ab workout every day: Broke out the old exercise ball.

1) Pack most things BEFORE the weekend: not yet
2) Thorough clean of my room BEFORE the weekend: not yet
3) Spend time with a friend or family member every day before I leave: Y
4) Read at least 50 pages daily. N
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Hey folks!

I hope you all have been having a wonderful holiday season! I've just been lolling about in Florida - still here, will be through next Wednesday. I've not been logging food or counting calories this week... or last week. Good news is I haven't gained any weight, but of course I haven't lost any either. I'm okay with that. I don't really feel badly about it, I guess I sort of figured it would happen while on vacation - you know, like I planned on not planning for a couple weeks. My sister has been dragging me to her boot camp classes, which have been a crazy workout.

I got a new pair of running shoes for Christmas - I asked for them, so you know I love them! Can't wait to try them out when I get home.

Mern - yay for finding your ring! That's amazing

Anyway, I probably won't really check in too much this week, but just wanted to let you know I am still alive and kicking
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Health / Fitness Goals ....
1. 100oz water daily T: 104oz,
2. Walk on lunch if possible T: Raining,
3. Exercise 4 times Weds - Sun W: 1hr 3min, Total time 1hr 3min
4. Lose 3 lbs this week -1.4lbs so far this week
5. Weigh and post it good or bad M: ???, T: 276.6, W: 275.2,

Life Goals ....
1. Do something for me every day T: Not really,
2. Clean fish tank (weekend)
3. Clean the house (weekend)
4. Hang wall border in son's room (weekend)

Mike ... What a long day you had! I hope that you finally got the numbers down right at the stealership. My hubby is like that too. He will go over it with a fine tooth comb. .... 11pm? at the gym? Oh Em Gee!

Cassie ... I might have missed it but why is the kitty wearing a cone? I hope it's nothing serious.

Darlene ... Yep! Back to work on Tuesday this week and next. No rest for the weary. These restaurants need food! ... If the weather would cooperate now I could get back to walking. Rained yesterday and high winds and 20*F today with blustery snow and mixed rain. Yuck! Just snow and get it over with. Why the mix and all that? LOL

Tori ... My closet needs done and since it is Wednesday and you should be doing yours, would you like to come do mine too? I have a ton of clothes that I just don't wear anymore but for some reason I can't part with them yet. Some don't fit, some I just don't like. Hmmm Maybe I'm a hoarder?

Susie ... Great intro post! Nice starting goals this week too.

Quinn ... Since I am sitting in the last seat on the wagon, I am extending my hand to you to help you back up on with me. We can share the back seat this week.

Torre ... Great job on your goals yesterday!

Joanna ... Boot camp? No wonder you aren't gaining weight. You might not be losing since you aren't eating on plan but that boot camp has to be helping.

Last night was better than the weekend that's for sure. I did good all day until into the evening. So I am fighting back! Got up and sent hubby off to work this morning then worked out for 1hr and 3min. Yes I am couting my 3mins too damn it! It tired me so much that my legs and arms were shaky. It had been 3 weeks since I worked out so it was much needed. I am going to get back on plan.
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