7 Day Motivational Thread 12/26-1/1

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Mike, however it turns out, new or used, I hope you are happy with the bike situation. You know what they say: "Good things come to those who wait..." Yeah, I'll be sleeping well tonight again and probably smiling in my sleep.

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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Sorry super hot babes of fitness, I've been MIA.
It's okay, Mike, we forgive you.

Mern: Hurray about your wedding ring!!


Monday Evening Check In

1. Eat Clean: Last cheat day
2. 3 L: 2
3. Take Vitamin: Yes
4. Move: Yes

Well lovelies, today was...interesting. Finished Day 1 Week 1 of my 10K program! It kicked my butt. It was just a 20 min jog, but I just couldn't slow down for the life of me and was sweating and breathing hard before the end of the first 5mins. Clocked my route later and I was pushing a 10 min mile! WHOA! I normally train in between 12 & 15 min miles! I have no shame about being a plodder, I might go slow, but I still get my miles in! Whuddup!

Already alerted my family to the fact that I'll be back to my 2 chicken breasts and 8 cups of broc a day habit. They're being wildly supportive

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Good morning ladies and Mike!

I'm off to a pretty good start on this week's goals and am down a pound on the scale this morning. Drank a lot of water yesterday to combat the sodium in the Christmas ham.

Calorie limit 1600 1528
Carbs less fiber limit 25g per day Close at 26.2g
Fiber 25g per day 39g
Dietary cholesterol average 300mg per day 206mg
Veggies 5 servings per day YES
Saturated fat average 12% of total calories per day 14%

Water 48 ounces per day YES
Vitamin D, fish oil, and green tea YES
Exercise 5 days YES
Sugar free chocolate miniatures limit 2 per day 0
Artificial sweetener 2 packets per day 0

Something wonderful: found my wedding ring plus enjoyed an unusual weekday off babysitting my 7 & 10 year old grandkids.

mhibdon, thanks for sharing in my excitement about finding my ring. Kudos on your exercise and shaving off so much time. Chicken and broccoli are a great choice--so healthful! Wonderful that your family is so supportive.
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'ello everyone,

I fell off the wagon in a pretty big way at the end of last week, so this week (and a day late) I'm crawling humbly back into this. I think one of the keys for me is to make sure I exercise every day OR decide AHEAD OF TIME that I'll have a scheduled day off. When, in the middle of the day, I realize that there's going to be no time to make it to the gym, I get discouraged and clean eating becomes a lot less appealing. That's not much of an excuse, but I think now that I realize this, sailing will be a lot smoother in the coming weeks.

That being said, my weight-loss attempts are about to get a huge shake-up. I head back to school this coming Monday (I've been on break since Thanksgiving--crazy trimester system), so haven't attempted the weight-loss thing while at school. On the one hand, it will of course be harder because I won't be able to focus solely on it, but on the other, I'll be a 10-minute walk from the gym, and because I live in a house, I only have to eat 5 meals/week in the dining hall--the rest I get to buy/cook for myself. That's one of the things I've found hardest about being home--if my parents want some kind of junk food, it will be brought here. Self-control is much easier in a grocery store than it is in a kitchen!

My apologies for the incredibly long post today--and I didn't even get around to responding to everyone! Eek! I'll try and post again later today when I'm fully caught up on your lives.

GOALS for the week:
1) 100+ oz of water (or tea) daily
2) Gym Tues-Sat
3) 1200 calorie limit daily
4) 7000 calorie deficit this week
5) Some kind of ab workout every day--this is a habit I had for quite a while that I seem to have lost.

1) Pack most things BEFORE the weekend
2) Thorough clean of my room BEFORE the weekend
3) Spend time with a friend or family member every day before I leave--I won't be back in town until the middle of June!
4) Read at least 50 pages daily. I dunno when I'll next get a chance to read for pleasure once classes start.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend and start to their week. Best of luck with your goals!

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Torre, you can make as long a post as you like; many of us do, including myself. Sometimes, because we are such a yacky group, it's just impossible to catch up with the posts and I just offer "kudos to all who are doing well and big hugs to those who are struggling." The holidays are especially hard for many of us. You had a lot of company off the wagon last week--yup, including myself in that one, too. Exercise is my biggest challenge. I have to get it done before my grandkids come home from school or else I don't get it in at all. I also am one who falls into a "what's the use?!!" mode of cheating on my goals. Overcoming that will be a top priority for me in the new year. That's great that you have a ten minute walk to the gym at school. I can see that both college life and being around family who eats junk food take-out makes it hard for you to maintain food control and I so admire you for the control you HAVE achieved. I also agree control is much easier in the grocery store than it is in the kitchen. Wishing you an easy transition back to school. Hang in there--we're all in this journey to better health and fitness together. Try to post here daily, if possible, to keep your motivation up. Big hug to ya!

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'mornin all
Another lovely day in the Eastern Sierras.

Tori - I forgot to say congrats on the new jeans, feels pretty great doesn't it?

Mern - Sometimes it is amazing how the universe works, GD asks for a Christmas miracle and TA-DA: asked and delivered. Great start on the week. For me, it is maintaining the exercise that really helps keeping the diet in line. I don't know why it works that way, but as I read other's posts, clearly I am not alone. So here's my wish that you keep it moving girl.

mhibdon -Great start on the 10K training. 10 min/miles definitely puts you in the "runners" catagory (as opposed the just jogging )

Torre - You are in a great position of starting the new year, new trimester, and new you off with a whole new set of good habits. Write them down, keep them in a place where you will see them daily, and I bet by the end of the trimester they will be so habitual you won't have to think about them anymore.

Mike, Cassie, Quinn, Amy (where is Teri?) et al. looking forward to seeing you all later today.

Got off to a pretty good start, undermined a bit by a supper of left overs, but I'm feeling too guilty 'cuz I earned it with that nice long run.

Diet & Fitness:

1.) 1 liter of plain water everyday M=Y
2.) 1 serving (max) of either bread, potatoes, or rice a day M=N (left over potatoes & stuffing)
3.) Limit sweets M=Y (none)
4.) 1 outdoor activity every day M=Y
5.) Keep calories a maintenance level, or less M=N (a couple hundred over)
6.) Measure blood pressure daily M=N

Home and work
7.) Finish performance evaluation documents M=N (tues)
8.) Pay last remaining monthly bills M=N (tues)
9.) Up date calendar and make sure all appointments are recorded correctly. M=Y (started)
10) Don't stress out over lots of company this week. M=Y (picking up sister the afternoon)

Check with y'all later.
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Tuesday Afternoon Check In

1. Eat Clean: Last cheat day, All planned out
2. 3 L: 2, Workiní on it!
3. Take Vitamin: Yes, Yes
4. Move: Yes, If the rain ever lets up enough for me to leave the house

So. Much. Rain. Checked the weather forest and I should be able to go jogging at 3pm! If not then Iím going to drive my family nuts. Iím normally a high-energy person in general, but me without exercising and/or going out dancing for hoursÖ oh gurl. Things Ďbout to get real up in hur. Just sayiní. So I am continuously too low on the Potassium, Magnesium, and Phosphorous charts. Does anybody have any tips or tricks on how to get more of these nutrients? I hope that everyone has a fabulous day!!

Pam: Haha, thanks! Any tips on how to slow down though?! Haha, Iím trying to keep my plodder status for at least another couple of weeks!

Torre: I am also in college and have braved the dining halls, the roommates offering Captain Crunch, and the PPD offering poptarts. The best thing to do is to plan your food in the morning, put it in designated tubbarware containers, and to then eat ONLY what you planned on. Easier said than done, I know, but think of all the guess work that you wonít have to do!!

Mern: Congrats on almost having a completely green day yesterday!!
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Here I am. A bit embarrassed to come crawling back after a week with little to no self control. The weird thing is that even though I know that I ate horribly, I also know that in the past I would have probably eaten double what I did last week! I am up 5-6 lbs. Again I'm sure that a lot of that is sodium weight but I'm sure a lot of it is cookies too! So I'm back to the basics. I am over my cold and lung issues so not working out is not an option this week. On with the goals...

Health / Fitness Goals ....
1. 100oz water daily
2. Walk on lunch if possible T: Raining,
3. Exercise 4 times Weds - Sun
4. Lose 3 lbs this week
5. Weigh and post it good or bad M: ???, T: 276.6,

Life Goals ....
1. Do something for me every day
2. Clean fish tank (weekend)
3. Clean the house (weekend)
4. Hang wall border in son's room (weekend)

Tori ... New Jeans! Yay! That feels good doesn't it!!?? Glad you got your paperwork all caught up. That is what I should be doing right now, but I don't feel like it.

MH ... I hope you get to go jogging at 3. I would hate for your family to hog tie you and duct tape your mouth!

Mike ... Another truck loving girl! I loved my truck but my most recent is an SUV that I also love. I just can't imagine driving a car anymore. Even having to ride in one to go with someone somewhere feels so cramped.

Mern ... Your ring! I just knew it would turn up when you least expected it!

Torre ... Don't feel bad if your posts are long. You just have a lot to say....Like me!

I know I am missing some people. I hope that you are all having a great week. I need your support during this week. I haven't excercised in the past 3 weeks due to life issues then being sick and not able to breath due to my lungs. I hope to be able to post every day. Life has just been getting in the way for me a lot lately. It's all good though.
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Originally Posted by wildbeanerz View Post
Here I am. A bit embarrassed to come crawling back after a week with little to no self control. The weird thing is that even though I know that I ate horribly, I also know that in the past I would have probably eaten double what I did last week!
Oh my goodness, I can completely relate to that. I have a bad habit of eating until I'm uncomfortably full at family gatherings, but this year "uncomfortably full" seemed to come a lot faster! Maybe it was a mental thing, maybe it was my body understanding how much I need to eat, I don't know. But it was great to realize that.

Unrelated, but I just noticed that you're from PA, April. Mind if I ask what part? I'm from Pittsburgh.
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Pam, you ARE off to a pretty good start this week. Leftovers usually do boost our calories a bit, but you controlled it pretty darned well, I think. 2011 will long be remembered for my recovering my wedding ring the day after Christmas. Miracle or accident, I'll probably never know for sure. Both 48 oz. or more of water and 1/2 hour of exercise 5 days a week are necessary for me to lose any weight at all, even when my food goals are right on target. Thanks for your pep talk. I appreciate that. Right now I'm back to detesting exercise but that's because I just barely have enough time to get done all I need to do between 9AM and 3:15PM. I spend two hours of that time fighting traffic and sitting and waiting to either deliver our grandkids to school or bring them back to my house after school. Part of my new year resolutions will be making exercise top priority in my journey to better health and fitness and to designate a specific time slot for exercise and stick to it.

mhibdon, congrats on having your food all planned out, working on your water, having taken your vitamins and looking forward to your exercise. And thanks for your encouragement on my almost all green day yesterday. I'll see if I can find on the Internet good sources for potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.

April, glad you're over your cold and lung issues! I hadn't even thought that my ring may have been in one of those unused Christmas decoration boxes, so was paying attention only to the ornaments which are much bigger. Yep, turned up when I least expected it. Oh, honey, you have a lot of company--no need to crawl back in embarrassment. I did a lot of cheating, too, but in the past would have cheated wayyyyyyyy more. I'm betting with your weight being up 5-6 lbs the bulk of it is from overdoing sodium, as you think. Whoa, 100 oz. of water a day ought to wash that away quickly! Maybe we need to do something special on the thread to encourage the exercise slackers like me to stick to our goals. But I don't know what... Mike will get on us, I'll bet. Can you say "OY?" LOL

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