7-Day Motivational Thread Starting 1/31/11

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Good goin', Cassie!!! Rainy in Georgia? We're getting ANOTHER snow storm tomorrow. 25-35 cm which equals just over a foot of snow. Looks like another day away from school. (i.e. good day for a lengthy workout)

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Cassie, thanks so much for your encouragement! Your weight stats posted in your signature are awesome! Wishing you that lifetime of "after" pictures, too. Congrats on the treadmill exercise, girl!

Michelle, congrats on your weight loss, too! Glad you were there to give Cassie a nudge.

Lastri, I WAS a yo-yo dieter with a big belly, but after finding this group, so highly motivated and supportive, I'm determined to lose the weight and belly. You can do it.

Mike, thanks for yet another inspirational post regarding before pics and big bellies. I really like that MapMyRun website. I was able to program in my AbSlide reps today (rolling pushups on a small contraption) as light to moderate effort pushups to calculate the estimated calories burned and gave that workout its own category. Now I'm looking forward to July when I can join the Y under the Silver Sneaker Program for senior citizens. Planning on taking the group exercise classes of spinning (stationery bike on virtual bike trail) and step aerobics. I can add those to my MapMyRun workouts. But for now my aerobic walking and AbSlide will do.

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Default Tuesday Check-in

Wow...so many entries and encouraging stories...you guys and gals are living up to the name of this thread "Motivational"...

My mini-goals and check-in:
  • 1000 calorie deficit each day YES (Sun, Mon, Tues)
  • elliptical 3-4 times per week (work up to 20 minutes) YES - 20 min.(Sun, Mon, Tues)
  • balance ball workout 30 min - 4-5 times per week YES 40 min (Sun, Tues)
  • eat breakfast YES (Sun, Mon, Tues)
  • limit grain products to one high fibre portion per day YES (Sun, Mon, Tues)
Still suffering from gas and weight is holding (other than a day the scale went berserk) same weight 6 days and counting. I think they call this a plateau

Have a great night everyone. For those in the east, stay warm and safe.
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Mern, I just realized you and I are about the same height and started at nearly the same weight. You are gonna do this, I can already tell. I love that you come right on here admit to all your limitations and just set the bar a little higher everyday. That my friend shows a real plan and a seriousness that many people are incapable of.

Right now I can't decide if I want to hit Mike or just take up the challenge and shoot that photo right here right now in my grimy t-shirt and lopsided ponytail. I'm Irish, therefore genetically disinclined to ignore a challenge, but I'm so not in the mood for a pic. Can I skip since it isn't a "before" and it isn't an "after"? I suppose technically it's a "during", which he didn't ask for... My DD has been bugging me to take a current photo too. So maybe if I brush my hair tomorrow I'll be inclined to let her shoot one. But they've already called school off for tomorrow, so chances on that hair brush business are getting slimmer by the snow flake.

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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
My problem is that I'm 'scale obsessed' and I hate it. I weight myself daily, sometimes several times a day. Your .4# gain you should ignore. I, myself, need to quit worring about what the scale says. IT WILL DRIVE YOU NUTS! Next week I can make a goal of weighing myself only twice, boy that would be a tough one.

Check out my signature, I'm the same weight that I was back on Oct.19, 2009. So 15.5 months and still at the same weight. But I think I look like my Sept 23rd pic now and would love to get to my June 4th pic again.... do you see a problem here?? I think I need to see a shrink, is there a doctor in the house?
Mike, first of all, yes there is a doctor in the house, a shrink named Cassie and I hear she is very good. But honestly Dude, you do not need a shrink. I have the same scale obsession as you do and I am making it one of my goals this week to stay off the scale until next Tuesday. I think we should make a pact to stay off that stupid scale. If I can do it so can you.

Secondly, you look amazing so it's perfectly acceptable that you have maintained your weight since October, 2009. You should be PROUD of yourself for all that you have accomplished. You're a dedicated, inspiring and supportive man, who is so special he is here in the women's only corner of the forum.

Okay, I took your advice and took the BEFORE picture. I even got into my bathing suit to take it. YIKES!!!! Pictures really tell it like it is don't they? I am horrified. I have no waist! Anyway, I really wanted to lose at least 10 more pounds before I go to Florida on March 21st. I am going to have to be on a beach in a bathing suit and I actually used to deprive myself of that, because of the shame I felt about my body but now I am going to go to the beach and swim in the ocean because that makes me sooooo happy. I just love to be in the ocean! The way my weight loss is going though I don't know if I will make it to 168 by the last week of March. Time to step it up!!
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Tuesday Report Card

1. Stick to calorie budget 1,350-1,500, Ugh NO 1,898, YES 1,497
2. Drink 96 oz water NO, YES
3. Workout 6 hours. YES 80min, YES 35min (total 1:55)
4. Reach 12 minute sustained run. NO, NO
5. Get back on elliptical routine. NO, NO
6. Sign up for race. NO, NO
7. Calorie deficit of 500 minimum. NO -390, YES -872

This week's non-fitness goals:

8. Clean out one area in basement. NO, NO
9. Clean out candy making totes. NO, NO
10. Average 6 items/day from list. NO, NO
11. Get car cleaned out. NO, NO
12. One load to Goodwill. NO, NO
13. Finish 2 pieces of DD's bloomer dress. NO, NO But her speech is coming along nicely

I was really successful today, not so much with the goals, but I taught a 3 hour class on chocolate making this morning and managed to keep my taste testing to a single 1/2 tsp nibble of the butter cream filling. And the only reason I ate that was because I've never used that brand before and wanted to try it. That's it, only one tiny bite in a room filled to the rafters with mountains of delicious calories.

Tomorrow we have a snow day, they called it at 4:30 this afternoon. It hadn't even started snowing yet, but that's how serious we take the weather forecast here in the frozen north. I don't even think I'll get my daycare baby, so it'll be just the girls and I. It should be fun, we're going to get the Valentines done and make some chocolates for the 4-H bake sale next weekend. Maybe we'll even manage some forward progress on item #13 and finish up that American Girl dress middle DD has been working on.
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Rose, I love your positive attitude about the beach! You go, girl, and you enjoy it!

Almeeker, congrats on resisting the chocolate. I got hungry for it just reading your post and if we had any here, I'd have been into it.

I need to recuse myself from advising on the scale discussion since I had the same issue...bad! It's better now, but not gone. Make that one of your challenges this week...I will, too...after the dinner out Friday and a very shaky week, plus TOM. I won't get on the scale till Monday if y'all wont.

I know I've told this story before, but my love-hate relationship with the scale got to the point where I locked it in my husband's trunk and had him take it to work for two weeks. Give it to someone you trust and focus on yourself and how you feel. Or make yourself do 20 minutes of calisthenics before you get on it .
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Jacqueline, great job on all those accomplishments this week! Aw, sorry about your gas discomfort and I hope your plateau breaks soon. I may have some plateau buster tips in a file. I can post them if you're interested.

Almeeker, what a coincidence. I was looking over the signatures on this thread a few minutes before I saw your post. I was going to post to you that we had just about the same starting weights. Your mentioning that we're about the same height really gave me a boost of encouragement after seeing you lost over 96 pounds since October 09. That is absolutely AWESOME! I am so sorry the seniors where you live don't want to share the gym and pool with children. That's not fair. Children are people, too, and they have just as much right to be there as the seniors. Wow, you have a busy life--sounds like you really enjoy helping people and being a "jack of all trades" with your daughters. Two questions: how many girls do you have? ages? Do you teach at a culinary school? At one time my 16 year old granddaughter wanted to be a pastry chef, but now she wants to be a psychologist.
Stay warm and safe in your snowstorm tomorrow. We were supposed to have an ice storm yesterday, but it passed us by. Last year an ice storm caused our neighbor's fence to crush part of our chainlink fence. So that we wouldn't have to file and insurance claim, he donated the fencing and my husband made the repair himself. Nice to have good neighbors.
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better late than never. right?

goals for the week:

1: go walking/jogging with the hubby at least 3 times this week.

2: watch tv for only 2 hours a day find something else productive to do.

3: eat more veggies.

4: don't eat so many sweets eat fruit instead.
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Tuesday numbers.

health and fitness related:
1) walk 15 miles 0,0 The rain is killing me, I refuse to train on a treadmill.
2) floss 7 times 1,1
3) drink 1 gallon of water a day yes 135.2oz, yes 152oz
4) 1800 cals deficient for the week -492, -75
5) play tennis for 1 hr. no, nope
6) workout 3 times. no,yes

1) no cereal for the week none, nope
2) no butterfingers none, not even a sniff

non health related:
1) finish taxes to see who much I'll owe Uncle Sam no, no
2) ship a King Cake to Cali. no, no

These should be my final numbers for the day. Still have to hit the gym.

I'm glad that some of y'all are taking pics. You'll be glad you did!

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