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Originally Posted by vabeachgirlNYC View Post
Now I want chocolate! OMG, are Cadbury eggs out yet?!!! And whatever happened to girl scout cookies? I don't think we have them here anymore.

I was lazy so I just a frozen egg breakfast w/veggie sausage and coffee.

430cals 15fat 38carbs 35protein for the day so far.

Girl scout cookies have been stalking me! Before I really commited to getting more in shape and loose weight for my missions trip. I ordered girl scout cookies from 3 girl scouts. Thinking, oh I nanny and babysit so much, I can throw a few boxes in the freezer too. Because I knew I wouldn't be the only one eating them. . . . .

Thennnnnnn... I start buckling down. And the girl scout cookies start rolling in. First person who gave em to me at church said "oh _________ was going to steal your cookies." who is a kid, about 11. So I asked her mom if it was OK, and just handed her all the cookies. First cookie crisis averted. I gave away the boxes from the other two girl scouts. (in which my sister asked me what to do with the cookies. I told her "put them in your purse and give them to the first child you see in public having a tantrum or is super hyper active." JOKING of course.)

THEN, my boss comes home one day and goes "I know you were saying you wanted girl scout cookies, so I bought 4 boxes for you to have here!" GOOD GRIEF!!! I seriously felt stalked by girl scout calorie overloud!

Just had to share. Good thing I do not like cadburry eggs. But I did order from the older girl I nanny gertrude hawk chocolate to support her school. Can't they sell fruit salads or something? Guess what my nieces, nephews, and kids I watch are getting for Easter? LOTS of gertrude hawk chocolate. Though I kept the dark chocolate covered espresso beans. And occassionally when I feel exhausted at work will just eat one or two.

With all that vented out, of kids stalking me with calories. . . .

I just ate a whole wheat organic wrap with tuna, mustard, lettuce, and tomato. Was delish. I rather like just mustard now, and not mayo. Crazy how you start craving healthy things you are taking a liking too.

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Ugh, Tina, I can relate! My son's band fundraiser was cheesecake and cookie dough, in addition to struedels and cinnamon buns! I felt like he was a drug pusher asking people to buy it and was wishing for fresh fruit also...or at least something useful like gift wrap!

But on topic, I'm eating my new addiction, Annie's Bunnies. They are amazing!
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I'm a freakin' Girl Scout leader, as if motherhood were not hard enough.
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For dinner I had homemade turkey chili, and I'm sitting at 1,297 calories for the day. I'm just a little hungry and could have a snack now, but don't really have any cravings, so I might just brush the teeth and go to bed.
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Breakfast- 2 whole wheat pitas stuffed with scrambled eggs (1.5 egg per pita shell), red bell pepper & green onions and 1 slice of muenster cheese & coffee.
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Originally Posted by almeeker View Post
I'm a freakin' Girl Scout leader, as if motherhood were not hard enough.
You poor thing!

I just ate 1 cup of cheerios, no milk, and strawberries.
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Protien bar and black coffee for breaky

Veg soup and low fat turkey on pumpernickle for lunch

Chicken breast with asian blend veggies for dinner

94% fat free snack size popcorn for snack

1197 cal.
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Default It's pizza night

Homemade, 1/2 & 1/2 whole wheat crust, part skim mozz and tons of veggies. (We don't usually do the tomato sauce version) It is a bit of an indulgence, but we call it "carb loading" for the long runs or rides on Sunday.

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100-calorie pack of microwave popcorn, topped with my own condiment of nutritional yeast, butter buds (butter powder) and dill. Delicious.
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Default Something new for me

I bought whole wheat tortilla wraps (90 cal per wrap). I mashed half an avocado, spread it on the wrap, then topped that with artichoke garlic salsa, then added 3 oz. of spicy tuna from a pouch. Rolled it up, wrapped it up in cling wrap, let the flavors marry and this was really good. 260 calories and very filling.

When I eat something like this, I don't feel like I'm dieting.
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