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Breakfast - Oatmeal and Tea

Lunch - Pita Pizza and diet Mugs Root Beer
w/ ham, onion, red pepper, 1/4c shredded cheese, hot peppers, 3 cherry tomatoes

Dinner - Chicken breast, Lima beans, green salad - no dressing and Tea

Night time snack - trying to decide on greek yogurt and blueberries or cottage cheese and grapefruit or 100cal bag of popcorn. (not really hungry - have had only 838cal today and need to eat. My pie chart is 35% carb/ 37% protien / 25% fat for the day.

I tend to craveless and be satisfied with higher protien, the downside is forcing myself to eat when I am not hungry.

Weekends are especially hard as my hubby only eats twice a day and we get busy. During the week I tend to have a light breakfast and snack at 10am ish and then lunch or an afternoon snack and then dinner by 5pm. I am used to eating small and frequent...so when I eat less frequent, I am still eating small...
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Made "firecracker shrimp" tonight; shrimp sauteed in olive oil with garlic, red pepper flakes, paprika, pepper, and basil, over a bit of brown rice with a big salad.
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Breakfast is two slices of wheat toast with about a tsp of peanut butter each with a banana, and coffee with 2 creams and a tsp of sugar.

Lunch is leftover string pie. NOT a health food
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Breakfast was a latte with too much cream...my biggest hurdle...and a Low Carb Pita stuffed with shredded carrots, snow peas, and a slice of Swiss.

Lunch was a small grilled salmon steak with olive-oil-tomatoes-&-romaine salad.

And I just realized how many calories are in the raw almonds I've been snacking on...yikes.
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Breakfast was a combo of Greek yogurt mixed with 1/3 cup of Grapenut cereal for crunch.

Lunch was a tin of sardines packed in water mixed with green relish.

Snack is broccoli simmered in chicken stock.

Dinner is low fat tuna melts...nummy!!...and if I am really hungry a bowl of minestrone soup, homemade.

Not a 'hungry' day so I am not really wanting to eat but eating nonetheless. I am suffering with the lack of sunshine and would be most happy eating pasta All day!!!
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Shredded wheat with a banana and skim milk, coffee for breakfast. Wasn't hungry for lunch, so I had a handful of almonds and let it go at that. Supper: boiled shrimp, asparagus and a cup of brown rice. Bedtime: probably a granola bar and skim milk.
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Default Panda Express

new to keeping a food log, First Post!

looking at the nutritional fact, it seem I should make some better choices.
This is day 4 of enter food, it is an eye opener!
I have trided before but did not stick.
3200 KCal today mostly because of the Panda E!

Wish me luck.
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Originally Posted by Kumochi View Post
I'm trying to increase my potassium intake so I am having a chocolate mouse made out of an avocado, a banana, 1/3 cup milk and 3 tablespoons cocoa powder. It does not call for sugar, however I added a couple packages of sweet and low to cut the bitter cocoa taste. It is hign in calories however I have saved enough to cover it. Mary
Yum! That sounds tasty. Does it really taste like chocolate mousse?
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Breakfast was steel cut oats with fresh peaches and blueberries. VERY filling!
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Breakfast was fresh strawberries with nonfat greek yogurt. Am trying to save calories today so I can have corned beef and cabbage tomorrow!
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