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Yikes on that fall! glad you didnt injure yourself Michael.

As for what I've eatten today.
= 10 mini potatoes, 1 egg, 1 strip of turkey bacon, a mushroom and some onion for breakfast/lunch (all fried together in coconut oil into a scrambled mess of yum)
And whats for my dinner = a tuna wrap with lettuce, pickle, mayo and salsa.
AND DESSERT =1/2 cup Maple walnut Frozen yogurt

^-^I reached my 30+% protein goal, and i'm actually about 300 calories below my limit still. Maybe i'll have a cup of milk, tea with honey, or juice.
I started off panicing about craving my dessert, and it turned out I really put a lot of extra effort into my diet/working out so I can have my treats and eat them too
Feeling good.

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Dannon light and fit strawberry kiwi yogurt.
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Half cup of fat free cottage cheese with pineapple, and added a cup of grapes and a sliced pear. Incredibly yummy, and it satisfies my sweet tooth. Going out tonight to one of those community supper things to benefit a child care center. I think it will be mainly soups and bread, but having had about 700 calories so far, I know there's "room" for a little flexibility tonight. (No pie, though!)
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Lunch is Greek yogurt, sliced turkey, and cantaloupe.
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Todays lunch =
Chicken wrap with lettuce and salsa

Tonight's Supper =
little bit of pasta with spinach+tomato sauce, Salad.

Skipped breakfast.

16 grapes
4 baby-carrots
1/2 cup of mixed berries
spoonful of yogurt
some nacho-type chips

:/ I got fat for a reason after all.
I'll pick something lighter for supper to try to make up for all my snacking.. (like ditch the pasta, just eat the salad)

I planned to eat light all day so I can have pasta in the evening.
But I guess pasta really is not diet-material And eating non-filling good all day isn't me-material. *sighs*

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Went out this evening to a church benefit for a day care program: soup, bread, dessert. I skipped the creamed soups, went for Manhattan clam chowder, had water to drink and one slice of bread. Did NOT skip dessert. In fact, I opted for pecan pie.

Nutritionally, I bombed today, BUT...I didn't go over my 1500 calories, even with the pie. Tomorrow it's back to the real world and real food. Went for an extra walk after supper.
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Homemade Mulligatawny soup, yum-o!!
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Grilled, seasoned chicken (5 oz.) and mixed, fresh bell peppers (green and red) with two slices of low-fat cheese (white american) inside of a FlatOut Artisan Flatbread (5 Grain Flax). Grilled the chicken and peppers first, then added the cheese and put it all inside of the FlatOut flatbread and grilled it about another minute/1.5 minutes per side.

(Have I mentioned how much I love FlatOut products? They are wonderful!)

Had a pink lady apple with it on the side and a tall glass of water.

It's absolutely DELICIOUS, under 500 calories, and it looks like a panini you'd pay 10 bucks for at a little sidewalk bistro. Yum yum yum!!!
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Tonight we're having salad followed by a big ol' hunk of aged sirloin I've been saving. I think I'll grill it, since we're finally seeing signs of spring.

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I'm trying to increase my potassium intake so I am having a chocolate mouse made out of an avocado, a banana, 1/3 cup milk and 3 tablespoons cocoa powder. It does not call for sugar, however I added a couple packages of sweet and low to cut the bitter cocoa taste. It is hign in calories however I have saved enough to cover it. Mary
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