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I'm eating a pop tart so I'll have fuel to burn at the gym
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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
but think of a child headed out the door every day with one (usually two) of these or something similar in his hand. It explains a lot.
Since I have started having a poached egg (made with vinegar-ed water) and worcestershire sauce along with my tea for breakfast, my son has gone from two slices of white toast with as much peanut butter as he can possibly pile on while I'm not looking to asking if I can 'pretty please, mum' make him what I'm having - yes, including the tea. Awesome. Something must be rubbing off.

What am I eating now? Nothing. But I've just opened a packet of 'grandma's old fashioned chocolate custard' to feed my 9mo - waiting for his bum to be changed (I know you all wanted to know that - this is why I shared ). I got a smear of custard on my finger and reflexively licked it off. I may possibly now be eating 'grandma's old fashioned chocolate custard'.
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Fat free milk, low fat vanilla yogurt (light), strawberries and 2 scoops of muscle milk in a blender and after that a tablespoon of peanut butter and half an apple to slow absorption. Yea, buddy!
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a before lunch snack- 80 calorie hot cocoa packet mixed with boiling water

it's hot so that helps me consume it slowly and enjoy it
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It's almost lunch time--today is 2oz. of tuna w/1tbs Hellman's Lowfat mayo and a little 0 cal sweet relish in a 90 cal Flat Out wrap. For dessert we have 1/3 cup of cottage cheese (which was all that was left in the container--I usually have a full 1/2 cup). Yum!

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Just finished a big fat taco salad, lettuce, red pepper, 1/3 of a container of Greek yogurt, 2 oz of diced spiced chicken and 1/2 cup of salsa. Then I finished the rest of the Greek yogurt after I stirred in a dollop of low-sugar jam.
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I had a stale bun with a pat of butter for breakfast.

This is not normal for me.

I have gone into asthma mode. I only get it every few years, but when it hits I have to keep my breakfast light or I will just get sick while coughing up a lung.
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Hope you feel better soon, Annette.

I just finished lunch ...3 oz. leftover shredded chicken in picante sauce from the crock pot on a big bed of romaine and spinach, r/f cheese on top. Getting ready to start in on some almonds now.
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Just ate my pre- lunch snack, turkey burger on a thin wheat bun with spicy mustard and a 2 strips of red raw bell pepper.
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Getting near to lunch time for me so i'll be having:
~ tuna, on a bed of spinach & mushrooms with vinegar dressing
~ cauliflower
~ oatmeal yummy
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