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I just had some popcorn! (Orville Redenbacher's SmartPop, 94% Fat Free, Butter) and a 12 oz. glass of water!

It's an occasional indulgence for me when I'm feeling really munchy. 224 calories for the whole bag is pretty good; I find popcorn has the ability to really "fill me up" for a snack! Before my diet, instead of light popcorn it would have been cheez-its, Doritos, or some kind of mozzarella sticks with a big glass of soda. Times they are a-changin'!
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Half a turkey sub from SubWay, loaded with lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, green peppers, and onions, on 9-grain bread. Picked up groceries today: baby spinach and romaine, cucumber, mushrooms, tomatoes, frozen veggies, canteloupe. NOM!
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loooove subway subs

dinner for tonight:
lemon water
5oz chicken in bbq sauce
homemade cole slaw
Probably some ice cream too
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I love SubWay subs, too, but I generally indulge in them only when I do grocery shopping, and one sub = two meals that day. I pile on the veggies, go with the lower fat breads and stick to turkey, roast beef, or Black Forest ham, with no cheese. Actually, I lost almost 30 lb. a year or two ago in an eating plan that included SubWay meals. Apple slices are available instead of cookies, but every now and then I would treat myself to the cookies. Otherwise, I was sticking pretty closely to my 1500 calories.

Today: Shredded wheat with skim milk and a banana, coffee; fat free cottage cheese with pineapple, a cup of grapes, a pear and a couple of low fat Triscuit for crunch (and holy cow was that GOOD!); tonight: wild salmon filet with lemon juice, brown rice and my leftover Brussels sprouts. Bedtime: 2 cups of skim milk. Today is rather heavy on carbs, but they're good carbs, and it's low on fat. I needed some variety.
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Just finished a snack of Swiss Miss hot cocoa (Sensible Sweets 25 calories) and a Laughing Cow cheese wedge (35 calories).
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Egg white omelet with fresh mushrooms and 1/2 slice low-fat Swiss.
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left over chicken & veggies from lunch is my snack.
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Smoked salmon and goat cheese on melba toast.

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Americano venti and my oatmeal with raisins.....Soon going out for a 4 mile walk/run combos session....No snow on the path today so I should be able to up the cardio intensity a bit....

My best to all........Albie

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Just finished my peanut butter sandwich and low cal yogurt (strawberry today)--a great lunch!

Will be walking carefully today as we got a dusting of snow and I ended up having a nice hard fall on some concealed ice walking in to work this morning (I think the worst thing is all the paperwork to go along with it).

Eat healthy everyone!

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