7 Day Motivational Thread - Week Starting 03/14/2011

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Post 7 Day Motivational Thread - Week Starting 03/14/2011

Good morning, everyone!

I thought I'd nosey on in and start the thread this week, partly because I want to be a part of the cool group, and partly because you guys are all asleep over in the US and I want to start NOW!!!

Fitness Goals:

1. Increase Water Intake to 10 cups per day.
2. BRING IT!!! to my workouts every day.
3. Cut the carbs for the first phase of workout diet.

Non-Fitness Goals:

1. Take a deep breath and count to 10 when I feel I'm going to snap at my rambunctious and sometimes trying 8yo, and praise him for the good things he does.
2. Discover what the floor of my laundry looks like, again.
3. Clear the random bits of miscellanea from the verandah.

Okay guys, I read some of the posts from last week, and I'm feeling positive and charged this morning so I know we can all make it this week, and start fresh from our slip-ups last week. Go Us!!
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Good evening/morning y'all! I did really well for a few weeks, then had one cheat meal and it kind of spiraled downhill from there. I didn't come back on here because I was embarrassed.

Well, I'm getting over myself now and am sucking it up. As you can see in my signature, I have gained a few pounds since my last weigh-in. I was supposed to be 200 by now, and I'm not, and now I am a bit disappointed in myself.

Weight Goals:
1. Lose 4 pounds this week.
2. Go to the gym everyday Monday thru Friday.
3. Drink no more than 1 small cup of diet soda each day.
4. Drink at least 8 cups of water each day.
5. Eat no more than 30g of carbs each day.

Personal & Work Goals:
1. File my 2009/2010 taxes.
2. Design 2 albums & create 6 slideshows.
3. Clean entire house.
4. Take one of my kids out for a personal one-on-one date.
5. Write my husband a special note and put on door before he leaves for work.
6. Take one self-portrait this week.
7. Watch no more than 1 hour of TV per day.
8. Read all "Pride & Prejudice".

I realize these are all ambitious goals, especially for one week. But I am determined and I am going to do my best! Wish me luck, y'all!
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Thanks for starting off, behaze! If anyone needs a brand new week, it's Yours Truly. My goals are pretty much the same; I came close until the wheels fell off. As my then-toddler son said, "Everything was going okay, and then suddenly it wasn't going okay!"

Caroline, welcome back! I'm glad to see you post again.

1. Average a 500 calorie daily deficit.
2. Carbs <50%.
3. Five servings of fruits and veggies per day
4. Exercise daily (which I need, if I'm going to make #1).
5. Drink 3 sports bottles of water daily.
6. Sleep 7 hours a night
7. Name one thing each day I can do to prevent weekend relapse.

8. One office organizational task 5 out of 7 days this week.
9. Paint one room of trim this coming weekend.
10. Pick out tile for the backsplash & deal with the faucet issue.

Let's see how it goes. I'm a little worried as to whether my goals will leave me feeling deprived to the extent that I lose it and have a major slip on the weekends, but I feel I need to be strict now because it's been a while since I've felt in control for an extended period of time. We'll see how this week goes.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

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Originally Posted by cjohnson728
"Everything was going okay, and then suddenly it wasn't going okay!"
This describes my weekend as well. In fact on Saturday I finished at around 1,800 and had 2,000 as my limit, Sunday was ugly though. We had dinner with friends, the food was okay and I could have stayed within my calorie budget, but I didn't. Today isn't starting off all that well either. Last night I had a big glass of iced tea before bed thinking it was decaf but it wasn't. So I was wide awake until 2:30am, and spent most of that those quiet middle-of-the-night hours eating.

This Week's Goals:

Health & Fitness

1. Keep calories to 1,350-1,550, for the whole week.
2. Drink 96 oz of water.
3. Keep carbs under 50%.
4. Exercise 6 hours.
5. Resist the urge to nibble.

Other Goals

6. Sort out coupon binder.
7. Finish my part of the taxes.
8. Call my brother.
9. Clean 1 area of the basement.
10. Register for race and call SIL about same!!! No excuses.
11. Work on items from the "list", finish 25 for the week.
12. Clean 2 rooms (15 minutes each) + 1 load of laundry.
13. Buy seeds and set up plant starts.

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hi guys this would be my first week doing this, snice i finally have a computer again. the pass few weeks iv'e been slacking off so i'm going to start over again with some goals.

Fitness Goals:

1. Drink 3 of my blue water bottle a day ( alittle less than 3 cups the bottle can hold)
2. do my workout 6/7 days
3. 10,000 steps a day
4. start cal counting again, limit 1900
5. no fast food

Non-Fitness Goals:

1. finish my current homework do to list
2. re-stock my food (don't have like anything atm)
3. clean up my desk
4. put away clean landury
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So, for those of you who were following the other thread, you know that I come to you today with frosting smeared on my face and turkey gravy stains down my shirt...

A new day, a new me. It's going to be a great week, weather wise, so I have no excuses not to hike. Will probably add a pack for some added weight.

Goals remain pretty similar.

Food & Fitness:

1. Limit calories to 1400 and log everything.
2. Keep BMI under 20.
3. 100 oz. of fluids daily.
4. Trail walk at least twice this week, weather permitting.
5. Take multi-vitamin, calcium and ground flax daily.
6. Floss every day.

Personal Goals:

1. Continue with "do something nice each day".
2. Be a more patient, sympathetic person.
3. Draw out a plan on Friday morning for how I'm going to handle eating situations over the weekend. Map out eating, meal by meal, and stick to it.
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behaze, caroline and yunalee,

Nice to see you all again!


My sleep is all messed up this weekend, too. I'm blaming the time change. Had a hard time dragging myself out of bed this morning. P/T conferences today... ugh... year 25. Some of the teachers that I will meet with today weren't even born when I attended my first conference in 1986! lol


OK, you and me, girl. Back in the saddle. Wipe those brownies from your face and lets ride! LOL Bikini weather is almost here...
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Hello everyone! I started my journey again about three weeks ago, I fell off the wagon last year through the holidays but thankfully didnt gain any weight back (didnt lose any though) so i started where i left off at 201, my highest was 215 when i first began last year. Im keeping my calories at 1500 a day which has me losing at least 1 pound a week. Im down to 197 currently and really feel good about this lifestyle change. For those of you who feel like you cant do it im here to tell you, you can! If I can do it anyone can do it! Thanks everyone for all the motivational posts!

Age: 21 Height: 5' 3"
Highest weight 7/1/10: 215
Starting weight 2/21/11 : 201
Current weight 3/14/11: 197
Goal weight 2/21/12: 145
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Good morning fitdayers! I guess I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who bombed this weekend. But....its a new week and I know we are all gonna do better and encourage one another!!

Fitness goals:
> 1300 cals day
workout every day
veggies at lunch[
bike/dance/ball with kids 45 min a day
no, ball practice and haircuts took up the evening

Non fitness goals:
no nail biting/picking
ugh, no
vaccum house
deal with med bill
make tax appt
yard sale and CL stuff
do toes yes!

I'm doing really horrible this week, ate out and been so busy in the evenings with kids, havent worked out. I feel stressed and lazy. UGH

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Hi rlynn,

Nice to have you here as well. I think a lot of us fell off the bus over the holidays! With all of the great food and parties it's hard not to.

Looks like you're doing a great job!

Add some goals for the week, if you'd like. We'll hold you to them!

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