7 Day Motivational Thread - Week Starting 03/14/2011

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me? complex? nah...
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behaze, I'm sorry that I passed on my sleep deprivation, didn't even know that it was possible to send it through cyberspace. But now that I know I'll be more careful. Actually it's sort of funny sometimes how we all come down with the crud at the same time, have bad weekends and apparently insomnia together.
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1) lower carb - yes 52g
2) no more than 1600 cals- 1427
3) water water everywhere: 40 oz +16 diet soda
4) gym or stretch at least 3x -stretch
5) write, do not spend 50 hours per day on e mail and Fitday - did a bit, started a new piece but was very fibro sick and had to go to bed, did not go crazy with the Fitday

It's hard to keep up with all the posts so I browsed. So I will just say:
Almeeker and Julia you are gorgeous.
Taubele- glad to her from a fellow writer. It's tough but great, isn't it?
Rose- you are a sweetie and do I hear it correctly? Happy birthday wishes are in order? Hope you had the best one ever!

I don't know who was in on this conversation but I saw Packzis for the first time today and man they look dangerous - as in highly addictive. I do love donuts, had a love afair with them while pregnant. Rarely eat them unless someone buys a box of Entenman's choclate covered; then I'm a goner.


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hi guys!

I wanted to update you on a few things, I weighed in on my scale 10 mins before I weighed in on the WW scale and there was a big diff:

at home new scale w/ gym clothes and sneaks on: 126.4 (this is at 6pm, so always more than the AM)

then went to ww took off my sneaks and weighed 128.6.

yet another reason why these numbers aren't end all be-all. so yeah, my goal was to reach 127.4 bc that would be a 5 pound loss since the feb 8th when I started getting back on track...I didn't exactly make it but i'm proud of myself anyway as I feel I've done really well with eating well and working out and losing 4 pounds.
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Mike, thanks for sharing that angel food/strawberry dessert idea. Sounds yummy! I may just plan for it and work it into my 25 net carb daily menu one day without cheating by fortifying my day's menu with my super nutritious one carb whey protein powder, zero carb flaxmeal, and some Naturally More peanut butter. I'm glad the low carbs made you feel better in the end. I think that in addition to the low carbs, the protein good fats like olive oil, flax oil and Omega-3 make me feel good, too. I made myself some peanut butter/banana "snack goop" sort of like fudge today by taking a scoop (that's 24g for me) banana flavored one carb whey protein powder and a tablespoon of NM peanut butter, mixing it together with a fork, and adding just a teeny bit of water to make it a fudge consistency. Rolled it into three balls, and pressed it between two sheets of waxed paper and tossed it in the fridge for a couple hours. Odd, but really yummy. Also made it with vanilla yesterday--it was good, too. It was a super nutritious alternative to my daily allotment of one piece of sugar free candy.

mhibdon, hey there, girl! Wishing you a very speedy recovery! Big cyberhug to ya!

Mai, oh golly, you certainly do have circumstances that make it very difficult to avoid temptation. I eat lunch out with my best friend and her Mom once a week and dinner out once a week with my husband. If I know where we're going I go online ahead of time and plan a meal that fits in with my diet. I also tote my own homemade salad dressing so I know what's in it. Ice cream places are one of the toughest! I try to get a diet drink like unsweetened iced tea or a diet cola there. If you really, really can't resist, my suggestion would be to see if they have any no-sugar-added frozen yogurt. There are a couple restaurants my husband likes to go where there's little I can eat--yeah, eating bunless isn't fun all the time. Recently my high school granddaugter called me and asked me to breakfast with her at McDonalds. About all they had for me was dry, rubbery scrambled eggs and a high sodium, processed sausage patty. The decaf coffee was good. Oh, sending you belated happy birthday wishes! Could be that half or more of the 4 lbs. you regained was water weight because it takes 3500 extra calories to gain one pound of fat, so it would take 14,000 extra calories to gain 4 lbs. of fat. I know what you mean--I don't have anyone to talk to about my diet, either, except for my best friend who THINKS she understands, but has no idea what she's talking about. LOL Hang in there, Mai. Hopefully some others will have some ideas for you. Let me know if there's anything YOU think of that may help--it may help me, too.

Cassie, thanks. Yes I do feel better than I used to. When I was shaving my legs today, after reading Stacey's earlier comment, I, too, realized how much easier it is to do that now than it was at my highest weight. Injury du Jour thread for Terri is a good idea--poor thang! For real, though, I think the weekend crisis thread is an excellent idea! Ooh, congrats on the goal weight anniversary! Be proud of yourself for all that hard work you did to get there. Very wise to not weigh when you know you're carrying water weight.

mecompco!!! kudos on your weight loss!

Jen, congrats on your loss, too! Even if you don't make it to 200 by April 1 (as I might not by the end of June) you have every right to be super-proud of yourself. That weight doesn't fall off all by itself--it takes hard work. Congrats to ya!

jjeand. "nice facade." LOL Congrats on the water personal best. Did you get your patch at 12:30? I'm rooting for you.

Stacey, that's so cool that you can outhike BF. LOL I HAVE noticed my jeans fitting more comfortably--just jeans, so far. I thought of you when I was shaving my legs today--it's easier, but I still have to raise my muffin top to reach my upper thighs. Congrats to you for your accomplishments. You inspire me more than you realize. I hope you find the yoga helpful. Keep us posted on that.

Rose, I hope your butt feels better soon! Was that caused by just being on so long or can the seat be adjusted so it doesn't impact your fanny so much?

Terri, thanks for your congrats on my new DVD accomplishment. Knowing you as little as I do now, and for such a short time I'm surprised you've never broken a bone. Floppy tendons are a good thing. LOL Sorry I have no sympathy for your BF getting awakened by your cussing after getting hurt this morning by the carpet guard, even though he worked a double shift. Sweetie, you surely have your plate full of tasks to get done by deadline! Best wishes to you on that! Aw, so glad our thread helped lift your spirits. It's OK to vent here--heck we all do it. We're here to listen, support, and encourage through good times and hard ones. Did you make it through the pizza tempatation?

Almeeker, sometimes I chuckle like an idiot and snort like a pig when reading the posts here. Congrats on controlling your calorie overage yesterday.

Quinn, your Monday goal achievements were great! It took my husband a long time to realize that stuff he can eat isn't always good for me. He's really good about it now and now we go to more restaurants where I can substitute something more healthful in place of potatoes and breads and stuff. Yeah, like others said, remember that it takes 3500 extra calories to gain a pound of fat.
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Originally Posted by almeeker
Seriously? LOL, as if... Oh, did you mean you might be uncomfortable?
Ha ha--me uncomfortable? Nope--I'll talk about pretty much anything!

Married for 20 some-odd years with a now 17 y/o daughter I'm quite well versed in "female" issues .

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to answer the q about what makes a weekend a healthy success vs an all out binge...these are some things that work for me, but you all knwo sometimes I have 3000 cal days...but hopefully only once a yr..

-going to the grocery store and stocking up on fruits and veggies, like seriously i buy enough so that i have atleast 3-4 servings a veggies for a day and 2-3 for fruit. then inbetween engagements I eat healthy food. also, fruit is easy to bring along and eat on the subway, tupperwares filled with healthy goodness are also easy.

-working out! whatever it may be--walking in a park/doing hardcore cardio---this makes you feel healthy/productive and want to stay on track

-when you eat dinner out or at a friend's place try to eat really slowly. i pretend i'm some french sophisticate or something...hehe. this doesn't always work tho, but I"m getting better (at eating slowly, not being sophisticated...heh) eating slowly is good b/c then you are more engaged in the conversation too.


after saying all of this let me just say that my roommate just made spinach artichoke dip and home-made falafel. i ate one falafel ball and lots of chips and dip i think i'm at 1450 for the day. bummer. give me strenght for hawaii!!

I hope to check in w/ you guys. I leave at 6am from boston in the AM...maybe there will be internet at the B&B.

Mike, you definitely should contribute more!!!!

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Quinn, now that you've identified the problem, how do you fix it? (I say, having no idea what the problem is on my end...must go work on that ).


My husband's intentions are honorable. He knows that after keeping up two households I'm tired so he offers to take me out rather than have me cook. (Especially when it's just the two of us.)

Some of the restaurant choices are obviously better than others. I'm going to have to be more assertive with my wishes.

My other solution is to sit down Friday morning, and draw out a plan for what I'm going to eat and where... and stick to it! I'll stick it in my purse and use it as a road map.

Another of my problems is that I know a lot of the restaurant owners personally through our involvement in local business and my own "food geekiness" and so they are always sending "prototypes" over to the table for us to critique before they hit the menu etc. I have to ponder that one a bit more.
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Originally Posted by mtlgirl
[ Well my butt is killing me! I went to spin class last night and not only did I sweat up a STORM but that bike just killed my butt. Today I am doing the 30 Day Shred and then this evening I'm going on a group power walk. We're doing hills so it's a great cardio workout.

Have a great day Everyone!
Rose, I hate the seats in spin class! It's counter-intuitive, but I never take the bike with a seat that is flat or tipped downward. I always go for the one that's tipped slightly upward. Keeps me from constantly sliding forward. You'll figure it out!

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Default Report card for Tuesday

Hey Everyone!

I had another great day. It sure is great to have some time off work! Today I went out on a 5k power walk on hills. I used to walk with this walking club 3 times a week but my work schedule interfered so I stopped going last year. Tonight it felt great to be back with the old gang and boy did we work up a sweat! Going up hill at full tempo is an amazing cardio workout. I feel fantastic! And according to my Nike Plus app, I burned 327 calories! Yeah!

Mike, yay about the scale! And yes those spin classes are super intense! I thought I'd have a heart attack but I freaking love it! For me it's all about the adrenaline rush. I'm going to another class tomorrow night. I've heard you burn anywhere from 600 - 1000 calories per class.

Cassie, thank you for the birthday wishes! I really had an amazing weekend and feel so lucky to have a really fantastic group of friends.

Quinn, I can't believe you have restaurants offering $5 meals in your neck of the woods! That is incredible!

mhibdon, welcome back! Several of us have fallen off the wagon and then gotten back on track many times. It's great that you are here and good that you know what you can handle.

ifeelamazing! Welcome to Fitday. Great goals for your first week and way to avoid the break room goodies!

Wow Behaze what a horrible nightmare. I sure can relate to having one of those awful nights of patchy sleep. I hope you have a perfect one tonight!

Terri, way to go on holding back on the pizza! You got to enjoy it and stay on track. That's great!

Hope thank you so much for the birthday wishes! It was on March 13th and I had a great weekend! Except I enjoyed one too many desserts but I'm making up for it this week. Way to go on meeting your goals today!

Julia, way to go on losing 4 pounds! You must be excited about going to Hawaii. I've always wanted to see Hawaii. I'm leaving for Florida on Monday. Going to spend 9 days on the beach and then a couple of days in New York City. Thanks for the tips on controlling the overeating on the weekend! I'm going to use them while I travel.

Mern thanks for your concern about my butt. I think my butt is just not used to the seats on those bikes. I've heard others complain about those seats. Ouch.

1. Eat 1200 - 1450 calories per day. YES 1248 / YES 1252
2. Keep carbs below 35% YES 23% / YES 20%
3. Exercise daily! YES! / YES!
3. Go to at least 2 spin classes this week. DID ONE TODAY!
4. Take my multivitamin. DONE / YUP
5. Sleep 7 hours per night. YES / Actually 8
6. Drink 2 liters of water per day. YES / DID IT!
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