7 Day Motivational Thread - Week Starting 03/14/2011

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Good morning everyone!

I apologize for disappearing over the weekend - I sprained a couple of my fingers on Saturday (my poor hands are getting beat up!). I kept popping on to fitday to check the forums and managed to post a couple of short posts thinking "I'll get to the motivational post next!" (I tend to go down the list on forums) but by the time I got there, my fingers usually didn't want to type and were throbbing

I had an okay weekend - a planned "cheat day" on Sunday ended up better than expected - I "only" had 1700 calories, but they were BAD calories. I'm trying to tell myself that, on the upside, I cooked a good chicken parmigiana for the first time!!! The bad side is that I ATE said chicken parm with a heaping bowl of white enriched pasta with butter and a couple of biscuits!

I also did not exercise as much as I wanted to this weekend. Had a good day Saturday until the finger-spraining (it occurred at the gym. I tripped on a mat and landed very awkwardly on my right hand - my pinky and ring finger took the brunt of it ) and then I cried off on Sunday from even just running on the treadmill or the elliptical. At least they are feeling better today, and I can type.

The scale said 198.6 this morning, which is basically the same as it was on Thursday, so at least I didn't gain! I'm getting my hair done this morning and probably taking off some good length -- maybe it'll cause a loss?

Goals this week:

Fitness, Exercise and Lifestyle Goals:
1) Under 1400 cals every day and log EVERYTHING.
2) Average 30% daily protein for the week
3) 80 oz. of water daily (I am upping this goal to stay on track with my water!)
4) No weighing at ALL. I mean it. NO SCALE.
5) Work out 5-6 times this week. That includes twice on the weekend. I've been slacking on the weekends, and I'll probably need to get a kick to the butt by you guys on my exercise this week!
6) In bed by 11:30 every night

Non-Fitness Goals:
1) Edit all book chapters for publisher by Friday
2) Work out short and long-term finance goals with the boyfriend
3) Organize home office files
4) Bedroom fixing - sheets and laundry
5) One hour of needlework every day to relax!
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My goal will be in 2 parts, 1)Monday & 2) the rest of the week

Health & Fitness:
Monday: enjoy my cheat day but keep cals within +1332 of what I burn.

Rest of the week:
1) Net Carbs below 60g/day
2) work out 3 times
3) gallon of water a day
4) take vitamin daily
5) take fish oil daily
6) -2400 cals for the 6 days

Non-Health Related
1) 3 random acts of kindness
2) call/email 60 prospects
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Great before and after photos JJ! you look wonderful!

Mike, thanks for giving all the details of your last long are you continuing the low/no carb?

Mern, thank you very much for your compliment, it meant a lot to me

Cassie, i think it's bc I've done the same thing you did last weekend so many times, that I truly feel your pain!!

Sometimes when I'm out enjoying myself at a fantastic meal or with friends (esp if I've had a beer) then I think "Why does any of this matter? I want to enjoy life and all it has to offer and stop counting all the time." (this would be the beer talking...) I actually think this sentiment has validity though and I think it's ok to indulge it's just how we manage it. Like going into a crazy binge vs just having 500 extra cals or something for the day. I'd love to be able to keep my overboard moments to still seem graceful and ladylike rather than me stuffing my face! Still striving for this!! Ever since mid-Jan I have been really good...Hawaii will be a big test. Between mid Dec and mid Jan I gained 5lbs! So you can see that I have the tendency to dive head on into the leftover ham carcass and lose total control. But at this moment I feel like I'm handling stuff well and I hope to feel like this forever! haha.

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Goals for my very short week:

1) Workout (weights plus cardio)
2) Track everything
3) Eat healthy whole foods whenever possible
4) Purchase healthy snacks to bring w/ me
-bought a big bag of raw almonds
-need to buy fruits/veggies for plane ride
-bringing a bag of protein powder with me
-need to find a bar to buy that is high in protein and fiber (any suggestions?!?! I'd like to make them but I have lots of little things to do before I leave so I'm not going to add "making granola bars" to my list bc it would also involve doing grocery shopping.)
5) Remind myself that I am doing this because I want to have healthy habits that are sustainable.
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Default Hello Fitdayers!

I'm back.... again!

Like a couple of you I had quite the weekend! On Friday night I had a friend's birthday dinner and it started out great but I totally caved into peer pressure at dessert time and ate more trifle than I care to recall. Saturday I had another birthday dinner and then Sunday I had my birthday brunch and then another birthday dinner!!!! Needless to say I am filled to the brim with birthday dinners and cake!

So I am going to be extra strict with myself this week! In exactly one week, I will be on the beach so for better or for worse, here it goes...

1. Eat 1200 - 1450 calories per day.
2. Keep carbs below 35%
3. Exercise daily!
3. Go to at least 2 spin classes this week.
4. Take my multivitamin.
5. Sleep 7 hours per night.
6. Drink 2 liters of water per day.

That's it! Nice and simple right?

Good luck Everyone!!!! Have a marvelous Monday!

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Boy oh boy, reading through the old thread, I think there was something in the air this weekend (maybe it's spring coming in!). We can all do it!! Back to the rodeo! Something about those weekends - it's like the rules change and all bets are off. That's one thing I love about coming to FitDay - I know that if I had a bad day, or a bad weekend, that I'm not alone or strange or weak. We all have them. It's more inspirational to hit a bump in the road and come back strong than it is to just be perfect all the time.
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Hi Everyone! I'm back too!

Many of you seem to have had a cheat weekend: I feel like I had a whole cheat week! Which just makes my fibro worse and I know it, but when I feel down from my fibro I eat like crap. Vicious cycle but not endless cause here I am, the remnants of this weekend's chocolate cake and sweet potato fries mere memories and a notch up on the scale. 140 again. Heavy sigh. The Lyrica seems to make me fat too but I can't help it; I need it and am trying to work out a schedule with it.

On a positive note, I have been writing like crazy and loving it. I also got an extra writing class formed because I didn't want to commute 1 and a half hours each way at night. So I made a bunch of phone calls, sent a bunch of e mails and got students, class and teacher together. And it will be fabulous cause it's a great class and inspirational teacher. Also may be forming a writers group. Yes, I am a goddess for doing this (JK. It was totally selfish.) I hope the class runs!!!!

OK enough yapping.

1) lower carb
2) no more than 1600 cals
3) water water everywhere
4) gym or stretch at least 3x
5) write, do not spend 50 hours per day on e mail and Fitday

Big hugs to everyone! Let's make this a fabulous week,

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I'm not sure. I may just take it a week at a time. If I stay low carb for a long time I'll sontinue to tweek it so that it's working, yet easy to follow.
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I'm on antibiotics, so it's no exercise for me this week. My goals:

1) eat under 1400kcal
2) rest
3) drink plenty of water
4) just take it easy in general
4a) take a nice hot bath

I read you all, sorry for not replying

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Last week went well with reducing carbs and increasing my potassium rich foods. Too much wine saturday led to no dinner as the wine was tasting too good. Ended up with a good calorie count however Sunday was not a high energy day.

Goal this week. Keep doing what works and tweek it if it stops. Mary
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