7 Day Motivational Thread - Week Starting 03/14/2011

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Health & Fitness:
Monday: enjoy my cheat day but keep cals within +1332 of what I burn. +1165 My numbers today are a close estimate since I didn't weigh anything. But I consumed about 3345 cals and 400g of carb. I'm glad I was able to keep some self control.

Rest of the week:
1) Net Carbs below 60g/day 64.5g grrrr I thought I set my goal at 65g, I just made my protein shake and the cottage cheese put me over! , 46.5g, 41.7g, 67.5g, 60.2g, 56.5g
2) work out 3 times yes, no, yes, no, yes
3) gallon of water a day yes 135.2oz, yes 152.1oz, yes 135.2oz, yes 135.2oz, yes 135.2oz, yes 135.2oz
4) take vitamin daily yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
5) take fish oil daily yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
6) -2400 cals for the 6 days -479, -423, -607, -333, -969, -318 (total so far = -3129) My cheat tomorrow can be +729

Non-Health Related
1) 3 random acts of kindness yes, no, no, no, no, no, no
2) call/email 60 prospects No
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Thanks so much, Terri. You really don't know how much I appreciate you going out on a limb for me. It's not every day you get the opportunity to come across someone who'd do something so kind for a virtual stranger.

I'm off to check my email and do a bit of research!
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It feels good to finally get through the weekend and know that I didn't lose it

I feel like I ate a lot today, but I had a big workout. I'll post the food log link in the weekend thread to stay accountable per my goals. Today I did a "virtual run" to benefit cystic fibrosis research...everyone runs on the same day but you pick your own course and length. I went to a nearby park, ran three miles, and walked two. I noticed something interesting...when I run, I run at 6 mph. When I walk, I walk at 5 mph (at least that's how it went today). Is there really that much difference?

Anyway, I am beat. I came home from the park, showered, then painted the trim in our bedroom and fixed dinner, as well as coached a science project along the way and did laundry. Although I failed miserably at the sleep goal this week, I don't think that will be a problem tonight!

1. Average a 500 calorie daily deficit. 714, 504, 402 (no exercise did me in), 504, 500 on the dot, 446, 449
2. Carbs <50%. 40%, 48%, 44%, 50%, 57%; thanks, pizza, 50%, 46%
3. Five servings of fruits and veggies per day Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
4. Exercise daily (which I need, if I'm going to make #1). Yes (weights), Yes (45 min run), No-literally no time today, Yes (weights), Yes (30 min treadmill, 15 minutes bike), Yes (tennis), Yes (run&walk)
5. Drink 3 sports bottles of water daily. Yes, Yes, No-shame on me, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
6. Sleep 7 hours a night. No-awful-5, No-better-6, No-bad again-5.5, No-6, No-6.5, No-6.5, No-6.5
7. Name one thing each day I can do to prevent weekend relapse. Explain to family how tough weekends are and ask for help, I'm hanging my bathing suit on the pantry door beginning Friday afternoon, Plan meals and load into FitDay in AM both days...and eat according to plan, Find and read a nutrition article before eating anything not a meal, Post Sat and Sun food logs in weekend emergency thread, Weigh daily, Weekend's over!

8. One office organizational task 5 out of 7 days this week. Yes (small, very small), Yes (small again), yes, yes, no, no,Yes, smallish
9. Paint one room of trim this coming weekend. Yes!
10. Pick out tile for the backsplash & deal with the faucet issue. Both done!

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heres sundays update. didn't do as good as i hoped during this weekend, hopefully next one will be better.

1. Drink 3 of my blue water bottle a day ( alittle less than 3 cups the bottle can hold)yes!, yes, yes,yes, yes, yesno
2. do my workout 6/7 days yes! no,yes!,yes,yes,no,no
3. 10,000 steps a day yes (10,032), yes (11658 apox) no (7,670 aprox) but i went swimming too,yes (10,007)no (9552) but had some extra excerise no under 5k, no
4. start cal counting again, limit 1900 somewhat had home made soup that i wouldn't know how many cals would be in it, but my intake was 1425 with a guess for the soup, Tues: counted yes, but went over abit 2083 calsyes, 1,143 cals, yes 1,552, Fri: yes 1796no hard to tell with a burger i had probably way over 1900yes, 1344
5. no fast food yes, yes,yes (but i was temped today),yesno, had movie popcorn, no, had burger and fries, no finished left over fries from day before

Non-Fitness Goals:

1. finish my current homework do to list took out a huge chunk of it yesterdayDid alittle bit, going to make a new homework to-do list, Weds: updated my list to invole new homework, did some WIP but didn't finish anything, more WIP,no, no. finished 95% of one project i was working on just need feedback from fellow group members
2. re-stock my food (don't have like anything atm) yes only 6 cents over 100$
3. clean up my deskno, no, cleaned about half of it,no,no, nofinally finished this, my desk is so clean now, still have tonnes of wires on it tho
4. put away clean landury no, no, no, no,no,no, no i'm so lazy
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Behaze, I know how that feel. Many times I want KFC, lucky me, I don't have any KFC near. Lots of Popeyes though. I don't like popeyes until recently (When I came to the US, my husband introduce me to popeyes (the spicy cajun chicken b/c he thought I like spicy food) but I didn't like it. Recently though after 8 years in the US, I tried some of my kids popeyes chicken (not spicy) and I love it

I am proud of you for being strong. All about will power. And it's very hard to find again yourself. A new week is here. Let be strong.
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I will respond to everyone's comments over in the new thread, but just finishing this one off to keep up my accountability! Sunday was a good day.

Sunday Report Card

Fitness, Exercise and Lifestyle Goals:

1) Under 1400 cals every day and log EVERYTHING. M: yes, 1251 T: yes, 1,347 W: yes, logged everything, 1743 calories - there was pasta involved! Th: yes, 1,409 F: yes, 1,393 Sat: yes, 1791 Sun: yes, 1214
2) Average 30% daily protein for the week M: 29% T: 21% W: 35% Th: 25% F: 36% Sat: 17% Sun: 26% (weekly average 27%)
3) 80 oz. of water daily (I am upping this goal to stay on track with my water!) M: 81 T: 83 W: 64 Th: 83 F: 96! Sat: 48 Sun: 96
4) No weighing at ALL. I mean it. NO SCALE. M: Avoided T: No, I got on it. Was down, but mad at myself for doing it. W: No scale Th: No scale! F: Nada! Sat: No scale Sun: No scale.
5) Work out 5-6 times this week. That includes twice on the weekend. I've been slacking on the weekends, and I'll probably need to get a kick to the butt by you guys on my exercise this week! M: Ugh, no. T: Yes, one hour on elliptical. W: No time Th: No F: Yes, 20 mins. cardio, 60 mins. weights Sat: I am very ashamed to say no, I did not work out beyond errands Sun: Yes, one hour on the elliptical at an increased level. Boy did it kick my butt!
6) In bed by 11:30 every night M: Just made it T: Not even close. W: Yes Th: yes F: Yes, going after I post this! Sat: Yes Sun: I fell asleep on the couch at 11:00-ish, does that count?

Non-Fitness Goals:
1) Edit all book chapters for publisher by Friday M: No. I also just found out this is now due Wednesday. Shoot me now. T: Got a little done. W: YES Th-Sun: N/A
2) Work out short and long-term finance goals with the boyfriend M: Not yet, probably not until after Wednesday T: After Wednesday W: No Th: No F: No, probably tomorrow, we're both pooped Sat: No Sun: Mostly
3) Organize home office files M: No T: No W: No Th: No F: A little Sat: Yes! Sun: N/A
4) Bedroom fixing - sheets and laundry M: Ordered new sheets T: No W: No Th: Made various small piles into two large piles. Progress? F: No. Sat: No Sun: The piles got moved into the closet, haha
5) One hour of needlework every day to relax! M: Yes T: No W: No Th: No F: Yes. Sat: No Sun: Yes
6) Make efforts on hair/makeup/outfit every day (added Tuesday) T: Yes W: Yes Th: No F: Yes! Sat: Yes Sun: Yes
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