7-Day Motivational Thread Starting 2/21/11

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Mike, I checked the rules and I thought it would be okay because it is not promoting something for money or any type of solicitation, and I don't really consider it to be a competitor's site, but if one of you needs to take it out, no problem. Good job on your goals today!

Here's my check in:

1. Balance the pie chart (no numbers, just balance). Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
2. Achieve a 250 calorie deficit daily. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
3. Sleep 7 hours a night. Yes, Nope, woke up in awful pain in my shoulder, No-budgeted the time but woke up 1/2 hour too early and couldn't get back to sleep! ditto today
4. Turn off all the electronics at least half an hour before bed, and read. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
5. Exercise outside one day this week, preferably two. Not yet Yes-oodles of Vitamin D today!
6. Exercise at least once this week with friends and/or family members. Hubby bailed on me halfway through yoga Yes-tennis with my son
7. Incorporate a stretching/flexibility workout into the mix twice this week. Yes
8. Dress nicely and make an effort at minimal makeup even if not working that day; the pushed-for-time grad student look is old now. While I was out, yes; changed into the grubbies to make bread, Yes, until workout at 4 PM; Yes, till after workout, Half the day
9. Meditate on three things daily I'm grateful for. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes

Practical stuff:

10. One office organizational task daily. Yes, Yes, Yes-albeit a little one , No
11. One room's trim painted (long shot-we're at a tournament next weekend and that shoots that, but school is out this week and work is slow, so maybe it will happen). Not yet
12. Keep working on short, mid and long range financial plans with hubby. Yes

I am truly testing my willpower this week. I had promised my son to make a special kind of cookie for Christmas; well, we had seven other kinds we baked, plus some people gave us, so I told him we'd do them during the February break from school. Lo and behold, he did not forget and held me to it. They are my absolute favorite EVER and now there are about 90 of them sitting downstairs in a tin I've had four so far; not too bad; they're about 25-30 cals each, rolled so thin you can see through them, but portion control will be challenging. I'm having the boy invite friends over tomorrow so hopefully they can plow through a bunch!

I hope all is well with everyone. Fingers crossed for good news tomorrow, taubele!
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well things are looking up, have gone to work, not at the gym yet but really thinking next week should be good ..nose has stopped runing (yay),food is still tasting funky but not yuk, so thinking maybe the cold is on the way out ...did not get hair done as of yet but still have 2 more days left did get the kids there hotel in Disneyland so that is done now just have to get them into Disneyland then all done they will be good to go. well it is 10:30 and off to bed ..up at 6am so I need my sleep (or I am one grumpy B#t#h)
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Thursday Report Card

Health and fitness goals:

1. Keep calories to 1,500 and 2,000 Fri-Sat. 1,493, 1,433, 2,055, 2,667 very stressed out and ate waaaayyy too much, also had a hard carb crash from banquet. Did manage to stick to healthy-ish foods.
2. Workout 6 hours. 1:03, 1:18, 1:15, 0:38 (Total 4:14)
3. Drink 96oz water. YES, YES, YES, YES
4. Calorie deficit 3,500 for the week (average 500/day). -762, -1,049, -396, +256 (Total 1,951)
5. Limit grain based carbs to 2 servings/day or less. NO 4, YES 2, NO 4, YES 2,
6. Eat 5 servings of fruits & veggies/day. YES, YES, YES, YES
7. Keep carbs to 45% or less. NO 54%, YES 45%, NO 57%, NO 51%

Non-fitness goals:

8. Apply mascara 5X. NO, NO, YES, NO Didn't leave the house, snow day - AGAIN!!!
9. Average 6 items/day from the "LIST". NO, NO, NO 2, NO 1
10. Clean out one small area of the basement. NO, NO, NO, NO this is not happening this week
11. Clean out pantry cupboards. NO, NO, NO, NO
12. Clean 2 rooms daily (15 min each) and 1 load of laundry. NO, NO, 2 out of 3, NO
13. Finish DD's Bloomer dress. Getting there, one piece left to do, Almost done, 2 pieces left to trim
14. Call Grandma. YES!!!
15. Register for race and call SIL about same. NO, NO, NO, NO

Yesterday was really tough, I'm a stress eater and I'm stressed out. I need a day to finish up DD's costume and the kids have had snow days nearly the entire week, and with 5 kids in the house, there is no task that can be completed without 16-17 million interruptions. The top does not fit her, she's 9 and the pattern is cut for a grown woman. So I've had to redesign it completely, which is not a big deal except that I have trouble focusing when what I hear all day long is "mom, mom, mom, mommy, mommy, MOMMMM, mom, mom, mom". The competition is tomorrow at 9:00am, so it has to be done TODAY.

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almeeker, hang in there and keep your eye on the prize. You've got this, just get through today and you'll be back on your game. If you can do it, I can do it, and I've already been through one crisis this morning a la kitchen remodel snafu, and those durn cookies are yelling my name. "We will soothe you; we will make it all better," they sing. So, let's buckle down, do what needs to be done, and then it's right back to putting the energy back where it belongs.

One of my son's friend's mothers used to have a sign she would put on her shirt when she absolutely could not be disturbed. It said, in big letters, BLOOD SNAKE FIRE...and the kids understood that those were the only circumstances that would warrant interruption.

I have no report on the effectiveness of said sign.
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Originally Posted by Mern
Hey, taubele, you do a wonderful job handing out the encouragement. Thank YOU for all YOUR support. Congrats on the 68 oz. yesterday! That's great that you can drink 32-40 oz. water at work! I used to have a hard time getting in my 64 until almeeker gave me some tips on spreading it out. Whatever works is great!
Thanks! It's easier for me at work. My days tend to break up into chunks -- do one thing for two hours, another thing for 3 hours... so it's easy to tell myself "You'll finish this bottle by x o'clock" or "You will finish this bottle by the time you get this document done" -- it seems to work the best for me! My home life tends to be hectic, so the relative structure of work makes getting the largest chunk of water at that point easier!

And as for support, we're all in this together! Go Team Fitday Ladies! (and Mike! )

Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
I hope all is well with everyone. Fingers crossed for good news tomorrow, taubele!
Thanks Cassie! Seemed to be good-ish news -- got an ultrasound, and the radiologist took a look at the preliminaries and thought that the mammo wasn't necessarily called for right now, so I think that means that she wasn't concerned by anything she saw imaging-wise (I hope!). They took a little needle biopsy and we'll just see what happens! I feel much better now that it's over with.

Report Card, Report Card:


Fitness goals for this week:

1) Keep up the 5 days per week working out (will probably be M T W F Sat, as I have to work out at night and I must get up SUPER early on Friday morning for a doc's appointment, so I will rest Thursday and make sure I get to bed early) -- 2x strength, 3x cardio, aiming for 60 mins. per day. -
Monday -- Bad back today from too much lifting at work - did 30 Day Shred as a compromise and it's screaming at me now.
Tuesday -- My back is better but I didn't want to push into injury. I did do grocery shopping and walked 1 mi. on lunch break at work. Not quite what I wanted, but it's better than nothing. Back at gym tomorrow
Wednesday -- Didn't want to work out at all - tired, sore, and cranky. Took out frustrations in an hour of hard cardio, 600 cals burned!
Thursday -- Decided to work out to make up for previous back annoyance. 1:15 of mixed strength and light cardio! Woohoo!

2) Drink 64 oz. water daily --
Monday -- Only about half of that so far. Will get one more glass before bed!
Tuesday -- Got to 48
Wednesday -- 68 woooo!
Thursday -- I think I squeaked just under, maybe 60 oz.

3) Keep under 1500 cals every day -- 1389, 1033 WHOO, 1130, 1512 So close, but no cigar.

4) No boxed foods for lunch! -- Leftovers, Leftovers!, Leftovers, Out to eat

5) Go to bed at a decent hour (by 11:00) and get my 8 hours sleep
Monday --This will definitely happen, I am bone-tired.
Tuesday -- Have to get up crazy early tomorrow: Hitting the sack at 10:00
Wednesday -- I woke up a couple times during the night, but I think I managed.
Thursday -- More like 6.5 - 7 hours.

6) Don't step on the scale until Friday --
Monday morning --successfully avoided,
Tuesday morning -- She tempted me, but I held firm!
Wednesday morning -- Nope!
Thursday morning --Made an executive decision to weigh today, because tomorrow I will be out the door v. early, and I like to weigh first-thing in the morning before I've eaten. Might not have time Friday. Good news -- Lost .8 pounds since Monday, perhaps there is a crack in the plateau!
Friday -- No scale this morning.

Non-weight goals:
6) Don't fret about doc's appointment on Friday --
Monday -- Haven't thought about it
Tuesday -- Had to call and confirm time change, worried over lunch break.
Wednesday -- Too busy to worry!
Thursday -- Boyfriend kept me successfully distracted all evening.

7) Finish corrections on my book by Friday so publisher will not have a cow.
Monday -- Started, about 1/5 done.
Tuesday -- About halfway done!
Wednesday -- No progress. Other things cropped up at work and was away from desk all day.
Thursday -- DONE!

8) Clean the guest bathroom!!! --
Monday-- Ugh, when my back is not in pain!
Tuesday-- This will likely end up happening Thursday evening
Wednesday -- Thursday afternoon, that puppy is mine!
Thursday -- Only got about half finished (the tub!) when all was said and done, as I was otherwise distracted and pulled away from being adult-like and responsible.


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I had a similar system when my son was in grade school and began to call me a little too often at work. My three were fire, flood or blood. LOL When he calls me to this day, I'll still ask him which one it is, 20 years later.

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Thursday's Report:

For the first time in two weeks, I have no forms to fill out, no wash or cleaning to do, no cooking (date night), no elder care, no nothing! Too cold for trail walking (again) so I may treat myself to a haircut.

Food & Fitness:

1. Limit calories to 1200 and log everything. yes, yes, yes, yes- great week
2. Continually drink fluids all day long. yes, yes, yes, yes
3. Balance pie chart. Add more protein. yes, yes, yes, yes
4. Trail walk at least 3 times this week, weather permitting. weather not permitting, hopefully today, again hopefully today, weather just won't give me a break
5. Get BMI back under 20. I'M TRYING! 20.04, YES! 19.8!!!

Personal Goals:

1. Continue with "do something nice each day". (It's actually getting to be fun!) yes, yes, yes, yes
2. Make sure daughter obtains necessary signatures by Friday's deadline. (18 in total!) sent her out the door with it, 2 to go, one to go-she's stressing me out! Signatures complete. Now if she just remembers to turn it in today!
3. Try to keep mouth shut when husband says, "Oh look! I'm down another 5 lbs.!" while eating nothing but garbage. Mums the word, He claims he's down again after eating an entire bag of potato chips last night... UUUGGGHHH!!!, His weight went up 2 lbs. Gave him my sympathy. ha ha He lost more weight eating like a cow... just don't get it.
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Mern, I just used the weight goal tab and figured out that I should be eating 1367 cals per day if I want to lose 4 pounds by March 15, which is only my goal b/c I have to be in a bikini on March 20. Maybe this weight-loss goal is pushing it but I hope to try my best at it. Thank you soooo much for having me run through this exercise as I seem to forget all that Fitday has to offer because I head straight to the forums.

Stacey--I just watched the first 10 min of super-size vs super-skinny video. you-tube can't go more than 10 mins so I need to find the rest of it! All i can say is that I hope the people at the feeding clinic aren't nasty to each other. I hate biggest loser bc I feel like they have unhealthy and I don't get the feeling that it is a truly supportive environment between the hosts and the players. Thanks for telling me about this program, I will watch the rest!!!

Last night I ate way to much peanut butter and jam. I was over by 11 WW points. Bummed but trying to move on....

I have done a ton of cardio and weights this week, so that is a plus.

I'm thinking of all of you who have mentioned their stuggles this week, please keep your spirits high by remembering that you have a lot of support here!
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~ food wise stick with my plan M No, T yes 83%, W 83%, T yes
~ log all foods i've eaten M no, T yes, W yes, T yes
~ do cardio 6 days yes 1, 2, 3, 4
~ do strength training 6 days, yes 1, 2, 3
~ get 90 oz of water in M yes, T yes, W yes, T yes
~ continue to not emotionally eat. be real with what i'm feeling at the moment & talk to someone, write it down, come here & vent, but don't stuff my feelings down with food.M yes, T yes, W yes, T yes
~ be honest to myself when weighing myself .M yes, T yes, W yes, T yes

non weight goals:
~ put effort in every day in what i'm wearing & how i look.M yes, T yes, W yes, T yes
~ get back to my routine in organizing my house. not yet
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Good morning all you fantastic losers,

Casie ~ you can survive the cookies i have faith in you...lol. i love baking with my son. which reminds me i should do banana bread with him again.

rhoda ~ glad to hear that things are picking up for you. it sucks being sick

almkeeper ~ i can so relate with the stress eating. good job on making your daughter's costume. those are a lot of work i know. not to mention it's hard to do that stuff with kids under foot & you can't focus. when does the costume need to be done by? which reminds me i should try on the one i bought & see if the bra & belt fit me yet...lol....ANYHOOOOO!!!!!!!!! plus my indian costume i need to reattach all the large gems & then re-bead the spots where beads are missing, but for $16 all i had to do is let out the arms & it now fits like a glove & fix some of the beading. that's a cheap costume for me...lol.

julia ~ no they aren't nasty to each other at the feeding clinic. it's very interesting to watch them swap the food plans. also interesting to learn that just because someone is skinny doesn't mean they are healthy.

today it was like -30 C & walked my son to the bus stop & then to work. man it was cold...lol.

well i'll have challenges this weekend. tomorrow i get to go with my cub pack & our scout pack to a jr A hockey game, we then get to meet the hockey players, watch how to tame your dragon on the big screen & then sleep over a rexall place. i think there will be aprox 800 ppl sleeping over at the ice rink. my cubs are so excited. i'm worried as tomorrow i think we are having pizza tomorrow which i shouldn't eat :P due to the wheat. not sure what to do.

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