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Wednesday Report Card

Health and fitness goals:

1. Keep calories to 1,500 weekdays and 2,000 weekends. NO 2,266, NO 1,565, NO 1,744
2. Workout 6 hours. 80 min, 32 min, 82 min (total 3:14)
3. Drink 96oz water. YES, YES, YES
4. Calorie deficit 3,500 for the week (average 500/day). -505, -910, -944 (Total 1,415)
5. Limit grain based carbs to 2 servings/day or less. NO 3 YES 2 NO 3
6. Eat 5 servings of fruits & veggies/day. NO 4, YES 5 1/2NO 3,
7. Keep carbs to 45% or less. NO 47%, YES 40%NO 53%

Non-fitness goals:

8. Apply mascara 5X. YES NO YES
9. Average 6 items/day from the "LIST". NO, NO 1, NO 4 (Average 5/3 = 1.66)
10. Clean out one small area of the basement. NO, NO, NO
11. Clean out car, the forecast says 50ish on Friday, so hopefully then. NO, NO, NO
12. Clean 2 rooms daily (15 min each) and 1 load of laundry. 2 out of 3, YES, YES and made up for missing one on Mon
13. Get 2 pieces of DD's bloomer dress finished!!! NO YES Bloomers are done, bonnet in progress, Worked on bonnet and skirt
14. Call Grandma. NO, NO I'm so lame, NO lame again
15. Register for race and call SIL about same.NO, NO, NO

I last posted on page 7 or something, so imagine my surprise when I pulled this up tonight and we're on page 13 and everybody's talking pasties. I don't want any tassels on mine, I'd likely hurt myself, lose an eye or something.

I was doing okay for the day, then ended up staying at a birthday party I was just planning to drop my DD off at, and ate cake and pizza. It was okay though, because the birthday party was at the roller rink, so I burned off some of it right there.

Sorry to hear about your imig woes muna, hang in there, they have to start with a "no" it's the way most government offices work. Keep at it, there must be a way to resolve this.

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Haven't had a chance to read all of yesterday's and today's posts, so I hope all of you are doing ok. Crazy day yesterday, so checking in for Tues and Wed.

1. Water-lots of it! YES, YES, YES
2. No processed foods YES,YES,YES
3. Exercise and really mean it! YES,YES,YES
4. In bed at a reasonable hour.NO,No, No
5. Log all my food-every bite.NO,YES,YES

non diet related
6. Clean off the top of my dresser.NO,No,No
7. Work on getting my costume together for upcoming dance competition.NO,No, Started on it
8. Help kids be more responsible for keeping their rooms clean.YES,YES, YES

Mike- to answer your question- I teach ballroom dancing and am in a local version of "Dancing with the Stars" next month. I have been teaching a local celebrity for a few months to dance a 2 1/2 minute routine in front of 600 people. Hence the desire to take off a few more pounds
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Hi Everyone!

I have been so busy with work that it has been really difficult to contribute to our beloved thread as much as I'd like. I am trying to catch up on all the posts and let me just say once again that you guys are all so great! You all keep me super motivated, laughing, and really touched.

Congrats to all of you who are reaching your goals and thanks to all who share your experiences.

By the way, I made my famous mango salsa tonight plus some tilapia croquettes for tomorrow's dinner party. I'm so organized!

Health & fitness goals:

1. Eat between 1300-1550 calories per day YES! (1475) / YEAH! (1522) / YES (1363)
2. 30 Day Shred workout 4X YES / YES / NO
3. Run 3X
4. Drink 10 big glasses of water per day DONE! / YES / YES
5. Take multivitamin YES / YES / YES
6. Get minimum 7 hours of sleep YES / DID IT!
7. Eat no more than 40% carbs per day YES 23% / YES 29% / YES 25%

Other goals:

8. Housework on Monday Yes but just a little / Did more housework this morning, place looks good!
9. Grocery shopping on Tuesday DONE
10. Make mango salsa on Wednesday DONE & it's delcious!
11. Dinner party on Thursday
12. Make appointment at bank Made the call haven't heard back
13. Pay municipal tax bill
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Diet and such:
1. Drink 96 oz of Water a day, try for an extra 32- 1. Yep, got an extra 16. 2. Got 96 for sure and working on the rest before midnight. 3. More than 96 not quite an extra
2. Exercise once a day (at least) with Biggest Loser 1. Did 4 times that this morning! 2. Yep. 3. Yep, only 20 minutes but better than nothing
3. Workout with the Ab Lounge 10 min a day- add more minutes later 1. Not this morning.2. Not sure about 10 min but 5 for sure!3. Didn't have time =(
4. Stick to 1,300-1,400 calories per day. 1. Yep/ 2. Yes3. Ugh went over by 150
5. Burn more Calories than eaten by at least 1,000 Cal difference 1. Definitely/ 2. Pretty Sure/ 3. Yep

Non diet and such:
1. Buy a scale - Looks like exercising is rubbing off on the roomies! They're going to buy a scale and look into getting more things for the basement and pretty soon the basement will be the work out room! Woo!
2. College and blaah stuff - I really need to find that paper lolMade some phone calls and got things going today!
3. Sort out the room - (iffy) Maybe this weekend =/ I have Friday off woo!
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well did not make it to the gym today I have two sick kids and me nice house to be in right now ...not
I have not been in the mood to read and write on the form but hope to get more into it after my sickness goes away. I am still keeping up with the food so that is good for me anyway off to bed
PS hope every one is doing good and if not there is always tomorrow and a new start
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Health and fitness:
1) drink a gallon of water per day yes 140oz., yes 140oz., yes 152oz.
2) 400 cals deficient for 6 days nope (cheat day) yes -317, yes -335
3) workout 3 days no yes no
4) play tennis at least one time no, no, no
5) no cereal for the week no, no, still none
6) stay off the scale until Friday didn't get on it, still doing good, nope

1) make 50 calls to prospects 0 (took day off)11,18
2) clean my car nope, no, no
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Quinnesec, we don't know exactly what other options we have. On Monday we go to see someone form a non-gov organisation that helps immigrants. Hopefully there will be some options

Staceyalberta thanks we will need all the luck we can get

Jhovar16 you are right, everything happens for a reason. We need to be patient and have hope.

If the worst happens and we are parted, it will be DH and LO in Pakistan for 2 years if not more, and myself, DD and DS in here. And if i want DH back in IRL, i need to have a job. How bizzare is that

Anyway, I weighted today just 162 which made my day. We started eating meat again, so today i'm making lentil loaf (like meat loaf just lentils with rice and lots of spices).
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Originally Posted by quinnesec View Post
Michael, I'm still curious... what do people say when they see you after losing 150+ lbs.??? After I lost 30, people asked me if I got a haircut! LOL They knew something was different, but weren't sure what.
Hmmm--well, this is sort of complicated. I've posted a bit about this before, and I'll likely post more in the future. It's like I am two different people so it's kinda weird. I have to sort of figure out the last time I saw someone--was it in '01 when I weighed 182 pounds or was it in '10 when I weighed 440ish? Was it some place in between? I do have some mind/body image issues--sort of like those face transplant people--I see myself, I know it's me, but it doesn't LOOK like me, if you know what I mean.

I will say that most people have little concept about really big people. People will ask how much I've lost--50, 60 lbs? Ha ha--try 160 more-or-less. No clue at all!

It was probably at least 80 lbs off before anyone noticed enough to be brave enough to say something. I hear you about the haircut thing--when I came back to work at the end of August one of the ladies said "I like your new beard style". Now, my beard has been exactly the same for the last eight years, at least--it's just that my face got thinner (some of my friends first comments was that "your head shrunk!"--thanks a lot!).

The other day the husband of a lady I work with was with her and I said "hello"--he said "hello" back. I hadn't seen him since January of last year. The lady later told be that he didn't recognize me--thought I was the school janitor (and not the school computer guy who also set up their new computer, in their home a year ago). Too funny!

This all leads me to the issue of "how do I look"? Anyone who's been very big knows all about the stares, comments, self-consciousness, camera shyness and other issues that go along with being super obese (a term I didn't even know existed until fairly recently). So, at a more-or-less 2x size of 276 pounds am I "normal"? I think so, but it's hard to tell.

I hate to admit it, but I find it comforting that I'm not the biggest person in most crowds as I was less than a year ago. I feel bad for them, but it is what it is.

I'm also being a pain in the butt to my wife (who know outweighs me by 25 pounds at 5'2"). Why can't her "lose weight switch" go on like mine did? Why can't my 17 y/o daughter's? At 200 lbs and 5'1", she could certainly stand to lose 75 lbs.

Well, I'm rambling and that's way more than you probably wanted to know so I'll stop here for now.

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Sorry I've not time to catch up on all posts, but am under the gun to get a report done for court on the client I saw yesterday.

Unfortunately, I let the time crunch and stress lead to not-so-great food choices and staying up too late.

But today is a new day

Wednesday's status:

1. Balance the pie chart (no numbers, just balance). Yep, Yes-not great but acceptable, No
2. Sleep 7 hours a night. Yep, Yep, Yep
3. Turn off all the electronics at least half an hour before bed, and read. No-report from last night, since tonight hasn't happened yet Yep, Yep
4. Exercise outside one day this week, preferably two. Not today, Yep, Yep
5. Exercise at least once this week with friends and/or family members. Not today Yep, Yep-met some new folks at a class
6. Incorporate a stretching/flexibility workout into the mix twice this week. Not yet, Yep-pilates
7. Dress nicely and make an effort at minimal makeup even if not working that day; the pushed-for-time grad student look is old now. Yep, Yep-worked today, but left on the nice clothes and makeup to run to the store after dinner, Yep, but had to work, so I would've done it anyway
8. Do an at-home mani-pedi this week (this is something I won't spend money on). Not yet
9. Use my gift card from Christmas to buy something for myself that is not entirely practical. Will be over the weekend
10. List two things daily that I didn't/couldn't/wouldn't do before that now I do, can, and will. Yep, Yep-putting them in the journal, Nope-got busy & forgot; will do 4 Thurs.

And of course, with a nod to reality:

11. One office organizational task daily. Nope, come on; it's Valentine's Day! Yep, Half of one
12. One room's trim painted by the end of the weekend. Will have to wait for the weekend
13. Keep working on short, mid and long range financial plans with hubby. Will also wait for the weekend

Hope you all have a wonderful day. Muna, hang in there. A solution will come in its own time, in it's own way. Maybe Monday will bring an answer or a plan. Hugs...
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Thanks so much for your reply. Don't worry about rambling as I find it really fascinating to gain insight into what it is like to be 400 lbs. Let's face it... Most of us can't walk up to a 400 lb. person and say, "Hey! What does it feel like to be 400 lbs.?" You know what I mean? Thanks so much for your honesty and insight. I'd actually like to hear more. I don't think the average person has a clue what it must be like to go through an average day at that weight. For some reason, it fascinates me.

I understand about the 17 y/o daughter as well. My daughter and I were always the exact same height and weight. Now, I am probably 25-30 lbs. less than her and it causes some issues. When people compliment me on my weight loss and fitness, I can feel her eye-rolls burning a hole through the back of my head. It's a tough tight rope to navigate... it's a sensitive age. Guess they just have to make the journey on their own, but I hear what you're saying.
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