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Originally Posted by jhowar16 View Post

Jennybeeb Ė And welcome! We can all help keep you motivated! And if you need a buddy to keep you on track just let me know! Itís always easier to do it with a friend or some one else who is in the same boat.
Thank you so much for the welcome! I am hoping that everyone here can keep me motivated. I definitely need someone to check in with throughout the week to keep me honest! lol My fiance usually says he would love to eat healthier and try to lose weight with me, but he kind of plays by his own rules, so he's not really good at sticking with it all the

I am working on trying to get my signature set up with my stats, and then I think my food journal is all set up...that and I updated my weight goal now with my higher starting weight <sigh>

Looking forward to hopefully getting some motivation and sticking with it this time!
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well i wrote a long post to everyone & it seems to have gone away...~sigh~
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Happy Valentine's everyone.

I guess I'm a little late to the party, but here goes:

Health and fitness:
1) drink a gallon of water per day
2) 400 cals deficient for 6 days
3) workout 3 days
4) play tennis at least one time
5) no cereal for the week
6) stay off the scale until Friday

1) make 50 calls to prospects
2) clean my car

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Originally Posted by staceyalberta View Post
well i wrote a long post to everyone & it seems to have gone away...~sigh~
Oh no! =( That happened to me once.. try reposting it?
Usually I open a notepad or Word Doc to type all my long responses in and copy and paste, just to be sure it doesn't get lost or I get logged out lol

Jenny There are a variety of people in this thread and each has their own unique personality so I'm sure we'll keep you laughing and motivated! =)
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Hi everyone, It's good to see everyone so motivated. Congratulation Cassie for your weight lost. It's great to see your number going down.
I fell off the wagon, and it's so tough to get back on. My goal this week is simple. I hope to achieve it.
1. calories 1,500/day (or 10,500/week)
2. Run 9 miles
3. DVD 4 times
4. Drink 4 big glass of water
5. Log in all what I eat
6. Stay away from the scale until the end of the week.

Have a nice week everyone.
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Unhappy Back for my third week

things were going good then got sick so had to stop going to the gym and food tastes yuk just want to sleep all day
goals for the week:

1. get well
2. go to gym
3. eat right food
4. get kids trip to Disnyland done

that is good for right now I am off to bed had to come home from work
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jess ~ i'll just have to re type it all if i have the
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Wink Another week, another opportunity to succeed...

Well, the great thing about Monday's is ...we have a fresh start to achieve our personal goals and be the person we strive to goals for this week are:
  • Use a water bottle at work and home
  • Upgrade my workout on the elliptical from manual to 'intervals'
  • Balance ball workout 5-7 times/week
  • Balanced pie chart 30/30/40
  • Make sure my DH knows he is appreciated and loved
Happy Valentines Day....
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Hi Everyone!

I had a pretty good Monday... except that my computer keeps crashing because apparently I am just working it tooooo hard. Luckily this gig ends very soon and then I'll have some time off in between jobs. I am going to Florida on March 21st so I am still working really really hard on looking better in my swim suit.

Mern, congrats on losing 2 1/2 pounds in one week! That's awesome.

Julia, welcome back! It's pretty hard not to gain weight while traveling. I know I do! It's nice to have you back with us!

Jennybeeb, welcome to the motivational thread. I am sure you will find lots of support here. Everyone is amazing. Those 10 pounds will be gone in no time and you might even have fun losing.

Mambogirl, glad to have you on board!

Jess, glad to hear that you had a nice Valentine celebration yesterday!

Stacey, I feel your pain! I have lost entire posts before and it is so frustrating. I hope you find the energy to retype!

Cassie, you're just a star! Good luck with your goals this week!

Almeeker, I want to know about the mascara too!

Mai, you have a nice week too!

64rhoda, I hope you feel better!

Mike, how's your blister?

Health & fitness goals:

1. Eat between 1300-1550 calories per day YES! (1475)
2. 30 Day Shred workout 4X YES
3. Run 3X
4. Drink 10 big glasses of water per day DONE!
5. Take multivitamin YES
6. Get minimum 7 hours of sleep YES
7. Eat no more than 40% carbs per day YES 23%

Other goals:

8. Housework on Monday Yes but just a little
9. Grocery shopping on Tuesday
10. Make mango salsa on Wednesday
11. Dinner party on Thursday
12. Make appointment at bank
13. Pay municipal tax bill [/QUOTE]
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Originally Posted by mtlgirl View Post
Mike, how's your blister?
I can't even feel it. With all the other pain, I guess I've been distracted from it.

thanks for asking.
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