Motivational Thread Starting 2/14/10

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Default Motivational Thread Starting 2/14/10

Welcome back vets and welcome newbies . Let's throw it down this week and rise to the challenge! What are your goals for the week?
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Default Yay post number 2!

Hey everyone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

I FINALLY got the Ab Lounge set up, as well as bought as The Biggest Loser game for the Kinect and let me say, in the few hours of playing it- it's already kicking my butt! But in a good way =)

The boyfriend loved his BB Gun and fired off a few test rounds in our basement at our old tv box =P
Didn't get around to the Fortune Cookies though but definitely a Christmas idea!

Goals for this week:

Diet and such:
1. Drink 96 oz of Water a day, try for an extra 32-
2. Exercise once a day (at least) with Biggest Loser
3. Workout with the Ab Lounge 10 min a day- add more minutes later
4. Stick to 1,300-1,400 calories per day.
5. Burn more Calories than eaten by at least 1,000 Cal difference

Non diet and such:
1. Buy a scale
2. College and blaah stuff
3. Sort out the room - (iffy)
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Hi all,
first, let me say that I love you guys, esp. CJ, almeeker and mern and all of those who read many posts and reply to several people in one go. Even if it is just one sentence, it's great support to see that someone noticed you, read what you had to say and spared a moment to write something nice just for you.

It's Monday and I have this usual world is great feeling. We had a party last night. There's a group of friends who meet at my place every now and then. Last night we had about 10 adults and about 14kids, 5 of them under 2y so it was massive as you can imagine. But it was great fun.

I found a swimming pool that opens on Saturday 6pm-9pm just for women! So I'm going swimming on Saturday, if all goes well. I can't wait I haven't swum for at least 3 years.

New week, new goals:
1) eat under 2000kcal
2) exercise with the help of my new personal trainer (esp. abs)
3) burn between 2500-2700kcal
4) drink more water
5) change my exercise to 4 weekly sessions of 20min bike + 40 min DVD
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Hi Everyone!

I want to echo what Muna said about the support that is shared here. I can't thank each of you enough. There is so much participation that sometimes I can barely keep up but there is such a great vibe here and this thread - and each of you - really really do keep me motivated! Thanks!

A brand new week brings new challenges, new opportunities and my new goals (some not so new.)

Health & fitness goals:

1. Eat between 1300-1550 calories per day
2. 30 Day Shred workout 4X
3. Run 3X
4. Drink 10 big glasses of water per day
5. Take multivitamin
6. Get minimum 7 hours of sleep
7. Eat no more than 40% carbs per day

Other goals:

8. Housework on Monday
9. Grocery shopping on Tuesday
10. Make mango salsa on Wednesday
11. Dinner party on Thursday
12. Make appointment at bank
13. Pay municipal tax bill
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this weeks goals:

~ food wise stick with my plan
~ log all foods i've eaten
~ do cardio 6 days
~ do strength training 6 days, M yes
~ get 90 oz of water in
~ continue to not emotionally eat. be real with what i'm feeling at the moment & talk to someone, write it down, come here & vent, but don't stuff my feelings down with food.

non weight goals:
~ put effort in every day in what i'm wearing & how i look.
~ get back to my routine in organizing my house.

really busy day today with work. i hope to check back in on my lunch break.
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Muna, it is good to see you post that you're feeling good today. You've had such stress lately, I'm glad you have a bit of a reprieve .

I am going to take a while to think about my goals and try to focus more on my mindset this week, so I'll post later. Stacey, Rose, Muna, and Jess...great lists ("college & blah stuff" - I just love that) and I know y'all will nail this week!
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Did OK last week, kept up on the food log, got the taxes done, and yesterday took the DD to her favorite restaurant (Red Lobster, she's loved crab legs since age 3), then Maggie Moo's for ice cream, and Toy Story 3 with Grandma in tow, so that covers "something special for her birthday" I think. I did not exercise, aside from work/housework. So, this week...

1) maintain the log
2) keep up on the forums
3) get off my butt!!

It's above freezing today, hopefully that continues and I can do #3 outside
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Health and fitness goals:

1. Keep calories to 1,500 weekdays and 2,000 weekends.
2. Workout 6 hours.
3. Drink 96oz water.
4. Calorie deficit 3,500 for the week (average 500/day).
5. Limit grain based carbs to 2 servings/day or less.
6. Eat 5 servings of fruits & veggies/day.
7. Keep carbs to 45% or less.

Non-fitness goals:

8. Apply mascara 5X.
9. Average 6 items/day from the "LIST".
10. Clean out one small area of the basement.
11. Clean out car, the forecast says 50ish on Friday, so hopefully then.
12. Clean 2 rooms daily (15 min each) and 1 load of laundry.
13. Get 2 pieces of DD's bloomer dress finished!!!
14. Call Grandma.
15. Register for race and call SIL about same.

I have considered taking water off my list, but it seems like every time I do, I forget to drink it all.

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Happy Valentines Day to everyone. I don't have time to read all the posts this morning bcs I have to get off to work, but will catch up tomorrow. Continue all the good work!

Today's goal is to stay out of the discount chocolate bins! I love nothing more than chocolate AND a bargain!

Last week was very successful for me. I didn't meet a few of my daily goals, but things got better toward the end of the week when I was feeling better (cold). I did meet and beat my weekly weight goal regardless.

Diet/Fitness goals
1) 1600 cal/day, under 30% fat
2) 400-600 calorie deficit through exercise alone by doing: (
a) cardio 5X/week
b) weights, 2X/week-full body
4) 8+ glasses of water

Personal Project Goals:
1) Spend more time in my studio--4 days/wk minimum

Height: 5'4.5" (and shrinking!)
Start Weight 1/1: 135
Weight 2/14: 128.5
Goal 2/21: 127.5
4/1/11 Goal: still 125!!!
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Happy Valentine's Day, Ladies!~

This week's goals:

1. Drink >1L H2O: Yes
2. 1300<Devour<1800: Yes!
3. Multivitamin, Vit. D, & Metformin: Yes!
4. Go to Gym (Even if I promptly walk right back out) No...

1. Sit in the sun for 2 hours: 30mins
2. Go to Crew Practice: No
3: Sort Clothes: No

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