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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
That's like killing 2 birds with one stone, training and feeding.
All our dogs are too trained for that, they won't unless it's ok'd, all I have to do is throw him a ball to have a ball. BUT having A 80lb dog pulling and hanging on you is a great supplemental cardio workout. BTW dig his arms! Sad when your dogs are in WAY better shape than their owner.

Typical Breakfast for my guys: 1 chicken quarter, 1lb of ground beef, a couple eggs, yes all raw.
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Originally Posted by RockyCapone5 View Post
Typical Breakfast for my guys: 1 chicken quarter, 1lb of ground beef, a couple eggs, yes all raw.
Sounds like the breakfast of champions to me
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I am just discovering who I am. Over the years I have done a number of things.

As a teen I loved to walk and even though I tried to keep it up, 5 kids really slowed me down.
  • I took up cross stitching, but my oldest daughter took all my supplies.
  • I got into gardening, but my second daughter took over.
  • I got into digital scrapbooking, but my kids got old enough to get upset when I used pictures of them
  • I like camping, but my kids go without me
I have finally settled on two interests that my kids let me do.
  1. Awana - which is an organization that offers children's ministry for churches
  2. JAFF - Jane Austen FanFiction - Besides reading all there is to offer, I have written several myself.
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When I was in High School I did ballroom dancing, singing in the school choir and cooking...

well i've married a man who doesn't dance (and after being out of HS for over 6 year now "wow time goes by so fast" I probly wouldn't be very good )

So now my hobbies include Rock Band 2 , Reading- I joined goodreads.com and set a goal to read 200 books this year which i kind of hope to by pass drastically but only time will really tell, Crocheting- picked this up when i was on bed rest during my pregnancy and just gave my dad and step mom a blanket that took me a year to finish! and of course playing with my son as much as possible! Joined my church choir as i miss singing and this also helps me to stay active in church as i just started going back (yup im in utah and LDS )

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Hanging out with my blue heeler 'Tiger'.

Reading....fantasy adventure mostly, a bit of sci-fi every so often and a whole bunch of war stories.

Gaming.....sims mostly, not 'The Sims' actual simulators. Nerdy, warry stuff, online co-op Armed Assault II, flight sims......anything where you get to virtually blow sh*t up The more 'fiddly' and 'real' (read 'nerdy and overly complex') the better.

Weight training.....HTFU, 'nuff said. If the bar aint bendin', you're only pretendin'

Grappling /ground fighting / MMA .....nothin' like a cage to clear the mind of any delusions of grandeur

Cheap and nasty RC Helicopters. Great fun, will graduate to not-so-cheap ones sooner or later, but for now I'm doin' just fine crashing these ones thanks.

Reading every post on fitness web site forums

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I enjoy reading im a little book worm and singing
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