Have any hobbies?

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Default Love baking....oups...

I love baking i guess that not a very good hobbies.... but beside i love to read if you call that an hobbies
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Originally Posted by heyaim View Post
I'm not big on hobbies...mostly because they can get so expensive! But we do make a few exceptions! We love snow skiing, camping, swimming and hiking! I guess we just love being outside!

What kind of hobbies to you all have?
dog shows/showing (Maltese of course!)
swimming (only in our backyard)
beach (my first love)

Though the latter 3 have become fewer and fewer, mainly due to because I am overweight and don't want to be out in public in a swimsuit. But this year we are changing that!
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I am an amateur musician. I enjoy challenging myself to learn new songs on guitar, bass and keyboards. I enjoy accompanying other vocalists as well as vocalizing. About once a month I join some friends who have a working band (classic rock, blues, honky tonk and select country tunes) at one of their bar gigs here in the Chicago area and add a little vocal punch to their mix as well as some rhythm guitar, bass and/or percussion......If just for that night, I am a legendary rock star of sorts. Please, indulge me in my delusion!....LOL.....My best to all of you here at FitDay.
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Here are my favorites-

exploring great restaurants (hence the need for fitday) lol
NFL (Go Pack!)

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Hobbies I have time for (my job often requires 10-12 hr. workdays )

Reading (voraciously)
Cross-stitch (counted and not, and learning to make my own patterns)
Computer gaming (much less nowadays)
Amateur photography
Learning how to cook! ( I grew up in a household that got everything out of boxes -- until 2 months ago I did not know how to scramble an egg! )

I also love to fish (and I tend to be very lucky!) but I don't get out to do it much. I used to enjoy hiking before an ankle injury, but I'm hoping to figure out how to get back into it again.
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I enjoy watching anime, playing computer games (all consoles and esp. Sims 2 on PC) songwriting, listening to music and managing my collections (I like having stuff!)
All pretty inactive hobbies! So glad I actually like going to the gym.
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Also a voracious reader here, and unlike snacking, you can read as much as you want without consequence (unless you don't get your work done or stay up till all hours!). Also, I love to cook and experiment with healthy new recipes, I play tennis, avidly follow pro tennis, and I'm a beginner runner...just did my first 5K in December. Hiking is another favorite, but not so much now, in winter. That, plus all the mom stuff, keeps me pretty busy.
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I enjoy reading, cooking, playing / composing / arranging music (I played piano for 15 or so years as a kid), and trying to absorb the Internet from my couch.

I also occasionally brew my own beer. I know, oxymoronic for a fitness forum, but I think I actually blow away more stress during the brewing than the drinking. It's kind of like cooking, except with delayed (~3-4 weeks) gratification.

Felicity, which animes do you watch / games do you play? Right now I'm only following Naruto Shippuden (I tried to get into the new Ironman one but its way too campy for me) and playing through Mass Effect 1 & 2.

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There are so many "hobbies" I love to do! I won't bore you guys with all of them though!

Running on the beach with my dogs
Running in the city with my dogs
Almost anything physically challenging (I get hurt a lot but the thrill is addicting!)
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Nice thread! My favourites include:

reading (currently reading Paul Austers's New York Trilogy and D.F. Wallace's Consider the Lobster - love contemporary American literature)
rock-climbing (although haven't done that for a while)
kayaking (not as often as I would like to - there's just no white water where I live)
backpacking, travelling in general
gardening (though it's more like balkonying right now)
playing the guitar (very unsuccesfully though)
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