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Kari Hartel R.D., L.D.

Kari Hartel is a registered, licensed dietitian.

Articles by Kari Hartel R.D., L.D.

10 Delicious Ways to Use Mushrooms in Place of Meat

An entire cup of raw chopped mushrooms provides a mere 15 calories and no fat, wow! That is considerably fewer calories and much less fat than ... Read More »

10 Healthy Avocado Recipes You're Gonna Love

Have you heard that avocado is nutritious but you are just not sure what to make of it? When basic guacamole and avocado toast gets ... Read More »

Top 10 Benefits of Calisthenics

If you want to build a beautiful body without spending a dime or even leaving your house, you should try calisthenics. The origin of the ... Read More »

11 Reasons You Should Be Eating More Beans

Beans are such a nutrient-powerhouse that health experts recommend that you eat at least three cups of legumes (beans, lentils, peas) a week. The incredibly ... Read More »

8 of the Best Ways to Workout When You're Traveling

Everybody travels, whether it be for work, pleasure, vacation, or planned events like weddings or family gatherings. If you travel frequently or have a trip ... Read More »

10 Healthy (and Delicious) One Pot Recipes

One of the most common barriers to eating healthy is time. If you are like most people, you want healthy, affordable, delicious meals that don't ... Read More »

10 Things You Didn't Know About Chocolate

Chocolate. Has a more beloved, delectable, swoon-worthy food ever existed? I think not. It is consistently ranked as the number one food that women crave (... Read More »

Everything You Need to Know about Hydroponics

You may have heard of hydroponics, especially given that it is one of the most rapidly growing types of agriculture. People have actually been growing ... Read More »

You Need to Try This Gluten-Free Whole Grain You Probably Haven't Heard Of

Perhaps you have not yet encountered sorghum — unless you're from the American South — but it should definitely be on your radar. In the South, sorghum ... Read More »

Here's Everything You Need to Know about the Volumetrics Diet

Have you heard of the Volumetrics diet? It’s not a hard-and-fast “diet” that restricts entire food groups, requires you to fast, or do any ... Read More »

The Top 10 Health Benefits of Spicy Foods

Spicy foods have become increasingly more popular over the years. In fact, more than 62 percent of people say they enjoy spicy food. But sizzling hot ... Read More »

10 Foods You Should Buy in Bulk

Buying certain ingredients in bulk will save you loads of money while also ensuring you have a pantry, fridge, and freezer stocked full of healthy ... Read More »

10 Tips for Following Through on Your New Year's Resolution

Many of us do it this time of year: make New Year’s Resolutions. That part is easy. The hard part? Actually sticking to your ... Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About the Low-FODMAP Diet

Digestive issues are much more common that you might think, and many of the digestive problems people face on a daily basis are related to ... Read More »

10 Foods That Are Worth Spending More On

If you're trying to save money these days, and who isn't, you may realize that food is a big part of your monthly expenses. You ... Read More »

Taking a Break From Your Diet Can Help You Lose More Weight and Keep It Off

Can taking a break from your diet actually help you still lose weight and keep it off for the long haul? Read More »

New Study Shows Link Between Omega-3 Fats and Healthier Gut

Omega-3 fats have numerous health benefits, but did you know they can change your gut bacteria--for the better? Read More »

10 Delicious Guilt Free Snacks

What makes for a healthy, guilt-free snack? Ideally, you want to aim for a combination of lean protein, healthy fat, and complex carbohydrates. A snack ... Read More »

10 Hacks to Make Your Salads More Filling

Salads are a familiar fave for people who are trying to eat healthily and watch their weight. But sometimes salads can leave you hungry and ... Read More »

Why People Who Eat Nuts Gain Less Weight

Do you avoid nuts because of their high calorie and fat content? Many people who are trying to lose weight or prevent weight gain avoid ... Read More »

10 Better-for-You Alternatives to Thanksgiving Classics

Thanksgiving Day is a wonderful holiday that celebrates traditional foods. But many traditional Turkey Day staples are high in calories and low on nutrients. I've ... Read More »

Top 10 Foods You Should Buy Online

Finding healthy specialty foods can be difficult at your neighborhood grocery store, but purchasing healthy food online is incredibly easy and convenient, and oftentimes you ... Read More »

10 Foods to Keep You Energized Throughout the Day

Real food contains all the energy-boosting nutrients you need to help you power through your work day while leaving you tons of energy for your ... Read More »

Early Birds May Be Healthier Than Night Owls

Are you a morning person? If so, you may have an advantage over your night-owl peers when it comes to eating healthy. A new study ... Read More »

Choline—An Essential Nutrient You're Probably Not Getting Enough Of

What is choline and why is it so important for your health? Read More »

Healthy No-Cook Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner That'll Make Your Life Easier

Trying to stick to a healthy diet but don't feel like cooking and don't want to resort to unhealthy fast-food or take-out? Read More »

Stuck in a Healthy Food Rut? 10 Ways to Avoid Diet Boredom

Trying to eat healthy but getting bored with your meals and snacks? Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring. Read More »

11 Things You Never Knew About Ginger

Ginger has powerful properties to improve your health, and it's also fat-free, sodium-free and contains little to no calories. Read More »

Black Garlic — What Is It and Is It Good for Me?

Black garlic imparts so much flavor to your food that you don't have to add a lot excess fat, salt, or sugar. Read More »

9 of the Most Ridiculous Kitchen Gadgets

Have you accumulated so many kitchen gadgets and gizmos that you're running out of counter-top space? Read More »